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Today something about smiles and laughters…

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Some people told me “I noticed you smile a lot“, in different occasions. They meant it in a good way. I told that to one of my brothers. He said “if they noticed that, it means they don’t do the same (smile a lot)”. Maybe he’s right. I don’t know. I know I like to smile. And that it doesn’t cost a thing asking something or thanking with a smile.

So let’s smile and laugh – it’s good for the heart, mind and soul!

Have a great week with many pure smiles!


22 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. No dejes de sonreír así como lo haces porque es una de tus grandes cualidades. Una persona que tiene esa sonrisa no puede ser mala persona 😉
    Cuando alguien me dijo que era mejor que siempre sonriera en las fotos me di cuenta que antes no lo hacía y en verdad puede ayudar a hacer más linda una fotografía cualquiera. Tú ya lo sabías 😀

  2. I agree, and I like the fact that you’re always so smiley! :)
    I’m back after a while. I wanted so much to read my favorite blogs, but you know how it is with my old computer. Still having problems. Hope to get it fixed till the end of this week.

  3. denise, smiling is supposed to be good for the soul. isn’t it? don’t they say that people can tell when you are smiling on the phone, and they can’t even see you? there was a guy in my 7th grade art class that used to call me “smile-y”. glad you are safe. enjoy your traveling adventures. take photos to share with us later. :)

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