Vintage dress

I’ll show a sweet vintage dress, but this, too: Be careful with gadgets! They listen to your conversations to collect your data! Maybe you use one of them. Check it out!

In love with that vintage dress!

In love with the dress! Earrings and ring bought in France, bracelet in Tenby. Nail polish Topshop

Samsung warns customers not to discuss personal information in front of their smart TV, it uses voice feature – it listens  to what is said and share it with Samsung or third parties, it says. Nuance is the company that changes speech into text, Samsung has confirmed to the BBC. (Read more here.)

It’s not only Samsung! LG TV and smart televisions with internet download programs and films from Netflix or BBC iPlayer. Experts say that internet brings information to you, so also takes it out. Xbox games consoles listen to all, too. Smart TVs have cameras for facial recognition. Jawbone has an electronic wristband to monitor your exercising/sleeping patterns, and share it with the company.

I’ll share more devices at the bottom! Now, a break, the lovely green vintage dress!

I bought it in November 2014 in Bewdley. It's from the 50s, I love the era!

I bought it in November 2014 in Bewdley – love at first sight! It’s from the 50s, I love the era!

The day was so bright! That is a pure image, no filter! I am wearing a vintage brooch, from Bewdley Antique shop, Lulu Guinness clutch, Louloux Provence shoes

The day was so bright! That is a pure image, no filter! I am wearing a vintage brooch, from Bewdley Antique shop, Lulu Guinness clutch, Louloux Provence shoes

I love the way it floats around me!

I love the way it floats! The 50s – the right era for my taste! No joke!

Shoe detail

Shoe detail – I still have sun stains, so I am using a lot of T-bar shoes these days


Now, more warnings, as promised!

* The device Amazon Fire TV connected to your television-internet downloads TV shows and films from Amazon. It has voice recognition. The Amazon Fire TV terms of use says that recordingsmay be stored on servers outside the country in which you live”, and says that third parties “have access to personal information“. Read more here;

* Have you seen the adverts that appear next to emails? Google’s Gmail reads your emails, sent and received, and works out which goods you might want to buy.

It’s all so absurd. Like George Orwell predicted in 1984. Such a wise author!

Thank you so much for your always lovely comments! I really love them!

Wishing you a beautiful week with many sweet smiles!

120 thoughts on “Vintage dress

    • Hi, dear Tina, thank you so much for the really sweet comment and compliments! I am not from the 50s, but I love old movies, this kind of dresses and circle skirts, antique jewellery and so many more things :) So some people say that I was born in the wrong era – and I think I agree with that! Hope you have a very beautiful week!

  1. Interesting post about the Smart TVs. I didn’t know about that til I read your post. I should share this post to my friends and relatives that are also using Smart TV. Anyway, I love your outfit and hair. You look so lovely and sweet. The color of the dress compliments you and your shoes are so cute. Love the floral prints. <3 The 50s era is one of my fave, too. I love the classic and vintage look.

    Have a great week ahead Denise! xx

    • Hi, dear Shekinah! First of all, I am so sorry I missed your birthday on the 2nd! I didn’t know it and with the many notifications facebook sends, that was lost for sure – and I felt so bad today, when I saw it! But then I wrote a message with all my sincere wishes for you! You are one of the sweetest girls I know, and I really wish that you have a great “new age”! I love floral prints, too :) The 50s, I suppose is my favorite era, but I also like the 20s, the 30s and even the 19th century! I am sure I was born in the wrong era :) Oh yes, please, feel free to share the information, it’s really serious! We are being constantly watched! Thank you so much for the sweet comment and hope you enjoy your week very much!

    • Hello! Thank you for the nice comment! Yes, it seems we are being constantly watched, heard and emails also being read! Not a good thought! Thanks for the compliments, hope you have a nice start of the week!

    • Obrigada, Lilly! Que comentario doce, muito obrigada mesmo! Eu nem sabia que tinha um estilos charmoso :) Penso em mim sempre como hippie-cigana :) Mas entao pelo visto tenho acertado :) Sempre eh bom :) Espero que vc tenha uma orima semana tambem! Beijao!

  2. I like your dress, this color suits you perfectly and you look gorgeous! Also your shoes and clutch are lovely!
    It’s really annoying that they collect our data (I didn’t know about it), it should be heavily punished by law.
    Have a nice monday:)

    • Hello! And thanks for the kind comment! I also agree with you that this color suits me well! And anybody who spies on us should be punished, but they are mega companies… and won’t be under the law… I believe they do what they do because they know nothing will happen… awful! Hope you have a beautiful day!

    • Aaaaah, che carina, sempre! Io, dolcissima? Noooo, sei tu la dolce principessa! Ma ti ringrazio le parole, tanto! La primavera, si, ed una stagione che mi piace molto! Mi piace, anche, scarpe con fiori :) Mille grazie, Maggie, tu sei sempre tanto carina, le tue parole sono per me molto importante! Baci!

