Voice research

I love books, documentaries, researches, studying… “reading is learning” :) Now I’m reading about voice research: can people guess your heightby hearing you? It seems so!

Liberty hairband* Researchers from Washington University found that listeners can accurately say how tall you are, by hearing you when you talk. The lower the voice, the taller the person. Think of the low voices of Morgan Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch – tall guys. Try to guess the height of people you just heard on the phone or sitting behind or in front of you on a train! Is it accurate about you? (More here);


Men with ring fingers longer than the index are more appealing and sexy to women :) The study also says that they are bad drivers :) (More here).

Now, a maxi dress that  I love!

Dress - Mercatto. Shoes - Louloux. Headband - my design with Liberty fabrics. Bolero - my design. Necklace - Donna Ly

Dress – Mercatto. Headband – my design with Liberty fabrics. Bolero – my design

Louloux Shoes - quirky and comfortable!

Louloux Shoes – quirky and comfortable!

Purple nail polish and Indian bracelet

Purple nail polish and Indian bracelet

I love beaded necklaces with and Indian flair! By Donna Ly

I love beaded necklaces with and Indian flair! By Donna Ly

Detail of the headband and ring - Claire UK

Detail of the headband and ring – Claire’s UK

Hope you liked the research :) Thank you for your lovely comments!

Hope you have a beautiful and colorful week with many amazing smiles!

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124 thoughts on “Voice research

    • Hello, dear Tina! Thank you again and always for your kind words! I love discovering that we do have many things in common, as I can see up to now! And reading is for me like “water”, so needed :) I see it’s the same for you! I started experimenting with different nail polishes this year – because my manicurist is excellent. Before, I onlu wore light colors, but I am enjoying bolder ones very much! Hope you have a brilliant week! Hugs and smiles to you!

    • Thank you so much, dear! I normally have way hair, really very wavy – and dry :( It’s a real work to keep it tamed and “acceptable” :) I liked the curls too – as I said, having wavy hair it takes just 3 to 5 minute to have that effect! Thank you for your sweet compliment!

    • Hi, dear Elle, thank you for the comment and sharing information – you are right, I did think of the research, that it is not right for everybody. Same goes for my dad, but my brothers are tall and have deep voices, so it was a 50-50 mistake… and I am nearly 5’3 (actually 5’2 and a half and I want that half to be mentioned :0 and I don’t have a high voice… so I guess it is a controversial research and we can say it didn’t fit! I am thinking of you and always sending good vibes!

    • Thank you for your comment and insights! Well, Tom Cruise is not tall, and he doesn’t have a very deep voice, in my opinion, but tall people – according to the research – have deep voices! Again, thank you for your kind comment and I wish a great week, with many nice things!

    • Hello! Thank you for your comment, so sweet! I didn’t know it either, I was so amazed when I read that, cause it can be “polemic”: some people have already said “my sister is short and has deep voice” and I can say I don’t have such a high-pitched voice and I am short, so it’s a research that has to be better studied, I think! :)

    • Thank you so very much, dear Maria! I am so glad you liked it, really! That dress is very comfortable, and in the past I didn’t like yellow – and now I love it! Hope you are having a very nice week!!!!

  1. hehe Denise I loved the research! Will think of it the next time I speak to someone I don’t know on the phone 😉 loved your nail polish as well! And your glow! I always wonder how you get this healthy, shiny glow. So beaurtiful.

    • Ahhhh, sooo sweet, dear Hati! You always such a great friend and support! That glow is easy! It’s a highlighter :) Either from Chanel or Sephora, but my favorite is Too Faced, really nice (a pink-rosey glow!) :) Thank you so much for the sweet words, cause you are always sweet (could only say sweet words :)

    • Hahaha, la notizia non e vera per me :) Sono felice che per te e vera! Per i miei fratelli ed anche vera! :) Io sono “piccola”, non super bassa, ma non sono alta :) Grazie tanti per le tue parole, sei sempre tanto carina!!!! Il mio maxi dress e comodo, ed fa pocchi anni che mi piace il giallo :) Baci! Ed una bella settimana per te!

    • Hi, dear Rebecca, you are always so sweet! I was also surprised when I read about the research and I found it funny and will now try to hear a person and guess the height before turning my head :) Let’s see if it’s confirmed or not! That dress was sheer luck – when I saw it, I thought it wouldn’t fit (by just seeing the label – it says small), but the clerk convinced me to try it and I was very glad that it looked OK on me! Hope you have a great week! Looking forward to seeing your lovely outfits!

