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Two weeks ago I posted a quote by Thoreau saying “he who wants to travel alone can start the journey at anytime. But he who wants company, must wait till the other part is ready for the trip“.

cccf79bdebf15ab5203774534ef1a634I travel quite a lot and it’s not a matter of luck, like some people tell me, nor being irresponsible or whatever. It’s just my way. I feel alive doing so. I so much need to feel alive, like everybody, and that’s my way of feeling it. The quote about trips wasn’t only about trips, but a metaphor, to say that whatever you do in life – and you need or want other people  with you – you can’t force them to do anything if they aren’t ready to. You can’t force someone to quit smoking if the person doesn’t want to. You can’t expect someone to open a store with you, if the person isn’t ready to. These are just examples. But of course, trips were also included in the quote :)

Today I thought of posting this quote:

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Source here

My favorite place is a place I still don’t know. Far away are words I don’t know. Like all travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.” (Benjamin Disraeli)

I’m constantly being judged by my actions towards travelling. Misunderstood. I travel to grow. To learn. To overcome my limits as a human being. Some say I’m selfish. But I don’t see myself this way. I may be. Who am I to judge. I travel to feel alive. To remain alive. Because this is the way I can be myself. Nothing else.

I hope you all have a great day, with many sweet smiles!


10 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. this is a great quote !!

    Omg that explains a lot haha I always want to travel with my BF but he doesn’t really want to.. but like the quote says it might be a better idea to go alone then 😉

    Kisses !!

  2. Great quotes, and you’re definitely not selfish! Do whatever pleases you and makes you feel alive and happy! You’re the most important person in your life, and you must listen to yourself in order to be happy. Only you know what makes you happy.
    Kisses my dear Denise! :)

  3. Me gusta viajar también. Mi marido dice que las mujeres somos demasiado “intranquilas” jajaja. Tampoco tengo problemas con viajar sola.
    Tú sabes mejor lo que te conviene así que no escuches a quienes puedan criticarte y sigue haciendo feliz tu vida porque no haces daño a nadie.

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