Zodiac fashion

Is there anything like zodiac fashion? Are our signs responsible for our choices? I think it’s nice to read the descriptions below, just for fun, and even better if you like astrology!
Just trying to learn about photo backgrounds :) Feb 22nd

Trying to learn about photo backgrounds  – Feb 22nd

Some astro pages may show different birth dates and a different order (starting from Aquarius or Aries); traits may suit some people, but not everybody – so don’t worry, all just funny! :) It seems that the rising sign takes the lead after a certain age – please read both solar and rising signs (if you know). Nothing is a sign flaw – only characteristics! Read more here!

Air signs
09 June 1981

Jennifer Aniston (February 11) – Gwyneth Paltrow (September 27) – Natalie Portman (June 9)

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) – Eccentric, unconventional, innovative, experimental and extravagant.  Bright colors and unusual combinations suit you. Not about traditional styles, restrictive and tight-fitting clothes – they must be functional, comfy. Ruled by the sign: ankles, calves, circulatory system. Wear ankle strap-shoes to highlight the area!
AQUARIUS! Jeans and clutch, Asos. Shoes, Arezzo. Belt, don't remember. Dress/tunic,

AQUARIUS! Jeans/clutch, Asos. Shoes, Arezzo. Belt, don’t know. Tunic, Moca Bonita

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20) – Very versatile, can be quirky too! Bold prints are good for the fun Gemini. Not about serious and conventional outfits, although Gemini is very adaptable. You like pieces that can be coordinated, like double-duty items, that you can wear from day to evening. Rules hands, arms and shoulders, so wear nice rings or outstanding tops!
Libra  (Sep 23 – Oct 22) –  Libra equals “balance”; with the scales as a symbol. Loves harmony, beauty, soft fabrics and blue and black colors. No fussy outfits. Balances high street fashion with designers’ pieces. Loves feminine items, but they can also be edgy. Rules kidneys, skin and hips. Use nice lotions and serums! Shorts are also good for you.
Water signs
Demi Moore 11 November

Eva Mendez (March 5) – Gisele Bundchen (July 20) – Demi Moore (November 11)

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20) – Gentle, intuitive, sensitive and artistic Pisces love silver, white, gold and green, not bold colors. Loves soft fabrics like velvet, silk, chiffon and organza, all very feminine. You don’t like to be restrained, so tight-fitting cuts aren’t for you. Emphasize the area that Pisces rules – feet – by wearing feminine shoes.

Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22) –  Sensitive, sweet, feminine, and elegant in an effortlessly way! Likes ruffles and layers, and silver (the sign is linked to the Moon) and lilac. Prefers skirts and dresses rather than pants. Loves pearls and things with sentimental value. Rules chest, breasts and stomach. A nice chiffon blouse with ruffles will  emphasize these parts!

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21) – Sensuous and passionate – the most among all the signs! Satin, velvet, lace and silk are nice fabrics for you, as figure tailored clothes in blue, red, burgundy and black. Scorpio is very feminine. Rules the reproductive system, so clothes that highlight hips are a good choice!

Earth sings

uma thurman 29 April

Uma Thurman (April 29) – Blake Lively (August 15) – Kate Moss (January 16)

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20) –  You love pastel colors, feminine and classic cuts, but prints and bright colors not so much. Taurus can be sweet at times, but stubborn and inflexible, too – the sign has a bull as a symbol, after all. Can be very conservative and traditional in fashion and life. Rules the neck and throat – wear lovely necklaces and scarves!

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22) – Virgo means perfection and details. Likes quality, tailored clothes, simplicity and elegance, in beige, navy and white. No big prints for you. Ladylike styles and pieces that last for many years are your preferences. Rules the digestive and nervous systems. Wear nice belts and head pieces to highlight these areas!

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19) – Capricorns seem to be conservative, so the LBD is for you. No eccentric design or bold colors are favored, but tailored elegant clothes in brown, black and dark blue. Classic and functional, but at the same time sophisticated. Rules knees, joints and bones, so wear nice knee length skirts to highlight these parts!

