What’s FOMO?

What’s FOMO? It’s just like that, FOMO, that may be connected to nomophobia, to a certain extent!

Side-braid hairstyle :)

Side-braid hairstyle :) I’m wearing less and less makeup these days, more practical. BB cream, concealer (a “pinch” of setting powder after it), eye liner, mascara and lip balm! So fast!

FOMO is the Fear of Missing Out something, most of the time triggered by posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, where people try to show how perfect their lives are, sometimes with the intention of causing envy – actually it means a strong lack of confidence that makes people “live” through an imaginary desirable edited life and others to wish that. A study says that FOMO leads people to check social media when they wake up, before sleeping and during meals. FOMO was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013: ‘‘the uneasy feeling that you’re missing out – that your peers are doing or in possession of more or something better than you’’. Montesquieu said that “If we only wished to be happy, this could be easily accomplished; but we wish to be happier than other people, and this is difficult, for we believe others to be happier than they are“.

I took this FOMO quizinteresting, and my score was “no FOMO” (8 points). I knew it would be so – I don’t use social media and mobiles very much, no computer in the evenings and on Sundays. So, no nomophobia either, that is the fear of being out of a mobile/cell phone contact).

Do you know anyone with FOMO or nomophobia?


An amazing floral maxi skirt, that still could be worn in the beginning of fall!

An amazing floral maxi skirt, that still could be worn in the beginning of Fall!

It's full of ruffles! So comfortable!

It’s full of ruffles! So comfortable! The leaves on the floor show that Fall has started…

Nail art of the week and spoon ring :) Jack Wills mint nail polish, very good quality, I recommend

Nail art of the week and spoon ring :) Jack Wills mint nail polish, very good quality, I recommend it!

Jacket, Penneys. Skirt, M & S. Tank top, Asos,

Jacket, Penneys. Skirt, M & S. Tank top, Asos.


Shirt, Heine

Patent leather shoes, Dumond

Patent leather shoes, Dumond. They are not scratched, that is the flash on the leather :)

Beaded belt, Bijou Brigitte

Beaded belt, Bijou Brigitte

Corduroy floral bag, Oh Moca

Corduroy velvet floral bag, Oh Moca

DIY Moment Cooking

Portuguese green soup

Portuguese green soup, since Fall started – how good it is to have a nice soup in the evening! Recipe on Vegetabible

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week


Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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42 thoughts on “What’s FOMO?

  1. Ah, I scored a 4 so no FOMO for me, but then again I’m an introvert so I don’t need to be part of the action. I do get a little envious when people show their travel pics . .. . but it is nice to see different parts of the world from my computer screen. I only hope to have a similar experience one day.

    Denise, you’re looking lovely! Beautifully put together outfit and love your nails & spoon ring <3


  2. Although I am sure there are people who feel this way, I didn’t know there was a name for that. Sometimes I have felt it myself too. I should take the quiz!
    You look lovely in this floral outfit!
    Have a great week!

  3. Creo que me declaro culpable de FOMO! :( Es un habito que estoy consciente que tengo. Antes era peor, ahora chequeo las redes sociales pero NO durante comidas, en una conversación con alguien, visitando/conociendo lugares o cuando la estoy pasando tan tan bien que lo único que me importa es ese momento presente. Es decir que al menos tengo mis límites jeje. También, casi sin darme cuenta, yo misma me hice “prisionera” del celular al elegir ser blogger y tener una relación a larga distancia jeje. Dos factores que me hacen dependiente a mi telefono lamentablemente. :(
    En fin, tu outfit hoy está bello como siempre y wow los zapatos son un poquito más altos que lo normal, lo cual es un divertido cambio de vez en cuando. :) Y me alegra que compartas una comida despues de un tiempo! Se ve riquisima!


  4. FOMO is fear of missing out. I learned about it a few years ago. Thankfully I don’t suffer from this aliment. I do feel bad when I don’t get to hangout with my friends but sometimes I have other responsibilities and my goals mean more than keeping up with everyone else. Social Media makes everything look shiny and perfect but most time peoples lives are embellished and nothing like they portray on their pages. I took the quiz and surprise surprise I have no FOMO. But that’s something I worked on for awhile, it didn’t just come over night. That’s such a cute ring and I always love your creative nails. I also love your skirt, but your smile, like always, is the star of this show. I would love to try that Portuguese soup Have a great week my friend.

  5. For Fall, garden is just not difficult, but you must get suggestions prior to deciding to start. You would like your garden to achieve success rather than crash, so it makes sense to read up a little ahead of time.
    Great post and outfit!

