Words of wisdom

Monday – wisdom in my opinion, of course! But I hope these are good words to start the week.

How many of us have felt the power of media – TV, magazines, etc. – to “wear this, don’t wear that” and look thin, with magazines’ airbrushed models’ pictures that are not completely real… but give us “mortals” an impossible image to pursue, sometimes with bad consequences, mentally and physically speaking.

Then once a friend sent me an email with what I considered

Words of wisdom

* At 15 her brother said she looked fat... she started her life long diet.
* At 18 her parents said she should be a teacher, not a painter.
* At 20 her aunt said she should get married, cause she was getting older.
* At 30 a friend asked when she planned to have a baby, cause 
she was - again - getting older.
* At 40 her colleagues said it was too late for changing careers.
* At 50, her friends said it would be crazy to explore India.
* At 60, her children asked her to take care of their children, 
cause they thought she didn't have anything to do in life anymore.
* At 70 she decided to wear her purple fedora with yellow dots and 
went to an art exhibition feeling FINALLY gorgeous."

Isn’t it this way, many times? We have pressure from every corner, with “wiser” people always knowing what’s better for us.

Grab your example of “purple hat with yellow dots” and feel great at last!

Jil Sander's coloful catwalk here

Jil Sander’s kaleidoscope mix here

Christin Dior's color fusion here

Christian Dior’s color fusion here

Diane von Fürstenberg's metallic acqua and orange outfit here

Diane von Fürstenberg’s metallic outfit here

Burberry's look here

Burberry’s look here

Talk about Mix and Match! Those were designers’ samples – and if they are good enough to imagine them, so is anybody else!

Hope you have a great day and week, with many beautiful smiles!


6 thoughts on “Words of wisdom

  1. Wow, this spoke volumes Denise, you’re so right, we shouldn’t pursue what society sets out for us, we should focus on what we want to do and what makes us happy. Love the colorfully vibrant outfits you selected, wish I was bold enough to wear those shades together!

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