Fire signs

4 December

Mariah Carey (March 27) – Jennifer Lopez (July 24) – Tyra Banks (December 4)

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19) – Confident, strong and powerful, a sign linked to action! Your style reflects this with tailored clothes with good cut in red and black. Not fussy about clothes, not a fan of ruffles and prints in general. Military, leather and denim jackets are good for you. Rules the head, so wear headbands, hats, earrings and nice sunnies!

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22) – Leo is about drama and what causes an immediate impact on people! Very confident, Leo is about sharp cuts  – comfy shoes and sweaters aren’t for you. Always favors quality, not quantity. Gold as a metal and color and orange hues are your colors. Rules heart and spine. Wear a big gold pendant for an unforgettable entrance!

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21) – Practical and comfy clothes for the sporty, adventurous, energetic, positive, not complicated Sagittarius, like leggings and pants. Casual chic is your way! Yellow, deep blue and orange are your colors! Leopard print, stripes and checked shirts are nice for you. Rules thighs, so wear nice pants that emphasize them!

Now some bracelets and shoes :)

Bracelets that I love -  Nomination Jewellery, Pandora, etc

Bracelets,  Nomination Jewellery, Pandora and others. Necklace, from Hungary

An amazing tourmaline, silver and gold ring by Julie Reen

An amazing tourmaline, silver and gold ring by Julie Reen

Shoes, Arezzo. Clutch, Asos

Shoes, Arezzo. Clutch/chain handle bag, Asos

Hope you liked zodiac fashion descriptions! There’s much more, but it’s summarized here.

Do you agree with what your sign states? Which is your sign?

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Hope you all have a great week, with nice smiles!

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* Celebrity pictures courtesy: Style.com

93 thoughts on “Zodiac fashion

    • Wow, dear Tina, you are Taurus, so nice – it’s a sign that loves life-comforts and I think it’s great! Thank you so much for the lovely comment, and I am glad you have been reading your horoscope :) I read it once a month, to know the opportunities of the “month ahead” :) Hope you have a great week!

  1. I don’t take zodiac things too seriously but.. But, this was pretty accurate 😀 I am a cancer and well you already have seen how I dress. I like vintage items and one of my fave colors is lilac! 😀

    You look great :) !

    • Wow, dear Lara, so it was accurate! I am glad about it! And Cancer is so nice, so feminine and I have a Cancerian friend that shows it, so now two :), you too :) And yes, you really personify the Cancerian woman, with lilac and vintage! I am amazed, it really works :) Thank you so much for the lovely comment, I hope you have a great week!

    • Hello! Thank you for the lovely comment! Leo is a sign with great fashion taste for beautiful golden pieces… pendants, bracelets… I have friends that are Leo and they are very wise girls! Hope you have a beautiful week!

    • Hi, dear Elle! I have short legs, too, and I understand you – I never wear shorts! But maybe it also says to highlight the are with something like a nice skirt pattern… don’t know, something like that :) Air signs understand each other – two of my best friends are Libra and they are simply amazing, and so are you! It’s a sign that loves beauty and is so balanced! So many thanks for the beautiful comment, I hope you have a beautiful week!

    • Dear Kleoniki, you have no idea how happy I am reading your comment! No joke! I was a bit out of facebook last week, so we didn’t “connect” very much there! Cause I always have the memory of a very sweet girl in Thessaloniki! Wish I could go there again, but I don’t think so :( such a pity :( Anyway, do you know your rising sign? Cause it can also explain our choices :) Actually it’s all just for fun :) I can calculate your rising sign if you don’t know it! I like Cancerians very much! Believe it or not, many years ago at the university I met a girl from Thessaloniki too, and she is Cancer sign – we are friends for 10 years now and she is so sensitive and understanding! I have the best opinions about Cancer!!!!! Thank you very very much for your sweet comment and compliment and I hope you have a nice week!

