Why I don’t write very much

Why I don’t write very much – or at least, I think so. Or at least, I try so!

Mixed colored pearls

Why I don’t write very much… well, as I said, I try my best to write short posts. Sometimes I need 2 or 3 short paragraphs for some researches. But usually, I like to keep posts as short as possible. One thing is sure: we will never please everybody and we don’t have to :) Do you write long or short posts? My reasons:

1. Usually, people prefer seeing pictures. OK, one will say “but I write to myself, I don’t care if other people don’t like it”. Totally right, but still, I try to be concise.
2. People are busy, there are many blogs out there – many people can’t read 50 long posts a day. I just try to help :) Besides, my posts topics are ordinary, I guess;
3. Misunderstandings – I try not to share many things, because that often leads to misunderstandings. But sometimes I lack explanations, that is my fault. And I may misunderstand people, too :)
This place is so beautiful... with footprints on the fllor :)

This place is so beautiful… with footprints on the floor :) There was a “shoe exhibition” there :)

Misunderstandings that really don't matter

Once I said I have anaemia since 9 years old, when I started being vegetarian. I thank blogger-friends for the concerns – some commented “I didn’t know you had such a serious illness!” Well, it’s not serious, I just sleep a bit more than other people – but I love sleeping! I could end it by eating well – the problem is that I’m a fussy eater. So, no, it’s not serious – it’s just being stubborn :)
Sensitive skin
I also wrote that I have sensitive skin and I avoid sun. I again thank blogger-friends for the concerns, cause many wrote “I always thought you had good skin!”. I was a bit shocked, cause I just avoid sun, nothing to do with bad skin – and as much as I hate self-praising, I’ll be honest: my skin is really good, thankfully. I never had acne, eczema and if I had 4 pimples in my whole life, it was too much. So, no worries, fortunately my skin is very good, – or so I think – and I just avoid sun, because I don’t tan, I only get red.
Nail art and sewing
I wrote that many times: unfortunately, I’m not talented to paint my nails the way I show them here, with special nail art. The ideas are mine, but I go to a nail salon every week and the manicurist is an artist, so my nails get very nice, thanks to her! Same as sewing: when I say “my design“, it means I draw the items and a seamstress makes the pieces.
OOTDAnd having said that I try to write short posts, this one was too long (for my standards). Many pictures, too, during a trip, finding a very beautiful pink building (with a shoe-vases gardening exhibition, sweet!), with a tunic (pink-orangey) that blends with the walls :)  and a DIY wooden-pearl necklace!
Tunic,. Blazer, . Jeans, Asos

Tunic, Monsoon. Blazer, Fility. Jeans, Asos

Shoe-gardening exhibition :)

Shoe-vases gardening exhibition :)

Shoe exhibition

Pink house :)

Pink cultural center :)

It's an old bag, from 2007 :)

It’s an old bag, from 2007 :)

United Nude shoes - Hybrid, "sculptured"

United Nude shoes – Hybrid. “Sculptured”. You can remove the strap, if wanted

DIY wooden necklace

DIY wooden necklace

Colorful short necklace - by Julie Reen. Wooden bead-necklace, by myself. Emerald ring, Zoppini Firenze

Colorful short necklace – by Julie Reen. Wooden bead-necklace, by myself. Emerald ring, Zoppini Firenze



H & M belt, I love it!

H & M belt, I love it!

Nail art of the week

Nail art of the week

What for an amazing architecture!

What for an amazing architecture!

I loved the arches of the building!

I loved the arches of the building!

Dusk pink windows

DIY Moment

Bauernmalerei - I love this style and I painted that wooden spoon!

Bauernmalerei – I love this style and I painted that wooden spoon, it decorates the kitchen now!

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

Overcoming fears is always worth!

Overcoming fears is always worth!

Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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67 thoughts on “Why I don’t write very much

  1. You have to write what makes you happy – I like longer posts – when there’s time to read them – but sometimes just one picture is enough too. It’s great when there’s enough time to properly write and research for a post, but once it becomes pressure then that is work.

    I love love love your tunic – it is beautiful and the shoe vases are swoon worthy :) Fabulous. Where was that building?
    Have a wonderful week Denise

  2. I totally loved this post! I loved the text part and the photos. by the way, I didn’t know you visited a manicurist every week, I always thought you did them by yourself. so that was a cool new fact for me! when it comes to the length of posts I can’t quite agree that for example you should write short posts because some of your readers don’t have time to read long ones. people don’t have to follow and read so much blogs that it takes all their time away and they can’t do this or that. I think we must choose what is important and what’s not, blogging and reading blogs should not be the whole world to people. or at least that’s what I think 😉
    anyway, today’s photos were really lovely, especially the one where you’re sitting on the colourful bench! I love the location and the exhibition. and you do match really well with that cute pink building! oh and your shoes are so cool! hadn’t seen anything like that before today! and this DIY project for the kitchen looks beautiful too!
    have a lovely new week, dear Denise!

