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It’s interesting to observe people’s actions and reactions. Recently I posted something about a “model”, who showed “damaged” feet wearing very expensive sandals. I’m glad she can do that and still feel amazing – she looked that way. Then it was  pointed out to me that no one can be perfect and I felt ashamed for my post. I apologized, as I always do if I feel I’m wrong. I totally defend the right of people to disagree with each other! I’ll respect any opinion, always. WE’LL NEVER AND CAN NEVER PLEASE EVERYBODY. I’ll keep on trying my best to be a good soul, for sure.

So, that’s “my” quote for today!

Hope you all have a great day with many smiles!

You can make my day brighter by leaving a comment, if you want – I love reading your thoughts – even if they are different from mine, I learn from them, really! Thank you!


15 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

    • Ah :) It’s was not about really disagreeing with me, cause I really respect any opinion… and learn from different ones, for sure! It’s good to disagree, but it was more about the way I got the reaction, it was not nice at the time… you know, there are many ways, like shouting, ignoring, patronizing… one of them made me a bit sad at the time, but now it’s fine and clarified :) This is nice! Loved your comment, thank you for your words!!!!

  1. what’s weird is that so many of us know that, yet we still try to please. it really is impossible to please everyone, especially if they value different things than what us. it’s just makes for unhappiness, when we aren’t true to our own beliefs.

  2. Hey, don’t worry about it! Like you said you can’t please everyone! You just keep on doing what seems right to you, and everything will fall into place. I also think sometimes people misinterpret things (happens on my blog all the time). I personally didn’t see anything wrong with what you posted about the model’s feet… I didn’t feel like it was criticism!


  3. Hi sweety, you don’t have to apologize, you are entitled to your opinion, everyone is, we are all individuals who think differently, there is no right or wrong way of viewing or critiquing a situation, its all up to personal choice, so please don’t even feel bad. Loved that quote, It reminded me that I need to throw my key to failure away!

  4. Very well said. :-) We can’t please anybody and we don’t have to please everybody. Even if I don’t know you personally, I can say that you have a good heart because you apologized about your previous blog post even if you have freedom to say or write whatever you want you still consider other opinions. I think that’s the key to success… Always have a good heart and don’t hurt other people’s feelings. Have a great day & God Bless.

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