Why can’t we wear white after Labor Day?

Why can’t we wear white after Labor Day? Who said that?
Side braid with ribbon hairstyle

Side braid with ribbon hairstyle

Labor Day is on the first Monday of September, in the USA. I wore this post’s outfit on Sunday, Sept 3rd :) But hello, we obviously CAN wear whichever color we want nearly anytime (observing some cultural aspects). Not wearing white after Labor Day is a “rule” from the beginning of last century, when wearing white in the summer kept people refreshed, there was no air-conditioning. It was a symbolic way to show that someone was wealthy – in the city, people wore dark clothes and rich families could go on holidays – and wore white, a symbol of summer. “By the 1950s, the custom had calcified into a hard rule” (source here).
No-white-clothes-after-Labor-Day-ruleThe old rule says that people “should” stop wearing white from Labor Day to Memorial Day, which is on the last Monday of May – so, next year, May 28th. Serial Mom, a movie from 1994, showed how some people still observe the old rule – Kathleen Turner as a serial mom, killed someone who wore white shoes after Labor Day. She would have killed Coco Chanel, who wore white anytime – but well, she was French and the rule is American. What do you think of the oldrule“?


White jacket, . Jeans, SimplyBe. Tunic, Topshop

White jacket, MJ. Jeans, SimplyBe. Tunic, Topshop

Nail art of the week :) Bracelet, Rchlo

Nail art of the week :) Bracelet, Rchlo

Nail art detail, with beads. Stone ring, Total

Nail art detail, with beads, for the Peace and Love symbol :) Stone ring, Total. I wanted LOVE written on my nails, in an artistic way :)

Detail of the tunic print

Detail of the tunic print… and the signs of Fall coming soon, on the floor

I am so in love with this park!

I am so in love with this park!

Hand painted Russian brooch, Liberty London neckerchief

Hand painted Russian brooch, Liberty London neckerchief

Shoes, Schutz

Shoes, Schutz

I am loving kitten heels lately!

I am loving kitten heels lately!

Fake croco bag

Fake croco bag that turns into a clutch. Don’t mention the scars on my fingers… I fell down on the street last week and it was not fun!

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week


Wishing a lovely week with many smilesThank you so much for your lovely comments!

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45 thoughts on “Why can’t we wear white after Labor Day?

  1. Happy Monday Denise. I really didn’t know about No-White-after-Labor-Day rule, interesting. I love white clothes even thought I haven’t worn for a long time. This white jacket looks perfect on you, and your nail art details are always so pretty. Wish you a wonderful week ahead.

    Nina’s Style Blog

    • You know a lot, dear Shireen, and you are right, a touch of white doesn’t hurt anybody! And I say the same, what do I know :) I think we should wear what pleases us! Loved your comment,, you are always so nice! Thank you very much, I hope you have a beautiful week!

  2. OMG Denise, I just had this conversation with my Boyfriend last week. I love my white jeans and he told me it was time to put them away, I had to explain that I will be wearing them way past Labor day because.. I want to. Why listen to a silly old fashion trend. He thought about and said that makes sense and fully supported my decision. I remember Serial Mom lol, that movie was hilarious and edgy. Loving your white blazer and your black and white nails. You always have the best nails. I need that ring. Is it an amethyst?

    • Hi, dear Mary, thank you for the nice comment! Again a coincidence, I was thinking yesterday whether I would wear my white jeans soon and I decided that… yes! The ring seems to be an amethyst, but polished. I loved it, the color is so intense! Again, thank you for the lovely comment, hope you have a nice week!

  3. Mi hai fatto sorridere tanto, perché mia mamma mi aveva insegnato che dopo il primo settembre non potevo portare le scarpe bianche.
    Grazie al cielo adesso è tutto cambiato e possiamo giocare con la moda e le tendenze. Tu dei bellissima in ogni dettaglio. Sono innamorata della tua manicure così fashion.
    Un bacione amica dolcissima.

  4. Liebe Denise, ich glaube, diese Regel gibt es in Deutschland resp. Bayern gar nicht. Ich habe das erste Mal davon in Blogs gelesen. Aber der Film, der gibt mir zu denken, der zeigt, dass sogar gemordet wird, wenn diese Regel nicht eingehalten wird … Ich finde auf jeden Fall, man kann alle Farben dann tragen, wenn man das Gefühl hat, es passt für einen! Und das gilt auch für weiß :) Du siehst auf jeden Fall sehr schön aus, mit Deinem Look mit der weißen Jacke – Du bist eindeutig wunderhübsch bereit für den Herbst!
    xx Rena

  5. I live in the UK so I don’t worry about Labour Day rules too much, but I tend not to wear too much white anyway – it’s SO easy for me to spill things on it! I’m too clumsy to wear nice clothes haha!


  6. Interesante! No conocia esa regla de no usar blanco luego del Labor Day. Suena un poco extraño pero entiendo la razon de la regla luego de leer tu explicacion. Claro que hoy en dia cualquiera podria usar el color que quiera en el momento que quiera, pero entiendo a quien elija seguir esta regla, es casi como una tradicion.
    Tu outfit una vez mas me encanta. Los zapatos parecen super comodos pero con estilo -win win! Y AME tu manicura!! Super original!!


  7. Hi Denise! Sorry that I didn’t visit your blog last few weeks, dear! What about your post, like always you have really touched on important topic – personally I think the same that this old rule that we shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day is simply antiquated and definately – out-of-date. In my opinion if we love white things, we should wear it as often as we want to, no matter of this rule. What’s more, even in dress code white shirts are always timeless and welcomed, no matter of season, so the more I do not understand how anyone could come up with such a tradition like this 😛 Moreover, I love your outfit, white looks beautifully on you and it emphasizes the color of your hair :)
    Take care, my dear friend :)


    • You are so right, dear Ivonne, thank you so much for your lovely comment! Please don’t worry for not having much time lately, we are all busy from time to time! I am glad to have you here now! It’s true, I never thought of that, but yes, how can this rule still exist, what about white shirts? Everybody wears white shirts, not only in fashion, but in business, like Wall Street, for example! And after you wrote that, I started thinking, during the Oscars many actresses wear white dresses, so, no, this old rule is definitely reaaaaly old :) Again, thank you for your sweet comment, I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  8. Ciao Denise!
    Sai che non conoscevo questa curiosa regola del non potersi vestire di bianco dopo il Labor day? Si impara sempre qualcosa!:-)
    Tu sei sempre super bella! Adoro la tua manicure!
    P.S. non riesco a commentare l’ultimo post che hai pubblicato…gli abiti neri che hai selezionato sono davvero molto belli!

    Un bacio grande
    Paola ♡

  9. Sorry you fell down! That’s really horrible!
    I knew there was some rule about wearing white but I wear whatever,whenever!!!
    Your nails are pretty- I wish I had the time and inclination for nice nails!

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