  3. Olá Denise,
    Seus comentários são muito pertinentes, também gosto de ver imagens, acho que sou mais visual também.
    Os compartilhamentos: as vezes compartilho coisas que gosto na minha linha do tempo para que eu possa ler depois.Também qdo mudo minhas fotos de perfil ou de capa , é porque enjoo fácil de algumas imagens., ou mesmo para relembrar alguns momentos.
    Você falou que tem anemia, isso é complicado principalmente para quem não come carne não é mesmo?
    Sua moda: achei linda a túnica com o casaco preto e a bolsa com a sua fotografia lindona.
    Quanto ao se importar com que os outros pensam , as vezes me importam, se interpretam erradamente( certa vez escrevi uma msg para uma amiga dizendo que havia sonhado com ela e fiquei preocupada com o que ela poderia pensar)rs.
    Voltando a falar da moda: suas roupas sãolindas e de muito bom gosto e melhor de tudo caem muito bem.
    Excelente carnaval.

  4. I believe everyone has an opinion and everyone has preferences like some prefer to read while other like images and some both. I keep in mind I cannot please everyone so it does not worry me. Cool to have a seamstress that put together your vision in clothes.

  5. Your skin is perfect and I think you’re right to avoid sun. Not everyone is supposed to tan. Some types of skin just don’t tan and that’s fine. Both my niece and my nephew have very light skin. They get it from my brother, he is the only one in the family who doesn’t have an olive complexion. The rest of us are dark, my sister in law as well. I’m not a fan of spray tans and over- tanning. I admit that I like when my skin gets dark but I never tan because sun-bathing bores me. I get more than enough of sun where I live, no need to actively expose myself to the sun.

    Misunderstandings are normal. Honestly, I think that today we get distracted easily and our mind always ready to jump to conclusions. It happens to me sometimes too despite the fact that I’ve always been a good and attend reader. I was always able to read quickly and understand easily- that is why I read so much. It is the easiest method of studying and learning for me. When I was a little girl, my mother and teachers used to check on books I said I read because they thought I was making it up. It turned out I always knew everything that happened in those books, so they realized I just love to read. Anyway, I imagine that misunderstanding happen even more often to people who are not such quick readers….Still, people are lazy sometimes. I remember quite clearly that you always stress out that you don’t make those clothing items yourself and you always explain what you mean by designing them but no matter how many times you repeat it, someone might not understand it…well, never mind about that.

    Honestly, it doesn’t bother me when people misinterpret something. It happens, we’re all human. But it is good that you decided to explain some things.

    For anemia, try eating more eggs. They’re supposedly as good for iron as mean and fish. Raspberry wine is great too, or so I heard…In reality, I had problems finding it, so I tried another recipe. I used to prepare a mix raspberry juice and ordinary wine….one sip a day is all it takes. There are many things that can be helpful for it, try them out. A moderate anemia is not dangerous, but it makes one tired and why feel tired if you can avoid it, right? Because of Chron, I sometimes suffer from blood loss, so I’m always ready to try out things that might help. pomegranate fruit for example is supposed to be good. I’m drinking pomegranate juice right now btw!

    I love how you styled a dress over those jeans! so fresh….I used to do that too…and perhaps I should again. I really like your heels as well. You always look sweet and beautiful.

    • Dear Ivana, so many thanks for the lovely and deep comment, I love your words, always! You are right, misunderstadings will happen, and they don’t have to bother us at all. I probably am crossing a hard month and I noticed that I have been a bit more sensitive these days, which is not really good at all for me. I didn’t know about Chron, dear Ivana… I am sorry, but I think you have very good health recommendations, thank you! I have a friend from Russia who has Chron and he is always at the hospital and many times very sad and depressed because of it, of course. So I think you are doing it fine, being positive helps the body a lot! I thank you for the lovely tips, but you see… I am a fussy eater… eggs, I don’t eat many, juices, mmm… I like, but don’t make them often… it’s OK with anaemia, not serious, I just sleep more – but it is good :) I looove sleeping! Guess what I ate today – chocolate cake with eggs sweet cream (well, then, eggs :) and later a piece of bread and Italian aubergine antipasto with lemon juice – not really normal food, but that is what I like… fortunately I like to cook, so sometimes I prepare some recipes that include vegetables… once a week only, but better than nothing! Thank you again for your lovely words, you are always soooo sweet!

