You’re beautiful!

You’re beautiful! Each of us have the right time to mature. Some are kind, some are sensitive, some are tough, some are polite, some are not – some even think they are polite and are not :) But we never know what people are going through. Some are superficial, but maybe the person isn’t prepared to face real life and hides behind illusions.

I love motivational quotes – I even write some :) Everyday we see people losing confidence. Media has high demands and some people accept them. Comparing themselves, forgetting that they’re good, beautiful, nice! We have characteristics, not flaws. What do you think of that?

Friday Feelings

We all have our own stories, that shape who we are!

We all have our own stories, that shape who we are!

Happiness quote

Many of us live in excess

Just believe! Keep positive and work for good things!

Just believe! Keep positive and work for good things!

Personal Growth

Never forget it!

Never forget it!

Always remember that!

Always remember that!

If these thoughts touch at least one person, that is already positive! I hope you liked them! I hope everybody leads a happy life!

Wishing you a sweet weekend with smiles! Thanks for the lovely comments!

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37 thoughts on “You’re beautiful!

  1. Hello hun, please come to SA, that would be so awesome :)

    I love your motivational post, and your quote about stories haha thats so true! I really agree we characteristics not flaws for sure 😉

    Hope you have a stunning wknd xxx

  2. Ommmg Denise 😀 This is such a great post. It is so inspiring, I love it! :)
    Also I love how in some of the quotes you put your beautiful picture behind as a background, that is amazing 😀 & all these quotes are so inspirational but the first one is really cute with the bird telling us with are made of stories omg :’) So adorable! 😛 This is great Denise and I can’t wait for more posts like this to come 😀

  3. Hi Denise,
    I have been in France without the Internet all week since last Friday so sorry for not visiting.I tried on my phone once but the signal was awful!
    You have some great positive messages here! Yes, we should kinder and appreciate all forms of beauty in ourselves and others!

  4. Gorgeous quotes! Sometimes, I feel like the worst thing that can bring you down is yourself. So that’s why you gotta love yourself and totally know your worth! My favorite quote is the one about how you’re just one person to the world but to someone else, you’re the world. So sweet :)

  5. Bellissimo post cara Denise!
    Purtroppo è inevitabile confrontarsi con gli altri e di tanto in tanto sentitrsi anche un pò inadeguati, bisognerebbe tenere sempre presenti queste tue meravigliose citazioni!
    Di certo vivemmo tutti più sereni e felici senza tanti confronti!
    Buon week end, tesoro! 😀

  6. Great article, in my opinion beauty doesn’t depend on size or height but it is caused by our personality, our attitude to the weaker humans and animals which are often defenseless (have you heard about Nami Kim – she rescued so many dogs from dog meat trade in Korea and I think that her beauty comes from her gorgeous personality).
    Have a nice weekend Denise!:)


  7. Liebe Denise, Gratulation zu Deinem wunderbaren Post! Ja, wir sind alle schön – auf unsere Weise und wir sollten uns wirklich loslösen, von dem was uns eingetrichtert wird, was gut und schön ist. Mir gefällt besonders der Gedanke, dass uns insbesondere die Geschichten, die wir erlebt haben, zu der Person machen, die wir sind :) Vielen Dank, Dein Post tut sehr gut <3 Du bist sowieso schön – innen und außen <3 Ein wundervolles Wochenende für Dich! Alles Liebe von Rena

  8. Muitas vezes nós perdemos oportunidades de viver momentos felizes só porque queremos provar que estamos com a razão. Ou, pelo menos, pensamos que estamos.

    De maneira alguma defendemos a omissão ou o não uso da razão, mas tão somente o uso da razão com sensibilidade.
    Quanto mais sensíveis formos
    mais felizes seremos.
    Muito inspirador seu post
    Como sempre me surpreendendo com mensagens tão sensiveis.
    Sucesso sempre.

  9. That is so heartbreakingly true regarding people losing confidence more and more these days. We’ve made so many strides a people in recent decades – from going to the moon to inventing the internet and countless other things, but I sometimes wonder if we’ve focused enough on building each other up and trying to create a happier, more positive world. I’m an optimist by nature, but even I don’t think such as usually been the case. I really appreciate you’re keen to try and do so here on your blog, Denise, and always appreciate the encouraging, lovely words that you share with us.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

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