Words of Wisdom

Source here

Source here

The world gave us wind

Some like to feel it

But some fly

The world gave us oceans

Some people swim

Some sail

But some dive

The world gave us stones

Some people throw them

But some make sculptures

 The world gave us voices

Some people shout

But some sing

 The world gave us time

Some people build things through time

But some just waste it

Everyday you have the world in your hands

It’s your choice what you’ll do with it

Source here

I heard this some years ago. It really impressed me. It’s all a matter of different points of view. The different ways people see and feel the world… What seems to be wasted time for some, is a necessary pause for others.

I hope you all have a great week with many smiles!

P.S. – After a week practically just sleeping (I was really jet lagged), I finally restarted posting and commenting! Soon I’ll write about where I am now!


7 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. Realmente sabias palabras. Espero que no tengamos que perder tanto tiempo, pero de verdad pareciera que pasa tan rápido y no logramos hacer más cosas valiosas con él.
    Ojalá te vayas sintiendo más normal poco a poco. Ya nos contarás.

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