        • about your friend…most people who have Chron suffer from depression. I think it is even harder for men. I met a few young men while I was hospital and they really struggling..it affects them on the psychological level as well…it is a hard disease.

          • I am really so sorry to know about it, dear Ivana… Yes, my friend is always trying to be positive, but he is so sad… I really hope you stay positive, you are such a sweet girl, I considerar you as a friend! :) Thank you for telling me that, it explains a lot about my friend :(

        • That’s really good to know, dear Ivana, no joke! In this case and I am very glad about it, I eat that protein source every week! I looove cakes! Thank you so much for the good advice and comment, dear Ivana!

          • I think that health problems are often a bit easier for us women because it is easier for us to accept it and talk about it. Men are always instructed to be ‘manly’ and not to talk about their problems, so that makes it harder for them. I hope your friends gets better with time. All immune diseases get easier as one gets older, so at least that’s something to look forward to.

  6. Hi my dear Denise. First happy new week to you, my blogger friend. Ah yeah those misunderstandings. Don’t let them get you down. People have and will always misunderstand things. But I feel you here. I think it’s wonderful to have a seamstress who actually makes your design come alive, so to say. And you know how much I love your nail art, who cares if you actually *paint* it yourself or someone else does it, it’s your unique design that I admire, the creativity, if you know what I mean. Denise you look beautiful inside and out. Hope your week is a bliss, girl. God bless.
    New update: Proud Proud Proud

  7. Happy Monday Denise. I always thought that you had amazing skin, and it shows in your photos. I didn’t know about anaemia though. This tunic looks so pretty on you, love the color and print, and how gorgeous is this pink building, absolutely adorable. Wish you a happy week ahead, dear.
    Nina’s Style Blog

    • Thank you, dear Nina, you are really sweet, such a lovely comment! Ah, don’t worry, anaemia is not very serious, it’s just lack of nutrients that I am too stubborn to eat! I am hopeless, I eat like a child. I am not proud of that, but it’s so difficult to change… :) Thank you again for the lovely comment, hope you have a beautiful week!

  8. And I forgot about post length, haha. I personally prefer short posts, just like you, Denise. At the same time, I can read long posts too, if they are about my fellow bloggers’ personal life or travel adventures, because I would like to get to know closer all the lovely bloggers whose blogs I visit very often.
    Nina’s Style Blog

  9. Io crdo che tu faccia bene a non scrivere post troppo lunghi cara Denise, anche io cerco di fare lo stesso, più o meno per le stesse ragioni.
    E’ vero che bisognerebbe scrivere per se stesse, ecc. ma secondo me, il fatto di pubblicare online ciò che si scrive suppone la speranza che qualcuno ci legga, altrimenti basterebbe scrivere su un diario o un quaderno, no? E di certo un post lunghissimo non lo leggerebbe nessuno!
    Senza contare che probabilmente quello che a noi che scriviamo sembra interessante, per il lettore potrebbe risultare noioso, no?
    E poi c’è anche il fatto, per me almeno, che trovo molto più semplice ed immediato il linguaggio delle immagini, quindi lo preferisco di gran lunga!
    Quanto ai fraintendimenti, quelli purtroppo temo siano spesso inevitabili perchè ogni testa è diversa, ma mi pare che quelli dei tuoi lettori siano dettati da un grande affetto verso di te!
    E comunque anche io penso che magari come dici hai la fortuna di avere una bellissima pelle per natura, ma il fatto che non prenda il sole l’aiuta tanto! Lo so per esperienza perchè io invece dato che vado a correre tutte le mattine e in generale amo passare il tempo all’aperto prendo un sacco di sole e, nonostante metta sempre la protezione 50+, appena arriva la bella stagione mi riempio di lentiggini… T_T
    Ti auguro una bellissima settimana tesoro!

  10. Happy Monday, darling! I personally think you are a great writer and most importantly you write from the heart! It’s me who doesn’t write a whole ton because as you said…I’m busy! I have a 5 year old and I’m pregnant…But I do try! I love to come by here and read your stories you share!
    Also, I had no idea that you have anemia! But glad to hear that you have it under control!
    Happy Monday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  11. Ciao mia dolce Denise,
    io la penso proprio come te. Cerco di scrivere poco per non annoiare a chi mi legge, ma mi piace raccontare il mio punto di vista in modo molto personale.
    Una delle cose che più amo del tuo blog è che riesci a raccontarci tante cose tramite le tue esperienze e le tue passioni. Mi piace leggere ogni post e anche quando è più lungo, è talmente interessante che lo leggo tutto d’un fiato.
    Oggi mi hai incantato con questo look. Sempre elegante ma casual.
    Il colore delle scarpe è uno dei miei preferiti.
    Un bacione
    Maggie Dallospedale