  2. Liebe Denise, darüber habe ich noch nie nachgedacht und ich danke Dir sehr für diesen Gedankenanstoß! Berufsbedingt telefoniere ich doch recht häufig und ich werde auf jeden Fall jetzt immer ein kleines Ratespiel für mich machen und versuchen, herauszuhören, ob die Person am anderen Ende der Leitung eher klein oder doch groß ist :) Das wird spannend, da ich ja oft Menschen, die ich zuerst nur vom Telefon her kenne, dann tatsächlich treffe. Auch die Theorie mit dem Ringfinger scheint aufschlussreich zu sein. Du liest sehr spannende Sachen, ich mag solche Theorien auch sehr gerne und was ich meine zu wissen, das erzähle ich dann immer liebend gerne meinen Mitmenschen. Und ich weiß jetzt schon, was ich morgen meinen Kollegen erzählen werde, danke für Dein tolles Input! Toll ist auch Dein Kleid und Du siehst ebenfalls wieder sehr schön aus. Auch Deine Schuhe mag ich total gerne, genauso wie Dein schönes, von Dir selbst gemachtes Stirnband. Liebe Denise, hoffentlich hattest Du ein schönes Wochenende und Du bist so glücklich, wie Du aussiehst <3 Alles Liebe von Rena aus Bayern


    • Hallo, liebe Rena, danke sehr fuer diene immer so schoene Woerte zu mir, wie ich immer sage, und das kommt ganz ehrlich von mir! Es ist eine Ehre, deine Woerte zu bekommen, auch ehrlich! Naja, die Finger-sache ist lustig :) aber die Stimme, wer weisst… Du hast es gesagt, dass du oft am Telefon bist, mit unbekannten Menschen – als ich ins Buero arbeitet, war das so auch, und witzig ist, dass viele Leute mit mir gesprochen haben, und wenn die mich kenenlernen haben, die haben gesagt “ah, ich dachte du waerst groesser!” Hahaha, weil ich bin klein, aber meine Stimme ist normal, aber etwas tief – und die Leute dachten “ah, muss eine Bombshell sein”, hahahaha! Enttaeuschung! Ich werde gern wissen, was deine Kollegen denken ueber das Thema! Das Kleid ist total bequem und hier ist sehr warm – argh, ich lerne viele Dinge hier, meine Wahl, aber ich vermisse den Winter! Liebe Gruesse und noch einmal danke fuer alles, du bist goldig!!!!!

    • Thank you so much, dear Jackie, for the lovely compliment! I used to wear only light nail polishes and now I am turning to be a big fan of bold colors! I like to change, it’s good! Hope you are having a great day and week so far!

  3. The science behind the pitch of your voice makes sense since in music of course, ‘The longer/larger the instrument, the lower the sound’ etc, but interesting to see that it marries up with humans! The index finger thing- well that’s just a bit weird!!! But still interesting to learn!
    Thanks for your lovely, lovely stream of comments recently, it has been just lovely hearing from you so often- I don’t always see when you post in my Bloglovin but I will try to catch up on anytyhing I have missed!

    Those shoes are quite simply amazing! Did you feature these before? I love the height of them and the fun design! The dress and headband are beautiful too- you look a vision of Springtime glory!

    • Dear Kezzie, so good to know about the musical instruments! Now it makes more sense to me, about the voice! But I have been telling that it is not 100% accurate, since I don’t have a high-pitched voice and I am short, as you know :) The hand thing, hahaha, it’s just funny! The headband is my creation, but it doesn’t require much talent for it :) And the shoes are sooo comfortable! I showed them 2 weeks ago, but only to show they were new together with other quirky pairs from Louloux. But I wore them last week and totally approved them! Don’t worry about my posts on Bloglovin – mine are quite easy, every Monday morning there will be one! Thank you so much for your sweet comments and compliments to me – now I am in a mood you were some days ago… really thinking so much of my beloved ones… would love to meet you again, but well, in the 2nd semester, I hope! XXXX

  4. I didn’t know about that, it’s actually pretty amazing to know that. Now I know why when ever I answer the phone they ask – is there someone older home 😉 😉 they must think I’m a midget !!! he he.

    • Hahaha, dear Marija, it is so interesting, I loved that “is there someone older at home!” Well, it can’t be 100% right, because I don’t have a high-pitched voice and I am short, so you see :) And I also didn’t know about it, so when I read that I thought it would be good to share :) Thank you for the nice comment, hope you are enjoying a nice start of the week!

    • Thank you so much, dear Paola, you are not only gorgeous, but always so nice to me! Can you believe that some time ago I only dressed from head to toe in black? And now I am always colorful! What for a change! I think changing is nice too! Thank you again for the kind words to me! Kisses!