  2. Ooh, I like a bit of fun reading during a coffee break. I’m Pisces. Sensitive, creative and intuitive? I like to think so. Not sure about the feminine shoes though – I much prefer chunky wedges and boots to ballet pumps 😉 Tx

    • Hahaha, I loved your comment, Tracey! Chunky boots, why not, I love them too! As I said, if we know our rising signs, also good to read them! I can calculate for you, in case you don’t know it. And I said it may not suit everybody (the descriptions :) But Pisces is normally very intuitive and wise, and sensitive for sure! I like the sign very much – in fact, that is my rising sign :) Thank you so much for the lovely comment and I hope you have a sweet week!

  3. Wow very detail this is perfect Pisces me close enough lol… You look amazing the bracelets are chic. Thanks for kind wishe two great mind think alike.

    • :) Thank you so much, dear Jackie, for the sweet comment! Guess what, your solar sign is Pisces and it’s my rising sign, so another coincidence! I love it :) It’s so dreamful, so “linked to the universe”… I bet you are this way, cause I can read it through your posts and comments! A very very happy birthday again, loved to know it is today!

    • Hi, dear S! Indeed you must be a contradiction, hahaha! But I think this is good! Leo and Aquarius are the following (I’m Aquarius) – either they meet and love each other, or they immediately hate each other! I know I love your blog, so I hope it was the first option for us :) And guess what – another coincidence – I am Aquarius, with Rising sign Pisces – so, always in the space, in the air… :) and thank God, Moon in Virgo :) so that is the combination that keeps me a bit down to earth :) I loved to know your sign and rising sign!!! I think you are a good balance!

      • I didn’t know this this thing about Aquarius (I don’t know so much about zodiac), but I agree, I liked immediately your blog, and you seems a very sweet, smart and funny girl!
        Thanx for all these intersting info about my sign! ;D

        • Wow, dear S, you are the first Aquarius that commented, and I was waiting for an Aquarian! I really thought “no Aquarius? What’s that?”, hahaha, and finally I “found” one, I am glad! Thank you soooo much for the sweet comment, and compliments, I feel so flattered and honored! I agreed with what is written about Aquarius, did you too? Eccentric and extravagant? :) I hope you have a great week and weekend, and again, I am so touched by your comment!

    • Thank you so much for the sweet comment and compliments! Wow, this is nice to know, I love Pisces – that is my rising sign! I loved soft fabrics as well! I hope you have a beautiful week!

    • Thank you so much, dear Paola! Happy March for you, too! I am glad you are Sagittarius – one of my brothers is too, and it’s such a positive sign! Always smiling! Hope you have a beautiful week!

  4. Hi Denise! Thanks for the nice comments!! You are very kind! I like this post, even though I’m not into astrology, it’s interesting to hear what people assign to certain birth dates- I certainly like soft fabrics like silk though I do like bright colours, unlike Pisces! I DO love green though!xx

    • Hi, dear Kezzie! I am the one to thank you for the lovely comment! Yes, green is so nice, I love it, too! But as I said, it could suit some people, but not everybody and also, the rising signs can explain some choices, as well – but as I said there, it is just for fun, not that it’s something we must believe in! But I like it :) Guess what, Pisces is my rising sign! Hope you have a very nice week!

    • Wow, thank you so much for this sweet compliment! And my mother is Aries, too, and by the way, I also love red and black – but I am Aquarius :) It’s just to have some fun, cause many people will say “It didn’t suit me”, but it’s just funny, as I said! Thank you so much for your comment, again, and keep on having a beautiful week! Kisses!

    • Thank you so much for the sweet comment and compliment, Deborah, and welcome! Yes, when I got to know that I was fascinated and decided to bring it to the blog! I am glad you liked it! Hope you have a nice week!

  5. I haven’t seen a post like this before so I absolutely love it. Its very creative and fun. It’s interesting to see which elements may be true. I am a Pisces (actually it is my birthday pretty soon). Like it says I love gold and silver…and silk…and velvet is my absolute favourite material definitely. I also like to wear feminine shoes.

