Wedding Dresses – so lovely!

Back from a certain time :) – so busy months, trying to breathe a bit from now on!

But I came back with a topic that I suppose everybody loves, and so do I! Weddings! I love weddings and wedding gowns! They have something so pure, so magical, so romantic… a bit like a fairy (OK, not all, but the ones I love)! I draw wedding dresses since the age of 3 :) I’m looking for them on internet for some weeks and I watch TV programs that deal with weddings, also dresses for bridesmaids. I visit sites with wedding party decorations, collecting beautiful inspiration. It’s difficult to find a perfect dress to have a perfect day! So what for a pleasure to find this company, Milly Dresses, that has the most exquisite bridal gowns in different lengths and styles, for all the different theme-weddings!

I decided to be selfish now and chose the ones that I would love to wear – obviously I have to choose one! I still haven’t made my mind up, but these are my favorite dresses from Wedding Dresses UK! For me, nearly all long :) Hope you like them!
A-line wedding dresses

This one is really special – it resembles the Duchess of Cambridge‘s (Kate Middleton) wedding gown, exquisite! The back is different and really beautiful!

Lace Dresses

And this is my favorite!

Well, what I like: lace, satin, silk, A-line, pleats, floral applique… they have it all! It’s important to make sure you visit all the 32 pages of their wedding gowns, so that you really see all and can decide properly. I found my favorite one on page 30 :) Still thinking, anyway, cause all of them are beautiful, making decision difficult :) They deliver worldwide, accept major credit cards and even bank transfer and what I have seen so far on TV, sites and magazines are very expensive dresses – but the dresses I selected above are really very nicely priced, from around £150 to £280, if that much, which makes all better! I love that – more money to spend on a party to family and friends and honeymoon :)

Which one is your favorite?

Hope you like my choices and the post! I’ll write about bridesmaids later!
Wishing now a great day with many smiles!
You can find these beautiful dresses and one that meets your taste, for sure, on

* This is a sponsored post, but all the opinions are 100% mine – I only post what  I really love!

24 thoughts on “Wedding Dresses – so lovely!

    • Thank you so much for your always sweet comments, dear Shekinah! Yes, I also love that we are connected there and a hiatus is needed, from time to time – I am sure I will have many more, hahaha! My favorite is also the last one! Hope you have a beautiful weekend and… a lovely Christmas!

  1. Oh, I love these dresses and they are my fav style. On the TV show “Say Yes to the Dress” a lot of women choose the mermaid style, which is quite form fitting. I prefer the lovely examples that you’ve shown here .. gorgeous flowing skirts .. <3


    • Dear Monica, thanks for sharing your thoughts and this lovely comment! Actually that is one of the programs I watch :) I love when they say “are you saying yes to this dress?” hahaha – and I agree with you, the mermaid style, although I think would be nice for hourglass figures like we are, is not my choice – I would feel uncomfortable walking in something so tight! Thank you again for the sweet comment!

  2. wow, Denise, are you actually picking yourself a real wedding dress or it’s just a post that shows what you would like to get when necessary? haha, I’m just curious 😛 anyway, I myself am different: I don’t want a classical wedding dress and I don’t want a big wedding either. it should be small and personal :) and the dress should be something I can also wear later. people are different and that’s only normal :) it’s still exciting to read about others’ visions and dreams and see what’s out there.
    by the way, I was so happy when I saw your comment under my previous blog post! thank you, dear! and I understand that you don’t visit blogs very often. I have the same thing with Facebook 😛 it’s not my favourite place and I only keep it to stay in touch with some of the people I don’t see otherwise. anyway, always looking forward to your comments and thoughts! :) happy holidays, Denise!

    • Well, I always loved wedding dresses, although I never wore one! I remember arranging photoshoots dressed in white and with flowers in my hair, just to pretend I was a bride :) I love these gowns, but I want a white one to be worn in another occasion as well – there are places in the world, where you wear white for the new year’s eve and this is one of my personal traditions! It’s too late to order a gown for the new year’s eve, but maybe for the next year! I am also very happy to read your posts and comments! Thank you so much for that! I will try now to be more frequent, cause I always come-and-go :) It’s one of my resolutions for 201, although I never make resolutions, but let’s hope so! I hope you have a great Christmas time! XXXX

    • Thank you so much for your comment! Yes, I can imagine what you went through, there are so many beautiful gowns to choose! Instead of helping, the choices make one maaaad! :) Hope you have a beautiful week!

  3. Hallo Denise, tut mir leid das ich mich jetzt erst melde. War ein bisschen krank (immer noch, aber etwas besser) und hab ein blogger Pause eingelegt. Stimmt ich bin nicht so oft auf FB. Werde bei Gelegenheit mal wieder reinschauen. Freut mich das du dich wieder gemeldet hast. Im Dezember ist immer so viel los und ich glaube auch im Januar wird es besser werden. Die Kleider sind märchenhaft! Mir gefallen alle. Mein Lieblingskleid ist das Ball Gown V-neck Lace…! Ist gar nicht so teuer für so ein Kleid. Ich würde es sehr gerne mal anprobieren. Ich wünsch dir ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und falls mir uns nicht mehr hören auch noch ein tolles neues Jahr!!


    • Hallo, meine liebe! Danke fuer deinen Kommentar! Nein, bitte kiene Sorge, weil du eine Blogpause hast – ich mache das immer! Ich hoffe, dass du nicht mehr krank bist! Ich wuensche, dass du wieder gesund bist, bald! Ich denke schon! Du hast Recht, Dezember ist etwas verrueckt! Januar werden wir ein bisschen relaxen :) Hoffentlich! Ja, die Preise sind unglaublich, so schoene Kleider und etwas billig, fuer was die meinen! Ich wuensche dir auch, und bedanke mich herzlich, einen schoenen Weihnachten und wir “sehen” uns bald – eins schoenes neues Jahr fuer dich auch!!!! Du bist immer so lieb, ich freue mich auf dein naechst Post! XXXXX

  4. Welcome back! Well theses dresses are one thing I’m likely to never have to worry about because I’m not really intending on getting married. It’s just not on my radar but maybe that’s because I haven’t found the right man yet, but I’ve never really been into marriage. If I were to get married I’d rather spend less on the dress and more on the honeymoon ha ha. If I had to choose though, I do like the last one the most – your favourite too. have a lovely Christmas Denise x

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, dear Colleen! I totally agree with you about spending more on honeymoon! These dresses are so cheap, and also, not only for a wedding – I am in a country now that the tradition is to wear white clothes on the new year’s eve! I love wedding dresses, to be worn as normal white dresses – some of them here can be worn in a new year’s eve party now – unfortunately I don’t have enough time to order them, but I will wear a white skirt! Hope you have a great Christmas time, may you be surrounded by smiles and delicious food :) I love the dishes you show!

    • Thank you for your nice comment! So nice to know we share the same thing – loving wedding gowns :) I also like the one that is similar to the Duchess of Cambridge, but as it is so iconic now, for me I would choose another… although that is so elegant and beautiful! Hope you have a nice week, Christmas included! And thanks again for your lovely comment! XXXX

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