  12. I think longer posts are needed sometimes as they are important to get across your points and describe things. Lots of things can be misunderstood though, you’re right. Is your anemia mild? Are you taking iron tablets for it? I know it’s a very tiresome thing to have and can cause damage in the long term, so hopefully you have the iron tablets :) :)

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    • Hi, dear Lorna! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I have prescriptions for what’s lacking, B12 vitamin and iron, but I hate medicaments… and as it’s OK, not serious, I still eat in a bad way…I know, shame on me. Today I ate 2 slices of bread, custard and chocolate cake, aubergine antipasto with lime juice and ice cream. Like a child, so more than being worried about anaemia, I really need to focus on changing the way I eat… It’s really ridiculous, I know :) Thank you again sooo much for the really lovely comment, it does help me trying to change!

  13. Makes perfect sense because you always have such adorable manicures. As far as writing goes, I enjoy your posts. I think everyone is different with blogging, the best thing is to just always do what you are comfortable with and to be yourself. We needn’t reveal every single detail of our lives (unless you want to). Blogging takes a lot of time and even though my posts are generally long, and I take breaks during the week, I can tell when some don’t read, lol. Also, ocassionally have image laden posts too. But I love to write! Thanks so much for your ever encouraging words and support, Denise. Yes, I had a great restful weekend, thanks again. Take care, my friend. <3 /Madison xx

  14. Hi Denise! I believe you and I discussed this briefly a bit ago…but yes, most people do seem to prefer shorter posts and it does help so there are fewer misunderstandings. I think your posts are the perfect length (I didn’t even think today was too long). I always learn something when I come to your blog. :) And your OOTD is beautiful – the pink building is such a lovely backdrop!

    I hope you are having a lovely week!


  15. Thank you for sharing, I found it really interesting and insightful to read this post actually. I had never thought much of it before but you make great points. I write because I enjoy writing and that is why my posts tend to be a bit waffly, but you’re blog is awesome whether you write or don’t write. I love your posts and especially enjoyed this one. I also really love your style and your photos always. You write beautifully, in my opinion, but you should do what ever you prefer xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  16. I think you’re right, people tend to quickly read through blog posts, mostly because nowadays, people mostly read blogs on mobile devices. Unfortunately, I’m not great in writing short posts because I love writing. I hope people appreciate that, because writing is a kind of art. People forget that. I think a personal blog should showcase a person’s strengths, whatever they are. Beautiful photos are a must nowadays, but usually words make a stronger effect, if a blog post is well-written. Instagram, on the other hand, is all about the photos.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a sweet comment!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  17. I on the other hand love reading my favourite bloggers posts because it’s nice to know an update and it feels like I’m listening to an old friend. You have great skin because you avoid the sun, Denise. UV rays are one of the no. 1 aging factor and don’t get me started on skin cancer. I’m glad you wrote this post, it’s refreshing to read more about you. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Dear Shireen, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I agree with you, I also like to read many blogger-friends’ posts… but then sometimes I feel guilty that I would have a very busy week from time to time and sometimes it’s then difficult to catch up with everybody. Religious upbringing, always guilty of something :) Then I try to be concise, because I know that some people have loads to do, well, I hope I have explained well :) Anyway, well, I avoid the sun for some years, that’s true, but when I was a child or a teenager I used to spend months at the beach with my family… and even then I had good skin, my brothers as well. I think it’s also genetic, but you said something that really scares me – my brothers and I are advised to avoid it, because there was skin cancer in the family. That freaks me out! I’d rather look like a ghost, than to forster skin cancer… hopefully science finds a cure for any cancer soon! Thank you again for your lovely comment, dear Shireen, and I hope you have a nice day! XXX

  18. OMG, you sound like me!!! I try to keep my posts short and to the point, but often I just FEEL like writing!!!! My blog is ultimately for ME, so it shouldn’t matter, right?! You be you, that is why we love you and keep coming back to your blog. Your thoughts are fun to read, you are fun to chat with, and your photos are lovely eye candy… so YOU be YOU! <3 – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  19. I love writing. I make money as a freelance writing and get most of my work from my blog. I love writing, but I also know people don’t have tons of time to read, so I try to add compelling pictures, and usually cut my stories in half. Seriously only half of my work gets published for most of the projects I’m hired for. I recently got into a small fight with some of my best friends last week. I decided to write a letter to express my feelings, and one of my friends didn’t appreciate it at all. She said it was formal and I was weak and scared why couldn’t I just talk to her. Sadly, we are no longer friends, but I explained I love the written word and I tend to express myself better and say less mean and hurtful things when I write down my feelings. I’m living testament that misunderstandings happen all the time when writing, I wish it were avoidable, but it is what it is. I didn’t know you had anemia, Denise. I love your nail art! I have a nail artist that hand paints and hand-draws on my nails twice a month, it’s my one splurge and I will never give it up.