  6. I love your outfit very much! The floral skirt is so pretty and the denim jacket is a good, earthy touch. The nail art is is pretty, and I adore the tiny spoon!
    I am on my screens often, but I don’t feel compelled to be necessarily.

    . I am perfectly happy with my life, but I do use my blog as creative outlet and a visual means to ” see” myself well, as I have a significant autoimmune disease. This helps me to that extent I do persue it. I hope that makes sense.
    FOMO is a real thing, but I feel I am way past that… I am happy to be set in my ways at my age – 59 ! I am just grateful to be able to be active and in stable health most of the time!

    Such a wonderful post as always!

  7. Come sempre hai trovato un’argomento davvero curioso e che non conoscevo affatto, cara Denise!
    Sai c’è un detto che dice: “se noi vivessimo le vite di coloro che invidiamo, molto probabilmente quelle persone ci farebbero compassione e non invidia”, ed io credo che questo sia assolutamente vero!
    Io, per fortuna non soffro per nulla nè di FOMO nè di nomophobia (basta che pensi che quando sono stata in Grecia per la maggior parte del tempo non avevo internet perchè stavo in mezzo al mare, quindi il telelefono nemmeno me lo portavo dietro. E stavo benissimo lo stesso!^^), forse perchè sono soddisfatta della mia vita, ma credo che alcuni miei conoscenti un pò ne soffrano di queste fobie…
    Passando al tuo look, quella gonna è deliziosa!!! E la borsa è un’amore!
    Stai molto meglio con poco trucco secondo me, hai un bellissimo viso, basta davvero poco per metterlo in risalto! :)

  8. Liebste Denise, Du siehst auch mit diesem Make-Up einfach nur wunderschön aus und ich mag Deinen Blumenrock mit der Jeansjacke so gerne! Natürlich habe ich auch sofort den Test gemacht – und dasselbe Ergebnis bekommen wie Du: no FOMO :) Das hat mir bestätigt, was ich mir eh schon gedacht hatte – bei Dir und bei mir! Genieße den Rest dieser Woche. Alles Liebe von Rena

  9. Hi Denise, I always find your blog posts so thought-provoking! My husband and I both took the fomo quiz you posted, I scored 6 and he scored 10. When it comes to social media I am only active on Instagram, since I only share frivolous stuff such as handbags and fashion so I don’t really get feelings of fomo :)

    I love that quote from Montesquieu! I truly believe that if we are happy and secure in our lives and choices we make we won’t have these feelings of missing out because we will be more than fulfilled in our own lives.

  10. HAppy Friday, Denise! I think it’s normal to have the feeling of FOMO at least once in your life … but life is to be lived instead of worrying about others so I don’t feel like I miss out. But, social platforms don’t help these days for some people. Denise, your spoon ring is just adorable. What a great piece! Wishing you a marvellous weekend. ((hugs)) /Madison

  11. I’m definitely starting to experience FOMO more now that YouTube and blogging are such a big part of my life. But it helps to remember what I *do* have instead of focusing on opportunities everyone else is getting.


  12. I hadn’t heard of this term, but of course of the phenomena. I think many people suffer from this, but social media is also a great way to stay in contact with friends/family. Many times, people only want to emphasize the negative aspects of social media. Checking one’s phone in the evening/morning can also be work related, as many have their work email account in their phone. And finally, nowadays people call each other much less, so checking one’s phone can also simply be a form of checking notifications – not necssarily an act one does to be able to scroll through social media. Needless to say, it’s a very complex matter that has a lot to do with today’s cultural behavior.
    Cool spoon ring by the way! Thank you for stopping by my blog, and leaving me such a kind comment :)

    E from Helsinki, Finland

    • Hi, thank you so much for the nice and insightful comment! I should have written about that, some people check the phone right after waking up because it’s connected to work, but I forgot and it all sounded only negative. Although I think the study refers to the fact that some people – now not generalising :) – do it only to see what others are doing and they themselves are not, this being Fomo. I think it didn’t state that it was negative – also not positive :) – but that it happens and before social media, for obvious reasons, not. But in any case, I loved your comment because it showed the other side of the study, something that was missing, so, again, thank you so much for that! Hope you have a lovely Sunday! Xxx

    • Me again :) I forgot to say that the scientists that came up with Fomo forgot to say that no one can be judged, what’s right for them may not be for us:) (each knows what’s right for them/ourselves :) Your comment was so much “food for thought”, I am very glad, many thanks, really! There are so many uncovered aspects I left behind, thank you! Hope you enjoy your Sunday! Xxxx

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