    • Hi, dear Monica, thank you so much for the sweet comment! I also have the same goal, but I didn’t find more than that one… not wide enough, etc… I am thinking of asking my seamstress to make some, so I can choose the fabrics!!! Again, thank you for the sweet words, you are always so lovely!

    • Grazie tanti, carina Maggie, sempre tanto carina! Mi piace il giallo, moltissimo! Ma una cosa incredibile, solo mi ha piaciuto da tre o 4 anni! a adesso amo il giallo! Grazie per le carine parole, bella Maggie!

    • thank you so much for the lovely comment and compliment, and welcome! I liked that dress, it looks nice and more – it’s so comfortable! Hope you have a beautiful day and week ahead! Kisses!

    • Muito obrigada, querida Lilly! Sabe, depende do lugar as unhas ganham cor ou nao. Na Europa tenho que faze-las sozinhas, entao nao ouso muito nas cores… mas aqui, minha manicure eh muito boa, entao eu ando usando muita cor! De novo obrigada pelo comentario e uma semana de muito amor e felicidade! Beijo!!!!!

    • Hi! Thank you so much for your sweet comment, I am really touched, because such a compliment, – “from head to toe” -, wow, I am so flattered! Again. thank you for your sweet words! And I hope you are enjoying the week so far!

    • Hello and thank you so much for the nice comment and information! 1,72 is tall, in my opinion! So it was accurate about you! I like researches, and it’s good to see whether they are accurate or not :) Hope you have a nice week and a nice weather too!

    • Hi, dear Elisabeth! Thank you for the comment and information to reaffirm the research, so it can really be accurate! Up to now it’s divided, some saying they are short and have a bit deep voices, some say it’s accurate :) Hope you are having a nice time and hopefully, good weather! XXX

    • Thank you so much for the lovely compliment and comment! In the past I didn’t like yellow, but now I love it! I changed the taste for yellow some years ago! It’s nice to know that you find the research accurate, I am getting input about it and it seems most of the people I talked to agree with that! Hope you have a very beautiful week!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, I kind of knew you love these studies as well! And I always love the novelties you bring to your blog, that I don’t know! It’s mutual and I love this – nice interaction! Thank you for the outfit-compliment! I hope you have a beautiful week with many new nice things!

    • Hi, dear June, thank you so very much for this sweet comment! The research is divided, actually! Many say it’s accurate, and some are saying it’s not completely :) For example, I am short and my voice is not very high… but anyway, it was an interesting research to read and thank you for the information and compliment! That was very sweet! XXX

    • Hi, Angel! Thank you for the information and the lovely comment! I am quite like you then! My voice tends to low, but I am short! The research is dividing opinions! But I liked it! Hope you have a very beautiful week!

    • Thank you very much, Agnes! I must confess, I really liked the print when I saw it! But the best was that I thought that the dress wasn’t going to fit me (the label says Small :) and it did! Hope you have a very nice week!

    • Wow, thank you so much for such a lovely comment! And welcome! I tend to see my “style”, if I have one, as gypsy-comfortable, it means, whatever feels comfortable I like! Thank you again for the kind comment! And I wish a great week!

  5. I don’t know of the existence of either research. They both made me chuckle. I really think there might be something in that height/voice pitch study. For sure the smaller the child, the higher pitched the voice, though I’m sure there are other factors at play with children too, such as hormones perhaps. Now, this evening I’m definitely going to compare the relative lenghts of my husband’s ring and index fingers! Pity the men with shorter ring fingers, lol! Lovely maxi dress. You look stunning. Love the headband too. Perfect Spring/Summer colours. Tx

    • Hi, dear Tracey! Thank you so much for such a great comment and insights! That research was new to me :) and I didn’t think of children… you are right, in that case I think it has to do with hormones. As for adults, it’s not 100% accurate. I am short, but my voice is not so high-pitched, on the contrary. I would say a “normal” female’s voice, but tending to low. And the fingers, hahahaha! I think the research meant when women first see a man, cause after some years other factors play a more important role, like romanticism, nice attitudes… but I smiled thinking many women are now going to look at their partners’ fingers or when they know a new guy :) Thank you again for such a lovely comment and compliments! And hope you are enjoying your week!

