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It seems this is the post during the week that I’m taking care of –  I’m a bit busy now! I’m planning to have outfit pictures soon, though!

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The previous Words of Wisdom had many interpretations. I loved them – I learn from different views! From “maybe I don’t deserve much (and I’m sure the person does) to “so, maybe life decides our fate. The comments revealed new ideas and got me thinking… Actually the post was meant to myself :) About one of my walking-in wardrobes with too many things – I don’t even wear 2%. I thought of people who freeze to death in winter. I do deserve what I have, but I don’t need more shoes or clothes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean I’ll stop buying them. I recognize I’m weak.

Thank you very much for your sweet comments! I really love them!

Hope you all have an amazing week with many incredible smiles!


24 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. Love these wise wise words, they are really true and I wish I paid more attention to this type of philosophy more. I am with you with the ‘having too many things’, I have tried to cut down and been donating to charity, but I still feel this is not enough. Hope you’re well hun

  2. Si se pusiera más atención en cada una de las fases antes que los malos pensamientos lleguen a convertirse en el destino de una persona seríamos todos mejores, pero no es fácil controlar los pensamientos. Por lo menos que no lleguen a convertirse en palabras y habremos hecho bastante…
    Gracias por la reflexión y por los deseos de sonrisas increíbles!!
    Besos y espero que tú también tengas sonrisas y risas!!

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