    You look beautiful as always in that lovely print. I am extra in love with the shoes and the bag, so special and amazing. Wish I could have them both!

    • Hi, dear Imogen, thank you so much for the lovely comment! I love Pisces, wow, you have birthday soon, of course – and guess what, so you are still under the age to be ruled just by the solar sign, cause the description was accurate for your sign :) Me, I am ruled now by both signs, solar (Aquarius) and rising – and guess my rising sign? Pisces!!!!! I absolutely love it! The bag is easy to get a similar one, but the shoes… maybe too, with a bit of DIY – it has some flowers made out of ribbons. I bought the shoes in 2004 :) Thank you so much again for the nice comment and compliments, I am glad you liked zodiac fashion!

    • Hi, sweetie, thank you so much for the sweet comment! Yes, I know and said that many people don’t believe in it, but also, they are saying that the description is right! It’s so nice that you are Pisces – it’s my rising sign! I really like the fabrics in the description and I can see you are a Pisces, cause you are always so sweet! Hope you have a great week!

  6. I can see some of those characteristics fit my personality, but of course not all them. I don’t believe much in zodiac signs, but I do believe in their characteristics, and it’s always fun to read them! 😉
    Kisses! :*

    • Thank you for the nice comment, dear M! Yes, as I said, the characteristics might not suit everybody in a perfect way and also, after a certain age the risign sign takes the lead as well! Do you know yours? If not, it’s easy to calculate, I have done this to some friends in the past! Hope you are having a beautiful week with nice weather, so far! Kisses!

    • Hello, thank you for your nice comment! So, the post is just to have some fun, we do not have to believe in everything :) But it’s funny to know about some signs :) Hope you have a nice week! XXX

  7. I’m a Gemini so I’m quite versatile. I like to wear different rings. Some ladies wonder why I don’t wear my wedding ring (I do, just not all the time), but like to change up rings and wear different styles. One of my favorite rings is a buckle style ring that I purchased from Henri Bendel.

    Really fun post!!


    • Dear Monica, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I totally believe you are versatile and Gemini is a great sign, especially for Aquarians :) I mean, I have so many Gemini friends! The astrology sites always say that this is a heavenly combination, about friendship! I know what you mean, I also love wearing different rings! If you keep one ring all the time, no no – it’s not for a Gemini! So go on varying, it’s good for your sign and soul! Loved your comment, thank you again for it!

    • Thank you so much, dear Anna! I always feel so happy when I see you “here”! Guess what, I follow you on bloglovin and got the “news” that you had a new post and commented there – so it could be that at the same time you were commenting here! Such a great coincidence! The tunic actually was sold as a dress, but I seldom wore mini dresses, so I re-purposed it as a tunic :) And I bought it two weeks ago, but looooved the texture, just what you said – I love vintage looking clothes! For the next Monday I have a dress from the 50s!!! Thank you so much again for your sweet comment! Hope you have a great day and week ahead!

  8. OMG this is so cool – thanks for sharing. I am a Virgo and without sounding big-headed I agree with the description 100%, and it’s not just my opinion my friends describe me in a similar way too. Gorgeous accessories Denise – they can just complete an outfit, can’t they? As my star sign states I like accessories too, particularly hats – definitely can’t live without my hats. Enjoy your week!

    • Oh, dear Colleen, this is so good to know that you liked it! Yes, perfection and attention to detail, it really describes a Virgo and quality items! I loved to know that you are a Virgo – I have an important thing with Virgo :), it’s my Moon! So I like to be organized :) I know you have amazing hats, and I love seeing you with your bags that are 100% amazing quality, a true Virgo! Thank you so much for the lovely comment, and hope you have a beautiful day!