  6. I haven’t heard about this reasearch before, but according to this, I have very high voice, because I’m petite 😉 And about this second research I have to check my fiance’s fingers, but on the other hand – he’s sexy for me, so I don’t think that it will be necessary 😉 Btw, that park from my photos is backyard near my home, I live in small city, so that it looks like everywhere – a lot of green and free space 😉


    • Hi, dear! Thank you for the lovely words! I loved to know that the park is near your home, so lovely to live near that nice place! You are so right, when people seem sexy to each other, this is what counts, of course! And the voice research would be the same for me – I am short, but I don’t have a high voice, so the research is not 100% right! It was new to me, I never knew about that research before! Again, thank you for the sweet comment and I wish a great week, with many creative things!

    • Thank you so much, Deborah! That such a sweet comment! There was a time when I dresses all in black, head to toe, for months! Now I changed and I like more colors! Benedict’s voice is quite relaxing, you are right! I never thought of that, but now that you said, yes! I agree with you! He does have a great voice! Hope you are having a very nice week, so far! XXX

    • Hahaha, such a nice comment, Suzanne, I really smiled! Thank you for that! I always loved maxi dresses, but “refused” to wear them because I am short (5’2 and a half and I want to mention that half :) It’s important :) But then, why rules? So I started wearing maxi skirt and dresses! Thank you again for the lovely comment and I wish you a beautiful day!

    • Haha, again, dear Suzanne, the research is not 100% accurate… because as I wrote before, I am also short and my voice tends to the low tones… not overly, but definitely not high-pitched. So the research is not that reliable :) Hope you are enjoying a lovely week!

    • Gracias, querida Elisabeth! Ese vestido es muy comodo y fue bueno para caminar, pues me encantan ropas comodas! Y los zapatos tambiem, muy comodos! Donde estoy ahora es casi otonio, asi que tuve dias con mucho sol este anio! Besitos!

  7. I always notice people’s skin and yours looks always flawless, Denise! I love your necklace, it’s beautiful! I didn’t know that thing about voices, but I’ll pay attention from now on. I am curious to see if it’s true. Regarding the fingers does the same apply to women? 😉 My ring finger is longer than my index finger!? :)

    • Thank you for your kind words to me, dear Min! I must confess that I never had big problems with my skin, but it’s very sensitive and I never can sunbathe, so it’s a problem after all. The fingers… that’s a good question! Maybe? I don’t know, but I guess it should apply to women too :) Hope you have a great day and again thanks for the compliments!

    • Thank you so much for the nice comment, Kashaya! Yes, now it’s funny because I listen to people and connect that to the height! But next week I bet I won’t do it anymore, it’s just a fresh research :)

    • Hello, and welcome! I also never heard of that research before, till I read it last week and decided to share it :) We never know how accurate it is, anyway :) Thank you so much for your kind comment and visit!

    • Hello, dear Anouk, thank you for the lovely comment! I thought of doing the same thing, too! But you know, it’s a new research, so in some days we will all forget that :) Hope you are having a nice day!

  8. Oh wow this is so interesting! I also a reading lover as well:). Reading is a food for my brain:). Thank you for sharing this good stuffs:). I do too:) love your maxi dress but I do also love everything individual on your look:). They’re cute especially your shoes. I want a pair myself:).

    Have a lovely Thursday:).

    • Hi, dear Tanya, thank you for such a sweet comment! I love to know when someone likes to read, because we may think it’s “normal”, but I know some people that don’t read not even a book a year. OK, I respect their opinions, but without books I feel sad :) You are so right, that is the perfect expression, “food for the brain”! Thanks for that! I loved the expression when I read it, it’s perfect! Those shoes are so comfortable, and quirky, and at the same time “acceptably discreet”, so I bought them! Again, thank you so much for the compliment and the sweet comment! And a beautiful day for you, too!

    • Hi, dear Borka, so many thanks for your kind compliments! That dress triggers smiles, I guess, because it is indeed very colorful and although I am short – and then maxi dresses are not recommended – I didn’t mind and wore a maxi dress anyway! Hope you have a beautiful day today and always! Kisses and thank you for the nice vibes!

  9. Hi Denise, I should read more books like that. It sounds like a lot of fun although I don’t believe it’s true. I know many people with a high voice and they are pretty tall haha. I have also learnt that it’s impossible to guess people’s age by hearing their voice. Well at least that’s what my psychology professor said. We even did some tests and we couldn’t guess right. I will keep my eyes open now. You look marvelous as always. I love that maxi dress and the super cute shoes. Haven’t heard of the brand before and will check it out. Cute and comfy is hard to find. Wünsch dir einen wundervollen Donnerstag!


