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A different way today. Could be Master or Disaster too – on politeness! I’ll try to keep it short, cause I know many people don’t like reading.

Friends to start: I saw a great one 10 days ago – she studies a lot, but we finally could meet. She’s a great photographer and more!

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When you’re “high”, everybody wants to be your friend. When you need support you’ll know who your friends are.

Globalization - just to keep track of things. Earrings: Bath. Jacket: Germany. Tunic: Milan. Shoes: Brazil. Bag: England. Watch: Hugo Boss.

June 25. Globalization – just to keep my diary. Earrings: Bath. Jacket: Germany. Tunic: Milan. Heels: Brazil. Bag: England. Watch: Hugo Boss.

Patent leather and velvet ribbon. Sweet!

Patent leather and velvet ribbon. Sweet!

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Source here

On Saturday June 29th I was invited to a barbecue by the German consulate. I didn’t want to go, but went out of politeness. Dress code: jeans.

June 29th, 2013

June 29th, 2013. I love that ring :)

Accepting an invitation, show respect to it by preparing yourself – my opinion. Hairdresser, manicure, new boots :) Around 410 pairs of shoes now.

Shoe save # 8, 2013 - Shoeper Shoe Challenge, by Shoeperwoman. Coat: my design. Love that bag :)

Shoe save # 8, 2013 – Shoeper Shoe Challenge, by Shoeperwoman. Coat: my design. Love that bag :)

I’m not thin now. The consul introduced me to industries’ owners. But money can’t buy manners. The person told me to eat meat fast before others ended it. I said “thank you, I’m vegetarian”. He and his friend said out loud “haha, and people say vegetarians are thin!” Ah – and I got more insults during the event!

Then my last quote for today will be:


I was shocked! “We’re very direct“, they said. I could have said “I can lose weight and still be polite” – they aren’t. Or “my weight is my thing – I didn’t ask any opinion”. But why? Even my family make fun of me. 2 years ago I was thinner, but something awful happened to me. If you serve and entertain people, you’re great, but you see the unfairness – you’re out. Some people are superficial. Some people will forget all the good things you’ve done. Your soul isn’t important to them.

I do hope you all have a great week with many sincere smiles!!!


P.S. – I got sweet compliments that weekend! Bless the souls of my friends!

54 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. i agree that only in tough times, you get to know who your real friends are…

    OMG! u have 410 pair of shoes…. :O
    lucky U…

    u look fab and its so rude how can some1 insult you like that….


  2. denise, i hope you don’t let their rudeness bring you down. your ribbon shoes are so pretty! people don’t think of how damaging their words can be. i know i’ve been guilty of saying things without thinking them through myself. i’m a fan of the wise words in today’s post. :)

  3. Denise, don’t listen to those assholes! I seriously think you are so beautiful, you have a magnetic smile that lights up the room! I think as long as you’re happy, who cares what anyone else thinks? I have some insecurities, but I indulge in self-deprecating to overcome it, and then no one has a chance to make snide comments 😉

    I love those red ribbon shoes, they are so charming! And 410 shoes?? :O :O :O Have you thought about opening a store?


  4. Hi Denise, I completely agree on what you said on knowing who you’re friends are. Also about people who try to bring you down…we should separate ourselves from people and relationships that dishearten us and rather surround ourselves with positive influences and people who uplift us instead.Thanks for your kind comment sweety, have an awesome day!

  5. No entiendo cómo hay gente que puede tener esas actitudes tan poco delicadas con una persona como tú que siempre es tan amable y gentil. Estoy segura que eres igual con todos a tu alrededor y no mereces que te traten con esa rudeza. Sin embargo está bien que se muestren como son porque te das cuenta directamente que no vale la pena seguir tratando con gente así. También pudiste contestarle que por el hecho de no comer carne no tenías amargura en tu vida.
    No es justo que la gente se sienta con el derecho de insultarte como cuentas. A veces la misma familia es más injusta contigo que gente que no te ha conocido toda la vida.
    Olvida los malos ratos y sigue sonriendo Denise, que nadie te quite lo más lindo que tienes.

