Wedding dresses with pizzazz!

It’s so difficult to find “THE” perfect dress when you are actually looking for a wedding gown. I have accompanied three friends of mine when they were looking for their wedding dresses and I remember thinking “oh, amazing – I want this, this and that!” and could never decide. That’s what is happened to me right now, I look for dresses on internet and magazines and get so confused and indecisive – there are so beautiful dresses on TopsWedding – for any kind of themed-wedding, for any style… I personally love ruffles, lace and embroidery, A-lines and circle skirts… and dresses for guests, that I want to wear in other occasions –  so let’s see the ones I chose now! Your choice will be difficult with so many styles, but it’s so nice to look for beautiful dresses!

Gorgeous white satin A-line wedding dress with lace V-neckline and applique back

Gorgeous white satin A-line wedding dress with lac,e V-neckline and applique back

A-line Wedding Dress Layers Ruffles Lace-up Fantastic Semi-cathedral Train

A-line Wedding Dress Layers Ruffles Lace-up with Fantastic Semi-cathedral Train

Wonderful Ball Gown Long Sleeve Tulle Wedding Dress with Lace

Wonderful Ball Gown, Long Sleeved Tulle Wedding Dress with Lace

Your search is easier on the shop, because they give you the following choices to click on: silhouette, hemline/train, embellishment, waistline, back details, body shape and more, like wedding style, season and venues. You can also choose some accessories, like veils, necklaces and earrings, plus headpieces and petticoats – and also lovely capes, in case your wedding is in autumn or even winter! The shop also sells mother of the bride, flower girl and bridesmaids dresses as well as special occasion dresses like cocktail, graduation and prom dresses – gorgeous! The site provides translation on the top of the page, in many languages and free shipping –  and the prices of the dresses are excellent! I’m having a hard work… which dress really suits me to my body shape and taste? Anyway, the shop has a lot of good choices! Actually, as a “bit different” as it looks, I loved the third dress! I like lace, as I said, sleeves and full circle skirts… so I think that is the dress I choose as number 1  :) Which one is your favorite?
I hope you all have a beautiful weekend with loads of sweet smiles!



9 thoughts on “Wedding dresses with pizzazz!

  1. Oh my gosh what gorgeous dresses!! I actually collect wedding dresses – I know it’s a bit of a weird thing to collect but hey ho. These ones are stunning… if only I could just own them all xx

    • Hi, dear Laila!!! Wow, it’s amazing to know that, because as I said, since the age of 3 I draw – and I don’t know why, wedding dresses! I remember my grandmother saying “this girl draws so many wedding dresses, that I think she will never get married” :) That’s another subject, but in fact having done it or not, it was never my goal. But the dresses are fantastic, they have something like a fairy atmosphere… I am so glad to know you collect wedding dresses! I have two with me :) One sewn especially to me, and one from my mother, so beautiful. But these ones meet my taste better now :) Wish I also owned them :) Happy weekend, dear Laila, and I don’t think you are weird :)

  2. Liebe Denise, Du hast so wunderschöne Brautkleider ausgesucht! Mein Favorit ist auf jeden Fall das erste, aber da ich ja schon verheiratet bin, muss ich mich zum Glück nicht mehr entscheiden :) Ich denke, Du weißt, dass ich im Dirndl geheiratet habe, hier in Bayern macht man das oft. Bei meiner ersten Hochzeit mit meinem ersten Mann habe ich ein weißes, knöchellanges Seidendrindl getragen. Ich habe es immer noch, und es passt mir so gar noch! Und bei der Hochzeit mit meinem jetzigen Mann, die nur im ganz kleinen Kreis stattfand war es dann ein schwarz-goldenes Dirndl mit weißer Bluse, allerdings fast bodenlang. Liebe Denise, hoffentlich geht es Dir gut und Du hattest ein wundervolles Wochenende. Hier in Bayern ist immer alles noch ganz weiß und heute hat es sogar wieder geschneit. Alles Liebe von Rena

    • Wow, ja, du hast es mir gesagt, dass du in Dirndl geheiratet hast! Ich finde es so schoen, ich habe immer veruscht ein Dirndl zu tragen! Einmal bin ich zu Oktoberfest in Muenchen gegangen, aber nur eine Bluse wie die Bluse fuer Dirndl getragen – und ich fuehlte mich super :) Aber ganz in Dirndl nie :( leider – vielleicht mache ich immer noch! Ich finde, dass die Bescheribung ist gut, kann ich mich vorstellen wie es war – schwarz und gold scheint sehr schoen zusammen! Ich bin ganz sicher, dass du bildschoen wie immer warst! Danke fuer de immer suesse Woerte und ich wuensche dir eine schoene Woche!!!!!

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