    • Hello, sweetie, thank you so much for the insights and information! It’s important to know, and I totally agree with you and your professor. I was thinking about that this week and recalling many people that I know (even celebrities) that are tall and have high-pitched voices, and the contrary as well – short people with lower voices. But you know, scientists are always trying new researches and saying they are the ultimate information on this or that area :) Oh, those shoes! They are quirky and comfortable, just the way I like! I didn’t know that brand either, till last December, when a blogger mentioned it… I was mad about them the minute I saw them… and as I was coming to South America, I then bought some pairs, because it seems that they still don’t ship abroad, so I wanted to guarantee some pairs. But if you want any (from their site), please tell me and I can arrange it for you! Really! Again, thank you so much for your lovely comment und ich auch, wuensche dir einen schoenen Tag und viel viel viel Spass!!!! XXXXX

    • Muchas gracias por tus dulces palabras! Bienvenida! Los zapatos son de una tienda online que me encanto en diciembre – conoci a traves de una blogger! Son un poco locos :) pero me gustan asi! XXXX

    • Grazie mille e benvenuta qui! Anche a me mi piace questo maxi vestito – quando ho visto, lo volevo subito! Grazie mille per il tuo complimento e spero di avere un buon fine settimana!

    • Thank you for the nice comment and welcome! I don’t know whether it’s true or not… :) I think it’s interesting, but I have now heard from people, that the research is sometimes accurate, but not 100% :) Hope you have a very nice weekend!

  10. wow! Que impresionante e interesante informacion. Que lindo que estes aprendiendo cosas nuevas, lo que haces es bueno. Me imagino si este estudio puede acertar con mi estatura :)
    Que tengas un hermoso fin de semana querida Denise !
    – Elsey

    • Hola, querida Elsey! Hahha, me gusta leer y aprender alguna cosa nueva cada dia… a veces solo dormir y meditar es bueno, pero leer tambien! No se si ese estudio de altura y voz sirve para todos – no soy alta, pero mi voz es mas para “honda”, no demasiado, pero es “mas para” :) Muchas gracias por tus lindas palabras, eres sempre un amor! Espero que tengas un lindo fin de semana tambien!

    • Oh, my dear friend, thank you soooo much for your kind words to me, always so sweet to me! I loved that dress, the minute I saw it! Its main color is yellow, I can say, and interesting is that in the past I didn’t like yellow and now I love it! The shoes are very quirky, but I know that by now you know I love quirky things :) I hope you have a very beautiful and sweet weekend, too!

    • Hahaha, a very nice comment, Alberto! I believe you must be a good driver! But look, that was what the scientists said, not me :) I will check out my brothers hands to see whether the conclusion applies to them :) My ring finger is longer than my index as well, and I am not such a great driver :) Hope you have a very nice weekend!

    • Hallo, Madison, und vielen Dank fuer die suesse Woerte! Mein Outfit ist normalerweise bunte und etwas “aussergewoehnlich” :) Aber ich mag wenn ich etwas “spiele” :) Noch einmal, vielen Dank fuer die nette Woerte und ich wuensche dir ein schoenes Wochenende! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear Elly, for such a lovely comment! I don’t know the link… between the finger and sex-appeal, but you know, scientists always have an explanation :) They just didn’t explain now :) Mmm… now I got curious as well :) Ah, you know my outfits – normally quirky :) I used to work for banks in the past and had to be very “serious”… so now I am as colorful as one can be :) Hope you have a very beautiful weekend!!!! XXXX

    • Dear Paola, thank you sooo much for this sweet comment! I know that you are tall – because once you wrote that and also, your pictures show it! But even IF you had a low voice, I’m sure you would never look like a man – you are very feminine and beautiful, you totally look like a sweet girl! That dress is kind of my “newest” passion – the color yellow, that I started loving a few years ago :) It’s good to change! Hope you have a very beautiful Sunday! Kisses!

    • Hi, Marianna, thank you so much for the kind comment! I liked the dress for a change – maxi and yellow, a color that I don’t wear very much, but really love now! Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

  11. Hello dear Denise! Very interesting studies on the relationship of voice and human growth! My daughter and I have exactly the same voice (people are confused us by phone), but my height is 165 cm and my daughter has a height of 173 cm. So I doubt directly dependent parameters))) But your maxi dress undeniably great! I really like the way you look! Great!

    • Hello, dear Diana, thank you so much for your sweet comment and compliments! I love that maxi dress, it’s true, it makes me feel comfortable! That research, you are so right. I think it was just a fun research, because it’s not 100% accurate. I, for example, am shorter than you and I don’t really have a high-pitched voice. So that’s already a mistake :) But just for fun, as I said :) Hope you have a very lovely week ahead! And thank you again for your sweet comment!

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