    Un abrazo!

  6. They are terrible people!!!!!! How is it possible to say like that, it’s not fan at all they were trying to show how cool they are, but as a fact they showed how stupid they are if they think that shapes of people describe their soul. If they are thin it doesn’t mean they are good people! You have very kind and warm heart and your smile lights everything around you! Your thoughts and quotes are amazing! Person with bad heart can’t think like that! I love all your quotes all of them 100 % true!

  7. I was much much bigger 5 years ago now I’m thinner and I have not become another person from that, soul and actions make people – people , not their shapes. Friends sometimes especially when you have some difficulties disappeared or sometimes you make something good to them but after some time some of them just turn to you back and you even don’t know what happened… It’s sad, really sad…

  8. wow, how can someone be so disgusting? :O I hope you didn’t take it seriously because who cares what stupid creatures say or think? noone should care :) it was a very interesting and versatile post btw and I loved reading it and wow, 410 pairs already?! you’re crazy, Denise! 😀 (in a good way, of course)
    take care, dear, and stay happy!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  9. Hey Sweatheart:) you are beautiful inside AND outside. Focus on the good; people that make you smile. I like your last quote the most. Miss youuuu so much:***

  10. Dearest pitgat, please don´t care about this stupid people! They aren´t worth to speak with and about them, in my opinion they had a problem and tried only to transmit this to you. But it looks like that you´re absolutely able to say no to such nonsens.

    And you´re perfect in the way you are – I know so many really thin people which are looking simple ugly. But how cares about weight? For me it´s important the brightning of the eyes, charisma, the taste and style, the intelligence, the honesty – and all this things do you have in my honesty opinion and much more <3

    Hoffentlich geht es Dir wieder besser, bei mir ist alles gut. Ich sende Dir die allerliebsten Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende :)

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


  11. god what an idiot that guy was, saying that about vegetarians! Don’t listen to crap like that, just keep being you, honey! 😀

    i’ve been thinking about what you said in your comment on my blog –

    ‘ I know people say “I know what pain is”. But we will only know it when it really comes and is unbearable, not something that vanishes in 3 months.’

    That is so wise. Thank you for that. I try and remember that sometimes when I get caught up in my own drama! Most things we say are painful are only temporary, and vanish soon enough :)

    Thanks again! Holly xoxo


  12. Hi Denise, I’m so glad we came across each other because you are such a beautiful person in and out. I can tell. This post is so beautiful and very meaningful. Those people who treated you in that way are ignorant. It’s so true what you said about one knows who the real friends are. I like the quote you shared. About your look: I really like how you paired those blue jeans with that sweater and the belt you added on it accentuating your beautiful silhouette.
    We keep in touch :) Have a great week

  13. Thank you for your nice words! I hope you’re feeling better now!
    You look so happy in these photos, but those people were rude! It’s not important the weight, but the type of person you are. And being a jerk, like they were it’s not acceptable.
    Wishing you a nice day and week!

  14. I´m glad to read you´re a strong women… you´re not the only one who´s living those bitter experiences… but don´t let yourself goes down, you´re beautiful, the weit doesn´t make a person, is the soul and heart, don´t listen to them, your heart is a diamond and that reflects in your apparience… have a nice sunday sweety

  15. I agree with you. I’ve always love the quotes on your posts. It’s so true and inspiring. You will really know who your real friends are in times of trouble or hardship. I believe in the saying that “No matter what you do, good or bad, people will always have something bad to say” I guess that’s how some judgmental people are. Pssssh. But yes, people who are trying to bring you down is already below you. They can see you up high that’s why they’ll do everything to see you below them which will not happen because their bad motives and plans will never succeed.. Hahaha! Have a great week & God Bless.

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