Wanderlust is about curiosity, a desire to know people, their cultures, languages and more! We all travel – reading a book is travelling, looking at art or producing it, too!

People know it as Vigeland Park, but the right name is Frogner Park and the Vigeland installation

People know it as Vigeland Park, but the right name is Frogner Park and the Vigeland installation

Remembering is living sweet moments again! Making new experiences, like revisiting places or knowing others, is great! This post showed that budget airlines allow only one handluggage piece – so take essential items! I think it’s more challenging in the winter! I wore only one black coat in December and January (here). Travelling in March, I chose a pink coat :) It started in Dublin, (here). I went to some other cities, but I was fed up of wearing just one coat for a month again, so I bought another later and paid for extra luggage to be more comfortable :) More, soon!

Feb 28th in Dublin

Feb 28th in Dublin

Amazing view arriving in Oslo

Amazing view arriving in Oslo, Feb 29th; my first time in Oslo

To watch the opening of the World Championships Biathlon

Watching the opening of the World Championship Biathlon in Oslo

Revisiting Paris is always amazing!

March – revisiting Paris is always a joy! Here you can visit Victor Hugo’s house and Theophile Gautier‘s, too

Windy, so I wore the pompom hat, bought iin Oslo

Windy, so I wore the pompom hat, bought in Oslo – the flag is there!

Do you want places with amazing food? Go to  the Basque Country!

Do you want places with amazing food? Go to the Basque Country! Boots, Next

Changing boots, to walk a lot!

Changing boots, to walk a lot! Boots, Rocket Dog

Amazing architecture and restaurants

Fantastic houses and restaurants


The Virgin on the Rock, BIarritz, France

The Virgin on the Rock, Biarritz, France

Wishing you a great week with smiles! Thanks for the lovely comments!

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82 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. I loved your text! You’re right, seeing a work of art or reading is a form of travelling as well. After all, one can travel in time when one gets lost in one’s memories….space, time- it’s all relative as Einstein said. Travelling can mean just taking a stroll in a different direction than usual or exploring some old and forgotten street in our own hometown. Naturally, it is great when we get the chance to live or vacation in another country because that’s the perfect way to get immersed in its culture….but there are ways of learning about other cultures/countries that don’t need to include us actually living there and cn be done even without getting on a plane or travelling to a certain country.

    Yes, budget airlines are very strick about luggage. That pink coat is gorgeous but I understand why after wearing it for a month you decided to buy a new one even if it means paying the extra luggage expense. Even when we love a certain clothing item, it gets boring after a while. However, it was very nice seeing all the different ways you have styled this pink coat.
    you have a winning smile…and you always look so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you for always being an inspiration!

  2. You really are very lucky getting to travel so much Denise. I have been to a few places you feature here – Dublin, Paris and Biarritz. Paris holds very sweet memories for me as it was there that I got engaged. We used to travel to Paris a lot before the kids came along – oh how life changes when you’re no longer a twosome! Biarritz I visited briefly. My sister-in-law lives in Pau, which is about an hour’s drive away. It’s such a gorgeous place. The ocean waves are quite violent I seem to remember – that’ll be the Altantic for you. Sweet kisses Denise. Such a lovely post. Tx

  3. Ciao cara Denise!
    Quanti bei viaggi che hai fatto quest’inverno! Anche io adoro viaggiare ma di solito in Inverno mi limito a visitare qualche posto qui in Italia raggiungibile con la macchina o con il treno e alla settimana bianca! Però dalla primavera all’autunno mi piace scoprire ogni anno qualche posto nuovo o anche vedere meglio qualche posto che ho già visto ma non bene (infatti sto giusto orgnizzando i prossimi viaggi, per ora di certo ci saranno Barcellona e la Grecia! :D).
    Oltretutto tu sei bravissima a gestire il bagaglio a mano, hai creato dei look deliziosi e sei assolutamente adorabile con il cappottino rosa ed il cappellino con il pon pon! ^^
    Ma con il tuo bel sorrismo saresti bellissima comunque! :)

  4. Delightful post, dear Denise. You’ve been to some really fabulous places! Wanderlust is a feeling that I know inside and out. It has been with me for as long as I have memories and save (sometimes!) for when I’ve actually been traveling, it has always been there. This urge to take to the road, the sky, the sea, to venture forth to lands old and new and find temporary homes, if only for the night, in a place far away from my usual abode. I’m grateful for wanderlust and all it has given me and feel so grateful for those rare, wonderful occasions when I can (temporarily!) satisfy it.

