Words of Wisdom

Starting a new week, a new day… when you have the possibility of learning great things and have a remarkable time – and even if you think it won’t be such a great week, believe me, it will. If you made it up to here, reading these words, you are lucky – not because of my words (of course not!), but because you can read. You can see. Your eyes are OK. We tend to take things for granted. But how many people can’t see… and how many didn’t learn how to read, because they couldn’t afford being at school.

The ones I selected for this new week

* Prioritize eternal things, not temporal ones (Matthew, 6:19-24)

* Nobody can ruin your day without your permission

* It’s never too late to be who you might have been (George Eliot)

Now… I hope you have a brilliant week with many amazing smiles!


6 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. Well said hun..we take too much for granted, even the most simple of things like being able to read and see. Thanks for the reminder…I need to appreciate these things more. Midnight party sounds sooo thrilling! I hope we get to do it!

  2. Yes, finding the blessings is definitely important!
    What did your mercury retrograde thing mean in your comment when you talked about following? Speaking of following, I am not sure how to follow you on here- the blogs I follow, I do via GFC and I follow all wordpress blogs via e-mail as I don’t have bloglovin, twitter, facebook or any of those other thingies you have for following!

    Anyway, re the weekend, you are very welcome to come and join my birthday outing if you’d like- we’re going to the Saturday night swing club in Moorgate (lindy-hop!). It costs £12 admission. (But you can’t tell my friends about my blog! Tis my secret!!!) Sunday, I am sort of tied up with church and then a private lindyhop lesson?

  3. Mi semana fue muy agitada, llena de trabajo y obligaciones, sin tiempo para descansar ni relajarme, pero sé que pasar por eso es necesario para avanzar y luego vendrán días más tranquilos.
    Espero que tu semana haya estado llena de sonrisas! :)))

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