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I know many people will disagree with the quotes today. Many won’t even read the quotes, let alone my text :)

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There are thousands and thousands of people out there leading lives of quiet, screaming desperation, where they work long, hard hours at jobs they hate to enable them to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like. (Nigel Marsh)

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Variation: People are funny. They spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like. (I would say, well, no, to impress everybody.)

After some time, when you get much more than you need, you start thinking of the difference between WANT and NEED.

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Supposing: you have lots of shoes that fit :) – you don’t need another pair. You’re shortsighted – you need glasses in order to see. You’re ill – you MUST HAVE medical treatment. You have 80 coats – probably you don’t need another. Maybe you want a new one now. What you need: food, shelter, health, education.

Sunday, July 21st

Sunday, July 21st

Top from Rome, earrings from Bath. Did I need the items? No. I wanted them. I’m not perfect. I like to get things from where I go. They take me to the places again, whenever I wear them.
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I know many people think that if they wear “this or that” brand they’ll be happier and more respected. You’ll be happy for that moment, sure. If you need to wear labels to be accepted, the ones you want to impress aren’t worth (that’s only my opinion). 

Please don’t take me wrong. We live among people. It’s not wrong to want something new, definitely not. And it creates lots of jobs in the world.

Friday, July 26th. In a shoe shop :)

Friday, July 26th. In a shoe shop :)

Yesterday I went to lots of shops with a friend. I wasn’t posing (she took it and I didn’t notice). I’m glad I resisted the shoes. I have 410 pairs, not needing more. It’s sometimes -4° C where I currently am now. Many people died – they didn’t have warm clothes. I’ll donate some soon. I’ll feel lucky to be able to help.
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I’ll add “regardless of how much you own”. A dream world!

Hope I didn’t bore anybody with my “pub philosophy”!

I hope you have loads of sweet smiles this week!


P.S. – I respect every opinion you may have! If you feel happy wearing and buying designers’ items, why not? I still do so. We live in society. Labels employ people.

44 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom and thoughts

  1. I truly love everything you write:) a lot of the times i have to admit when i go shopping i buy things i don’t need. but i do want them. when you start thinking that many people don’t have the essential things to live, you get a perspective of the value between wanting and needing.


  2. Últimamente tu blog se ha convertido en fuente de mucha sabiduría. El que quiera reflexionar no tiene más que pasar por aquí de vez en cuando 😉
    Muy ciertas tus palabras de hoy. Todas. Afortunadamente siento que trabajo en algo que me gusta y no compro cosas para impresionar a nadie. Es más, a veces trato de andar lo más sencilla posible por ahí, ni lucir joyas ni cosas caras para no llamar la atención. Me gustan las cosas lindas y también compro cosas que no necesito a veces sólo para tener el recuerdo de algún lugar, pero es que tampoco soy perfecta 😉 Y al menos es cierto lo que dices, le estamos dando trabajo a gente que fabrica esas cosas.
    Un abrazo Denise!

  3. yes, I think you’re right about pretty much everything you just wrote here. I think the same way. for example I don’t need all the clothes I buy but I want them and when I get something new I also donate something old to others, to the people who NEED those things. I think that when there’s balance then everything’s okay. you just have to sense and understand that balance.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  4. Hi sweety, brilliant said, I often wonder about excess all the time, how people use fancy cars/clothing/status to stand their ground and try to impress others. I think the only way to impress anyone is to strip away everything thats material and just be yourself. Cant believe its so cold there! Thats such a lovely picture of you, adore the bag!

  5. Please, including me of those people who’s love quote, any type of quote, they’d inspirited me so much. And thank you for reminded us of between need, want, must have, as a fashion lover, we like to go to MUST HAVE:)!
    As I seen my wardrobe so full of too much of stuffs that some items I didn’t even touched since I bought. it’s stop me to go near by the mall or online store today then I was. I liked your photo in a shoe shop:) perfect snapped from your friend!


  6. I think you’re a very sweet and kind person, and someone can see it by what you write. It’s so nice of you to offer clothes to those who need them. You’re right! We don’t need many things, but we buy them anyway, for one reason or another. I like getting little souvenirs, for the places I visit too. They bring me back good memories, as you say.
    I think you look lovely! And seeing you in that shop reminded me of our little “trip” to stores in London. Oh I miss you so much. Wish I had more time with you when I was there. But I’m positive, that we’ll meet again in the future! :)

  7. “There are thousands and thousands of people out there leading lives of quiet, screaming desperation, where they work long, hard hours at jobs they hate to enable them to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like.”

