Words of Wisdom

I have read and remembered so many interesting quotes… I love quotes!

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Yes, it takes years to build your reputation. And a second to destroy it.

It leads me to this quote:

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If you explode, of course. It then leads to the first quote I thought for today:

Ungrateful forget that 90 meals were served, but remember 1 was missing.

Food for thought…

Hope you are all feeling great and may you always receive many smiles!


20 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. Very true to life quotes, especially the one about reputation. really great picks this week hun. Its so good to hear that you already take the time to invest in yourself during the week, those are the little things that help us make it through, I think. I am so annoyed and upset at those two who were rude to you. If I were with you on both occasions, I would have told them something they would not like, lol. Don’t even care what they say, they don’t influence or make a difference in your life.Thanks for your wonderful words over at mine, hope your week kindly surprises you :)

  2. Hey my sweetheart <3 I have to reread so many posts of you…I love this post, you always have so wise words to say. Miss u…I will write you an email this evening – promised!

  3. Me hizo pensar especialmente en mis hijos. Haces todo por ellos, pero no lo notan y cuando les fallas en una pequeña cosa te la recuerdan por siempre. Las cosas cotidianas que hace una madre por su familia son tan poco valoradas…
    Recibir sonrisas! eso es bonito!
    Te envío una sonrisa 😀

  4. Wow, I can totally resonate with this. This is so painfully true. I’ve always been the person who puts in a lot of effort in my friendships. I’ve always gone above and beyond for all of my relationships, but seems like when I mess up, that’s the only thing they can remember, and everything up to that point has no meaning. It’s kind of hurtful, but I guess it’s life. Sucks, doesn’t it? :(


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