    • Hi, dear Maria, how lovely to see you here again, really happy about it! I know now that you a Pisces, and this didn’t surprise me – always dreamy and sensitive, with feminine outfits! As I said, it may not suit everybody, the descriptions, but some things maybe :) And the rising sign is also important, so it’s good to read it too! I read 3 things – my solar sign, Aquarius; my rising sign, Pisces :) and my Moon, Virgo. If you don’t know yours, I can calculate it for you! Hope you have a great evening and thank you for the sweet comment!

    • Hi, Maggie, thank you for the wish! New post on Monday :) For me it’s better to post once a week – maybe it changes, but for now it’s good so :) Thank you so much for the comment! You are really great!

    • Obrigada, Lily! Que bom que vc gostou e que a descricao foi certa! Gosto de astrologia, e tem tantas outras coisas sobre o tema… os presnetes certos para cada sigmo, por exemplo :) Obrigada pelo comentario, um lindo dia para vc! Beijos!

  9. Oh, liebe Denise, das ist so interessant! Und Dein schöner Modestil passt so gut zu Deinem Sternzeichen <3 Nur ich war jetzt ein bisschen erstaunt, denn ich bin ein Fisch und liebe doch kräftige Farben :) Aber vielleicht muss ich mein Fisch-Sein noch mehr ausleben und dann mag ich keine kräftigen Farben mehr? Danke für diesen tollen Post, liebe Denise! Hoffentlich geht es Dir gut und Du hattest einen guten Start in den März. Bei uns ist es gerade ein wenig turbulent, aber das passt schon :) Alles Liebe für Dich von Rena


    • Oh, turbulent, ich hoffe nichts so schlimm! Vielleicht ist es uber das Wetter! Bald kommt Fruehling! Naja, habe ich gesagt das nicht alle stimmen werden :) und das nicht alles, dass hier geschrieben ist, ist fuer alle :) Auch, das andere Sternzeichen (rising sign) ist auch wichtig. Und mein ich Fische! Es it sehr leicht zu “kalkulieren”, wenn du willst, kann ich fuer dich machen, durch astro.com. Kein Thema, sehr leicht! Vielen vielen dank fuwr deine immer liebe Woerte zu mir – du wiesst, idh bewundere dich, immer, und deine Woerte sind immer sehr wichtig fuer mich! LIebe Gruesseeeeeee!!!!!

  10. Umm if just for fun I’ll take this:). I’m more to reasonable and believes in life what are choice has made but it is fun to read though. I’m a cancer one:) the personality seems right but not all:). But I do love your bag and shoes also your floral top. You look beautiful with your ups that shows your pretty face:). Thank you so much for lovely word on my son:). He is going to the best art school here in he U.S. I’ve always supporting him all the way for what his talents is. We are in a progress on choosing a best University for him and he doesn’t know I posted his worked bcoz he didn’t think it’s good enough to show others but I disagree with him and telling how good he is and he now following his dreams.

    Have a lovely Thursday:)

    • Hi, dear Tanya, thank you for the lovely comment and compliments! It’s always like this, the one who draws, plays the guitar, surfs – whatever – never thinks it’s good enough! But as I said, I draw and paint a bit (and also don’t think it’s good enough), but when I saw your son’s work I was mesmerized – he IS so good and you are doing so right to enroll him in the art school! It’s so good to learn and research, so the university is important, too! I am so glad that you shared his work and these words with me! Thank you so much for that and I hope you have a beautiful day!

  11. Hi Denise, I love astrology. I bet our signs are responsible for out fashion choices. Auf mich trifft es jedenfalls zu. Ich bin Sternzeichen Fische. Ich liebe gold und silber und eigentlich alles was aufgezählt wurde. Allerdings gibt es auch ein paar Ausnahmen. Ich liebe starke Farben und feminine Schuhe, allerdings steh ich auch total auf Sneakers. You look marvelous sweetheart. I love your cute floral tunic. I didn’t quite understand the solar and rising signs but I had a pretty stressful and awful morning. I hope you can forgive me. I guess my English sucks pretty much too hahaha. I’ll try to do it better next time. Happy Thursday pretty!!


