Words of Wisdom

Today, a quote that belongs to what I have seen this week -will tell another day!


It’ a great quote, in my opinion!

Have a great week, with many smiles!


47 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. That’s a wonderful quote!
    Thanks so much for your comment, and thanks for the recommendation for Spanish blogs!


  2. I think the world suffers because of both, not only because of the second part of the quote. bad people start that chain anyway. if bad people don’t do their nasty things then good people aren’t silent. that’s my late-night thought, hehe.
    btw, thank you SO much for your wonderful comments. it’s always a great pleasure to read those :)

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. This is such an intense quote because it reminds me that too often we are all silent about whats right and too afraid to fight what for what we believe in. Thanks for sharing these great words hun!
    P.S I think every model is photoshopped in some way or the other, but I find it so much better to be real and who you are :)

  4. Beautiful quote and I absolutely concur!! It reminds me of Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Words I never Said’ song where he says that the silence is worse than all the violence in describing the Western world’s silence towards the inhumane treatment of Palestinian folks. Love it!


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