    This one resonated with me so, so deeply. Almost cathartic. I want to print this off and put it in my room somewhere.


  8. These are some things I often have came to think about, society gives us lots of stupid pressure.
    With materia, people are trying to fulfill some non-material need anyway.
    I don’t have one of the thing we “need” since my health is crap but still I’m doing pretty fine 😉 . Also, how much of education do we really need? Sure, it’s good to learn the basic skills of living, but which point education becomes brainwashing us to be a part of the sick society?

    Interesting post :)

  9. 410??????????????? Oh my! I’ve got about 40 and I thought I had a lot!!! For some reason, I can’t see your pictures on your blog. I wonder why? Is it my computer?

    I love these quotes and your response- totally true!x

  10. Me encanto lo que dijiste y la frase que dice “It’s not wrong to want something new, definitely not. And it creates lots of jobs in the world” me encanto :) estoy de acuerdo jijiji.. Siempre me agradan tus publicaciones :) sigue adelante linda!
    besotes !

  11. This is so true. I do like having nice things around me, but at the end of the day you have to focus on whats REALLY important. like the relationships with friends family and most importantly…. the relationship with yourself!

  12. Ye, I agree completely, I also many times ask myself if I need this or that, but every time when I ask I answer that I want and don’t need…. But at least I’m happy because I donate my old clothes to somebody who really needs and don’t want as me… every time Im wondering how you find place for 410 pairs of shoes:) don’t take me wrong I adore this fact about you (at least I can say that I know one girl who has a lot of shoes) I also have plenty of them and every time whne I buy new one I’ve been thinking – ok and where should I put them this time:)

  13. I love that Nigel Marsh quote, Denise – thank-you for sharing it. I’ve heard it many times but each time I do, it rings so true for me. I was living a life just like the one Mr. Marsh describes up until a year ago, when I realised I’d had enough. I have a lot less money now, and certainly less things, but overall I’m so much happier that none of it matters at all!

  14. Your blog inspires me! I do that most of the time, buying things I want and don’t need it at all but not when I got my adorable kiddoo. I value money more often. When I thought of buying my wants, I’ll think if my little boy needs first. Well, family first! Thanks for the post! Mind following each other? :)

  15. Dearest Denise, I don´t know where you are at the moment, but you look great and fresh <3 Thanks for sharing the snapshoot in the shoeshop!

    Und Deine Quotes von heute finde ich wahr und richtig! Natürlich macht es uns nicht glücklich, wenn wir dieses oder jenes kaufen. Und leider beeindrucken wir auch praktisch nie damit, im Gegenteil leider werden die Mitmenschen oft neidisch deswegen.

    Ich weiß aus eigener Erfahrung, dass wahres Glück von innen kommt und nicht von irgendeiner Designertasche oder teuren Schuhen. Natürlich freue ich mich, wenn ich mir diese Dinge leisten kann und sie trage, aber ich habe selber erlebt, dass man auch ohne diese Dinge glücklich sein kann. Ich erlebe das Glück täglich vor allem in den kleinen Dingen, mit meiner Familie, meinen Mitmenschen und unseren Tieren, die mich täglich oft zum Lachen bringen und mir das Herz öffnen.

    Toll, dass Du spendest und den frierenden Menschen hilfst. Das bestätigt mir wieder einmal, was für ein wundervoller und guter Mensch Du bist <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  16. It is true what you say and I’m guilty of a some of thing you say in your post, i’m sure a lot of people are, they just don’t like to admit it. I’m always inspired by quotes I read and I love that you include them in your posts and relate them back to everyday life.

    Have a great day!


  17. Do you really have this many pairs of shoes???!!!
    As for wanting vs needing. Yes, sometimes the “wants” feel like luxury, but it’s ok to treat yourself from time to time. Vreeland said once that we shouldn’t be afraid of luxury and Lagerfeld much later said that if you got something you think is luxury you might as well just enjoy it. x

  18. hi dear! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! I like your blog. I like your thoughts and feelings. you write beautifully. I also liked the picture in the shoe store. it’s so realistic!

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