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And here I am with beautiful wedding dresses once more! It’s no secret anymore, that  I love wedding dresses anyway – with or without a wedding, I will always love wedding dresses. I mean, even if I got married several times, like some actresses, I would still look at wedding dresses, so much I love them! And I don’t think it’s a problem! I draw them since I was three years old, and I find that many accessories can be worn by women in many occasions, not only on their wedding day. So no one ever wears white shoes? I do :)

These dresses are so romantic and some are princess-like. Well, why not? It’s a day where the bride is the star, and it should be so – a day to be remembered! I selected these ones from Weddingshe shop – great styles and great prices! Also, 2015 latest prom of weddingshe dresses for you to choose to a prom or as a wedding guest, too.

Here are my choices!

Ruffles and lace, I love them so! One maybe not really for the ceremony (in the middle), but why not? A modern bride! I love the flowers on it!


And for the guests, some princess-styles as well! Well, they can be Prom Dresses 2015!

My favorite one, above, is the first one – so sweet, pink! I would wear it with a cape, since I like to cover my arms, but the style and the cut, plus the fabric seem to be really sweet and gorgeous! Hope you liked my choices and by the way… which one is your favorite?
Wishing you a great weekend, with many beautiful smiles!

This post was brought to you by Weddingshe, but it shows my opinions in a 100% honest way – I only post about what I love!

14 thoughts on “Wedding and Prom dresses

    • Thank you so much, dear Simera! I really liked the dresses! There’s a new one with a green vintage dress :) My favorite kind of dresses! Hope you have a great week, with lots of great reviews!

    • Hi, dear Maria, wow, really? That’s amazing! It’s now getting to be popular, pink or red or even a color that experts are calling “blush” :) I love pink as well! Thank you for the comment and I hope you have an amazing week!

  1. I still have my wedding dress from 16 years ago. Ouch! I didn’t know it was that long ago that I got married. Time flies so quickly it’s spooky! – and shocking! I love that middle dress (the white and black lace one). I think that absolutely perfect for a wedding dress. It’s unique and such a statement. My dress was ivory. It was floor-lenghth and a hugging cut, with delicate embroidered flower pieces all over, covered in beads. I had a massive long train attached to the back. It truly was a magical, fairytale day. I can still remember how special I felt all these years later. Beautiful pick of dresses, Denise. Tx

    • That’s amazing to know this, dear Tracey, I thank you so much for sharing the memories with me! I could imagine you in your ivory gown, and I am sure I would have loved it – I love ivory and flowers and beads! I am sure it was pure magic and everybody looking at you in awe! A bride is something so holy, in my opinion… I don’t know how to explain, I simply love wedding dresses! You and I shared the same favorite gown among “my” selection – the one in the middle with black lace! Although I must confess I am a bit superstitious (shouldn’t be, but I am :) and I would have a problem wearing black, even in small bits… but then, we all wear black mascara :) Well, anyway, that was my favorite too! Thank you again for the lovely memories… I really treasure them! And hope you have a beautiful weekend!

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