Words of Wisdom

Something important to start the week: knowing we have a huge positive potential…


About the source: please do vist this page – you will find gems there!

Never undermine yourself! You are the only one who can let yourself down or stop yourself! Go for the things you love,  love the things you do! It may take some time, but through diligent work you’ll get where you want to be!

Hope you all have an amazing week ahead, with tons of sincere smiles!


22 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. Yay for this vote of motivation, I needed to hear this dear Denise, thanks so much for the inspiration. Hope you’ve recovered from the weekend.

  2. I needed this post today, sometimes life gets the better of you and you start to think you can’t acheive anything. I’ve realised changing is a constant thing that happens over time so quotes like this help to remind me that I can do and acheive my dreams and to tell that awful voice in my head telling me I can’t to bugger off! lol

    Rebecca xx


    • Oh, please don’t worry! I also write in a hurry! It was all great, you can take a look, I then put a letter in one word only! You did it fine and the idea is what counts, and I do think you are so right! Lately I have been facing that thing – a negative person who always breaks my things when touching or even looking at them! It’s more than being negative, it’s envy. And we have to be very careful with this energy!

  3. Hi dear, I would love to be daring enough to crop my hair that short too. Wishing you everything of the best for your upcoming travels, you will be missed until then :)

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