Words of Wisdom

For today I thought of a quote I read some years ago… and never forgot it. But then I read a very nice quote on a great blog and decided to connect both! They have something to do with each other, I think!

“My” quote is this:

With the stones you threw at me I built my castle.

I found something similar last week, but with “obstacles”, instead of nasty people throwing stones :)

Stones on my way? I keep them. With them I’ll build my castle.

Now the quote I’ve read on the blog

Source here

Source here

Notice that by “castle” I personally didn’t mean being rich, but inner enlightment, kindness and a loving attitude towards people and life…

Hope you all have a great week, with many smiles!


16 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. Hi darling, you made my day that much better and brighter with this quote, I would love to live out that life philosophy, of building something magical out of the obstacles life throws at us. Lurv!

  2. Oh thank you so much Denise for your kind words in your comment on my blog.. however I have to be clear, that question of where we blog from is an original write up by Jennine Jacob of IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers. I was selected in the Links A’ La Mode write up… Which Jennine Jacob wrote… I’m so happy you liked my blog and I really appreciate your support!

  3. Denise I’ve finally found your blog! When you commented on my breakfast sandwich post I couldn’t seem to find you? lol
    Great post I’m all for positive quotes and affirmations I try to live my life by them on a day to day basis

    Rebecca xx

  4. That’s a lovely quote! Did you get my reply to your comment about meeting up on SAturday? I was unfortanately in Brighton for a swing dance festival so it wasn’t possible but another time. A pity you aren’t here next SAturday (11th) as my orchestra is giving a gorgeous concert of Debussy L’Apes midi d’un faun (big flute solo!) and 2 Ravel pieces and Canctus Arcticus!
    Hope you are well and happy and definitely, you should make some cards- it’s always fun and well appreciated! Oh and finally I’ve figured how to follow on Bloglovin- sorry it’s taken me so long!x

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