  20. Liebe Denise, ja Missverständnisse können auftreten! Ich mag es immer sehr wie Du schreibst und Du hast recht, umso kürzer ein Post ist, desto weniger besteht die Gefahr eines Missverständnisses :) Ich bewunderte Dich dafür, dass Du so wunderbar aussagekräftige und kurze Texte schreiben kannst, wow! Und Du siehst wieder wunderschön aus heute, ich mag Dein gesamtes Outfit von Kopf bis Fuß.
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  21. Hello love! I like your posts whatever their length, because the topics you cover are always interesting. Honestly I write long or short posts depending on my mood and on how much I have to say :-) My skin is very sensitive and I avoid sun too, we will age well :-) I go to a manicurist too although I’m never daring when it comes to nail art. I love your floral tunic! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  22. I write very short posts, because my blog is about my personal style and I can write about many things but not about this what I’m wearing – I know, it’s strange.
    I also know what you mean with misunderstandings, it happened on my blog many times too.
    I like your ootd, that tunic is amazing and I like how you paired it! Beautiful look!:)


    • Hi, Allie, thank you for your nice comment! Yes, if someone is stubborn like me… In food matters, I normally am not stubborn… Then it accompanies me since then :) But it’s OK, cause according to a doctor “my body got used to that and responds well” :) Thank you again for your sweet comment and for sharing that with me!

  23. Beautiful quote at the end hun, I can relate I also dont like writing too long a post, just enough for a bit of info and lots of pictures :)

    I always love your nail art and outfits 😉

    I had a lovely wknd btw thank you and my boyfriend and I celebrated with sushi and wine on Tuesday hehe.

    We are literally leaving early tomorrow morning for our wknd away, so I will def update on social media and then later do a post.

    Hope you have a fantastic wknd

    Mwah xx

  24. Hola querida Denise! Me alegra estar de vuelta por tu blog. Entiendo completamente porque no escribes mucho en tus posts porque yo hago lo mismo. Si te fijas veras que mis posts no pasan de los 3 parrafos, generalmente hablando, claro que hay excepciones.
    A mi me encantan tus posts tal cual son, los temas de los que escribes son muy interesantes y amo los outfits que compartes asi que para mi es un placer visitar tu blog.
    Tambien gracias por aclarar algunos temas, mas que todo para aquellas bloggers que con su mejor intencion quizas malinterpretan algunas cosas. Es muy considerado de tu parte aclararlos.
    bueno, espero de ahora en mas seguir visitando tu blog con la frecuencia que lo hacia antes. :) Gracias por no dejar de visitar el mio durante mi tiempo de viaje!


  25. Dear, this is your blog and no one settles how many words you write. Sometimes some bloggers write too much, especially for them and it looks dull then. You look wonderful on these photos , I love your shoes :-)

  26. I love your bag with your face on it, really nice :)
    I think your post are very original, you share enough information. I would say just about right, not too long and not too short with a few good pictures. I think about that sometimes too. I feel like a lot of readers do not always like to read but at the same time I blog to share and sometimes I have to share a lot of information to make it clear enough etc.. now writing this is making me think about the length of my comment lol 😛
    You look lovely on these pictures Denise. I hope you’re well.
    Have a great weekend :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  27. Beautiful outfit and accessories! Your posts are not that short. Sometimes less is better bc there are a lot of people that get overwhelmed to read long posts. Have an amazing weekend!

  28. Hi Denise, this post is very, very wonderful. Sometimes I think about it to write on my blog. I can not write little. I think I am prolix by nature. You really can say a lot in a few words. But one thing that does not have any relation with all this is that today you are simply beautiful. You have an air of contagious happiness. A great tranquility and a joviality of envy. Congratulations on the post and a weekend unsurpassed for you.
    Verdades de um Ser

  29. This was a lovely post Denise and great to get to know you a little better. If you prefer to write concise posts then that’s great and you should always do what you want to do, especially when it comes to your own blog :) I have to say your manicure in this photo is so pretty as well and I love the black and white design. x

  30. I am a terrible one for writing very long posts but recently I’ve found that I had little to say! You are considerate to consider your readers like that! I think I am a little bit thoughtless or selfish in that respect but I don’t mind!! :-)

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