    Many hugs & thanks for all of your great recent blog comments,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Liebe Denise, Dein rosa Mantel ist so schön, dass Du ihn mindestens den ganzen März tragen hättest können! Du warst wieder an so tollen Orten und hast so wunderbare Dinge gesehen und gegessen – genau wie Du es verdienst! Danke für die tollen Eindrucke, die Du hier teilst und ich möchte Dir unbedingt ein ganz großes Kompliment machen, dass Du wieder sehr schön auf allen Bildern aussiehst. Alles Liebe von Rena
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  6. I can tell that you’re an avid traveler! So am I! Believe that it’s important to try and see as much of this world as we can. We only have one life and I intend to spend it discovering as many countries and cultures as I can!

  7. Wow you are so lucky to have been able to visit all those places and satisfy your wanderlust. Yes you have to be very sensible when you can only have one bag on the aeroplane but I think you made a good decision with the essential pink coat. It’s definitely perfect for spring and is clearly a very versatile coat to wear in lots of places with lots of outfits. You look lovely as always.

  8. it’s always so cool to see the places you’ve visited. to be honest I would love to see even more photos to explore even more of those travels! travel posts are something I really like. what caught my eye the most is Santander so I Googled it and found out it’s in Spain. what a nice surprise since last week we were exploring Tenerife :) I can tell you I almost cried because I didn’t want to leave our hotel, haha. I hope we can go back next year.
    have a lovely week, Denise!

    • Dear Maiken, I love your comments, than you so nuch! I did take incredible (in my opinion :) photos of the places I go/went, but somehow I seldom post them, because I know that today internet solves that – with better photos than mine. So I always think that people would think “ah, a common travel post, I have already gone there” and they don’t care about pictures. What for a nice surprise to know you would have liked seeing them! It makes me happy! I can tell you nearly cried leaving Teerife – one of my next posts will be about an amazing city in Spain – after Santander – I left the best for later… and I sometimes feel tears when I think that a month ago I was there and had to leave :( I guess we both love Spain! (Well, it’s one of my family places). I am sureyou and I will go back there!!! A beautiful week for you too, dear Maiken!

  9. Hello Denise :) I think that most of the people has wanderlust inside themselves, which is amazing thing,because when you have possibility it’s really great to travel a lot! You’re so lucky, I wish to visit at least half part of cities, which you have visited recently, I’m sure that you spent terrific time in each of them, Denise :) Moreover, I totally agree with your quote – everything happens for a reason! :) What’s more, your new, pink coat is so lovely, it’s totally in my style and it fits you as well! :) Hope that you’re having relaxing evening, my friend :)


    • Hello, dear Kezzie! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! A-ha, so now there’s NO WAY I will miss your birthday next year! I now know well the day, the 28th? Unforgettable! I loved every place I showed, but I left to another post the BEST, in my opinion, where I finally bought another coat! :) I diid think “oh no, I have enough coats ‘at home'”, but I wasn’t home and was so fed up with one one coat everyday :) It was a well justified purchase, believe me :) We will meet again, I am sure! Hope you have a very nice week!

  10. Your travels look so amazing! I’m rather jealous of all of the fabulous destinations that you’ve been to. I’ve been to Oslo (I love Frogner Park, visiting it was one of the coolest parts of my trip) and Dublin, but I’d love to see Biarritz or Bilbao!

  11. Hi Denise!! Love all of your travel! Such a lucky girl!! I love travel too and hope to go on a few more once I finish university this coming July!! Yeah!!! Love your comments!!! I always remember that you don’t eat peppers!!! Haha. Have an amazing and beautiful weekend whatever you get up to!


  12. Wow Denise, tu sei una vera globetrotter, in questi mesi hai viaggiato tantissimo!
    E’ bello vivere questi posti attraverso le tue foto!
    Credo tu sia bravissima a gestire la tua valigia, io non ci riuscirei…vado nel panico anche quando devo partire solo per qualche giorno!:D
    Quanto è grazioso il tuo cappottino rosa!*.*
    Un bacio grande

    Paola ♡

  13. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey!! You look beautiful as usual in all of these wonderful places. Oscar Wilde’s house?!?! I am THE MOST jealous. Truly a lovely life you are leading, albeit a busy one :)

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  14. How fun! You always travel to the best places. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve traveled during winter and had to buy the warm essentials – scarves, gloves, hats – even wool socks !


  15. Hi dear Denise,
    I love this post, you look beautiful as always. that pink coat is gorgeous and it fits you so well. the photos are so amazing great photography, you know i love reading your blog because you always teach me something good. I’ve been working so much I haven’t had a chance to read a lot of blog post but I’ll try to catch up. I hope all is well with you my friend.

    XOXO- Jenny

  16. Hi Denise! I find it extremely challenging when I have to travel with just one luggage on me! I tend to layer a lot of clothes on the flight ;p Although the pink coat suited you very nice, I understand you eventually got tiered of it :) You visited some great places, I love north Spain, I miss the food there!!

    Have a great weekend!
    x Josune @ Your Beauty Script


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