Wear it Pink

Wear it Pink, on Oct 21st, to raise awareness for the prevention of Breast Cancer!

Wearing pink dégradé nails!

Wearing pink dégradé nails

How many of us have in our families someone who survived the battle against cancer, breast or other forms…; how many have someone who lost the battle… family or friends. To honor all the lives that can’t cheer up for our everyday stories aymore, to see the sun and the beauty of a smile, Wear it Pink on Oct 21, for the awareness of breast cancer prevention. Please check the site out, it’s nice!

Last year I wore pink for the whole month of October, even during trips. Now I’ll wear pink on Oct 21 and during the whole month too;  if not a pink outfit, at least some touches, like nails or makeup :)

Pink dégradé nails

Pink dégradé nails


One single earring, I like wearing earrings this way. Choker, from when I was a teen!

One single earring, I like wearing earrings this way. Choker, from when I was a teen! Mosaic brooch bought in Firenze

Lately I'm wearing more figure hugging dresses, probably because I lost weight. Nice for a change!

Lately I’m wearing more figure hugging dresses, probably because I lost weight. Nice for a change!

I love these snake print boots!

I love these snake print boots!

They are knee length, very nice

They are knee high, Via Uno

Embroidered bolero - it was a dress by Gudrun Sjödén, I had it cut. Underneath grey top, Asos. Playing with Chichi, such a sweet dog, from a friend of mine!

Embroidered bolero – it was a dress by Gudrun Sjödén, I had it cut. Underneath grey top, Asos. Dress, Dechita. Playing with Chichi, such a sweet dog, from a friend of mine! Fall arrived, leaves on the floor!

Finishing Touch and Mood of the WeekQuote Heart

Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

Hope to see you on Friday, with Friday Feelings! 

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65 thoughts on “Wear it Pink

  1. Love your boots and accessories Denise! The dress the amazing on you as well!!! Also I love polishing my nails all different shades of colors. It’s funny that right now my fingernails are matching yours :)

  2. Has it already been a year? I remember when last year you posted about wearing pink as a way of bringing awareness about the breast cancer and I also wore some pink outfits that month to support this cause – you inspired me to do it last year and you again reminded me to do this year. I will do my best to shot at least one pink outfit post….I haven’t been posting outfit posts lately, my husband is very busy so he doesn’t have the time to take my photos.

    You look fantastic in that body hugging maxi dress! very feminine styling…and the boots are amazing!

  3. My step mom actually was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago…but she, fortunately, is in remission and has been very healthy this past year! A close family friend also just found out she is completely in remission too. I will definitely have to check out the site you mentioned. And lovely outfit! The boots are so cool! And Chichi is SO cute! Oh my goodness. :)


  4. breast cancer is awful. I’ve seen the devastation it can cause first hand since my boyfriend’s mom died from it. It was awful, she was a very strong but in the end despite her and everyone’s best efforts it got worse . I do hope they finally find the cure for this and all the different types of cancer. No one should suffer from it.

  5. I remember your pink month of October last year, and I’m not surprised that you’re repeating it again this year. You’re so good at keeping up with the dates of important campaigns like this, and supporting them. Pink nail varnish. What a clever idea , and I love how you’ve mixed up the shades. The nails look so much more interesting. You’ve reminded me to get behind this good cause. Like most, my family has been touched by cancer, though luckily no one fatally in my case. It’s such a terrible and little understood desease. Off to dig out some splashes of pink from my wardrobe – and makeup. Coincidentally, I have been wearing pink lipstick today! :) Kisses sweet Denise. Txxx

  6. Such an important post, Denise. Too many member of my family lost the battle against cancer, so I really appreciate your post and support. It’s one of the most horrible diseases. You look flawless, Denise, love the dress, love the boots they are divine, love the makeup, actually I love every little think. You are so pretty today, girl. Oh that doggy is so adorable. Happy October my dear Denise.

  7. Questa del mese di Ottobre è un’iniziativa davvero importantissima per tuttti che fai bene a suportare e ricordarci cara Denise!
    Io adoro il rosa queindi non avrò problemi ad indossarlo, ma per chi non lo amasse perticolarmente la tua idea dello smalto per unghie è perfetta! :)
    Nolto bello ed originale il tuo look! Trovo che gli abiti un pò aderenti come quello che indossi ti stiano davvero bene, sottolineano la tua bella figura a clessidra e ti slanciano!
    Carinissime le foto, quel cagnolino è super adorabile!!! 😀

  8. Liebe Denise, das ist eine sehr schöne Aktion, die gerade auch mich mit der Vorgeschichte unserer Kinder berührt. Danke, dass Du sie hier vorstellst und pink mag ich sowieso. Genauso mag ich auch Dein Outfit, es ist richtig toll und weißt Du, dass wir fast die gleichen Schlangen-Boots haben? Das gefällt mir <3
    Liebe Grüße, Rena

  9. Sensational outfit, Denise! My eyes went instantly to your gorgeous micromosaic brooch. They are such incredible little works of art (most which hail from Tony’s homeland of Italy, which makes me adore them all the more).

    Many hugs & happy start of October wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. Hello Denise :) I wholeheartedly support the blogging actions similar to yours – October is the month in shades of pink, so we all, should mention and speak loudly about it, especially when so many women die from breast cancer. You’re really a wonderful woman, my dear, and you have a big heart. What about the outfit, I’m so in love with your shoes, btw – I noticed that your collection of shoes is impressive and full of terrific pairs :) Besides, your quote reminds me the one from “Little Prince”, who said that what “well sees only the heart.”
    Have a lovely evening, my dear friend! :)

  11. Hi Denise! Ow I am marking the date! I might copy your nail art for that date 😛 I have already followed the link on breast cancer awareness and will have a read to learn more about it! That dress looks so good on you! you should wear more often figure fitting dresses cause it looks (in my opinion) great on every shape !! PS: happy you are feeling great about your new body 😉 x

    Have a great Friday!
    ♥ Josune @ Your Beauty Script


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