    • Oh, dear Glamdevils, dein Englisch ist total fantastisch, ausgezeichnet! Und was fuer mich? Ich konnte bessere Artikeln wissen, lernen, aber bin ich so faul, dass kann ich die Apfel scgreiben, statt Der Apfel (nur ein Beispiel, der Apfel weiss ich :) So ich bin sehr froh, wenn du auf Englisch schreibst auch, – egal, Deutsch oder Englisch, ich mag wenn du schreibst! Ich denke sehr oft an dich, weil ich wuensche, dass alles gut ist, und dir geht’s gut. Nicht gut zu wissen, dass dein Morgen nicht gut war. Ich hoffe es geht besser, bald! Das sagt mir, dass du ein echt Fische bist, weil du bist so sensibel und ich mag das! “Rising sign” ist das Sternzeichen, dass auch uns erklaert :) Wenn du willst, kann ich es kallulieren. Mein Rising Sign ist Fische!!!! Ich liebe es, Wasserman und Fische zu sein! Danke sehr fuer die liebe Woerte und wiee gesagt, hoffentlich geht’s dir gut jetzt – und immer! XXX

    • Hi, dear Paola, wow, so it was right for you! And you always look so beautiful wearing red and black – and the amazing hats! Thank you so much for the sweet comment, you are always so sweet! Kisses!

    • Hi, dear Min, thank you for the nice comment and feedback! I like Taurus very much, I have some friends who are Taureans! So it’s true about the colors :) But I think it’snot really conservative, but more like waiting to see if the trends will be accepted, like you said – “not the first to adopt a new trend”. Also, the rising sign can explain our choice as well – but it was all just for fun :) Actually I don’t know whether our signs are responsible for our fashion choices :) Thank you again for your lovely comment! And I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Wow, dear Marija, so nice to know it was accurate in your case! (My case as well, Aquarius with rising sign Pisces!) I think Eva Mendez is always so well dressed and in a romantic way, so it’s great to belong to the same sign! Thank you so much for your sweet comment and I wish you a great weekend!

    • Hello, dear June, so many thanks for the amazing comment – so it seems it’s really accurate, our choices through signs! Mine is Aquarius! I have lots of Taurus friends, I love the way they love life! Such a nice comment, June, thank you again for it!

    • That’s wonderful, I am so glad it is accurate! I love Cancerians, I have so many nice friends who are Cancerians, and they are all so sweet and sensitive! Thank you so much for the lovely comment!

  12. its fun to read about zodiac fashion but I’d like to think of myself as a rebel when it comes to style. I don’t really like following too much trends or rules on what is safe/stylish :) fashion should just be fun and a way to express yourself however you want. I love the print and little details and embellishments of what you wore here :) very breezy, comfortable and stylish

    • Thank you very much for the nice comment, dear Angel! You are very right about all you said! I can’t say I 100% believe in astrology, but maybe being a “rebel” – what I was in life – may be explained by my sign? Don’t know :) It was just for fun, nothing serious! Thank you so much for your compliments! I bought that dress 2 weeks ago, and since then it’s a favorite piece – like you said, so comfortable! Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Hi, dear Jezz! Thank you for the nice comment! But as I said, it may suit some, not all – and it was all only for some fun! Also, the rising sign is important after a certain period of life. I fit into the Aquarius description, but my rising sign is Pisces and fits me too! All just for fun! Hope you have a nice weekend – if you were in the same place, I would need support for gym (I really am in need of that!)

  13. I’m a gemini and this is very true for me, liking quirky, fun pieces and things that can work for day or night. I rarely wear something ‘serious’ or conventional, so that’s spot on too. I never realised I dressed for my sign before! x

    • Hello and welcome! Thank you so much for this lovely comment, saying that “Zodiac Fashion” was accurate for you! I love Geminis, I have many friends that are Gemini! As for me, the description was also right! Again, thank you for the sweet comment and I wish you a beautiful week!

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