    • Thank you so much for the sweet words towards me, dear Simera! Yes, I was shocked with the information as well… really bad! I bought that dress in November and just wore it last week, and now when I look at the photos, I see I must buy more clothes in that color – I really liked it! Again, thank you for the kind words and hope you are enjoying the beginning of the week!

    • Thank you so much for the compliment, dear Anouk! I am glad you found that this color suits me, because I didn’t really know it, and when I saw the pics I thought “I need to buy more things in this color!” Hope you have a beautiful start of the week!

    • Muchas gracias, querida Elisabeth! Sabes, me gusto el verde cuando vi ese vestido, pero cuando lo puse, la semana pasada, pense “creo que se ve bien con mi piel!” Y ahora me has dicho que si! Gracias, Elisabeth, por tus dulces palabras, siempre!

  3. URGHHH< that is horrible that they would do that- you are right Big Brother it is!!! Luckily we don't have a TV at all and no intention of getting one!!!
    Enough of the scary spying WOW, that dress is truly beautiful! My absolute favourite colour and it looks a dream on you- SO flattering and pretty!xx

    • Thank you so much, dear Kezzie! I knew you would like the dress, because I saw some you wore to dance and they are so 50s – my favorite era, I guess! I also like the 20s and Victorian era :) It’s awful, isn’t it, that we are being hear, watched, filmed, read the whole time and not voluntarily! But this is how the 21st century is – and will be even worse in the future! Thank you again so much for the compliments, Kezzie, and a very nice week for you at school (and out of it, too, of course!)

  4. Wow this outfit is stunning and you look absolutely perfect. The dress is the most gorgeous silhouette and I adore the colour on you. The shoes are just incredible, they are totally my style and I really want them.

    • Hi, dear Imogen! And thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I really went mad when I saw the dress at the vintage store – that one is specialized in good items from the 50s and 70s… and I couldn’t stop thinking of it for 4 days! How nice was to see that it was such a good color on me! The shoes are my style as well, I love floral patterns! I discovered them by chance, through a blogger, and had to buy some pairs. The bad news: they are planning to ship abroad soon, but I bought them in the country they produce. But if you want, check the site out, tell me which you want and I can arrange it for you, all the way to lovely Australia! No problem at all! Hope you are having a nice week so far!

    • Thank you so much for the sweet compliment! It’s really a dress very close to my heart, I was crazy about it when I saw the style… and the color was good for me, too! Hope you are enjoying a great week, too!

  5. Your vintage dress is absolutely lovely! I love the 50’s as well .. this time period had the best fit and flare dresses .. perfect for pears :-) I love how the material is light and airy as well. So very pretty :-)


    • Thank you so much for the sweet comment, dear Monica! I totally agree with you, the shape of the dresses were so much better to me… I am an hourglass figure (still, even though I put a lot of weight on) and I would be so “fashionable” in the 50s… now it’s all; about gym, being very thin and so on – which is OK, just that it’s not my type of body. So when I put this dress on, I felt soooo good! I am planning to ask my seamstress to copy that to other fabrics! :) Thank you again for the lovely comment, hope you have a beautiful day!

  6. You look marvelous Denise! That green dress is to die for! I love the 50s style too! I have heard about that. It’s a shame that these companies spy on our personal life. Imagine you sit at home watch tv and they record everything. That’s so awful. Sadly George Orwell was right. Nonetheless I wish you a happy Tuesday sweetheart!


    • Thank you, dear Glamdevils, for an always sweet and beautiful comment! I did go crazy when I saw that dress… although “vintage”, it was a bit too pricey, but as I said, I went crazy when I saw it! And after 4 days thinking of it, I had to buy it! And it worked well, so much that I am thinking of asking my seamstress to sew some others in the same style! Yes, you saw? I was so shocked to know we are all being watched and heard and also read… it’s awful, but what can we do… modern times… Hope you have a great day and week, and again, thank you for so sweet words!

    • Thank you so much, such a lovely comment! Oh no, I still didn’t check the dresses out, I need and want to – normally all vintage things are things I love so much! Thanks for the suggestion, really! And the sweet compliments, you are so kind! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful week!

  7. that’s the vintage dress you were talking about :) it’s absolutely gorgeous. the forest green colour, the feminine shape of it, that brooch you’ve added, the shoes – all of them make a fabulous whole! and I can totally see how much you love the dress since it looks so great on you. now, when it comes to technology I have to say I’m years behind with it 😛 my laptop is soon 10 years old (oops :D), I have never owned an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac… you know, all those popular things everybody seems to use and own these days. our TV is probably like 15-20 years old (haha :D). we don’t have a dvd-player and other such things, for example those xBox thingies and such. my mobile phone doesn’t have internet and so on, you get the picture 😀 gardening and thrift shopping are more important to me than modern technology :) and we only buy new technology when the old one is broken, not because something new comes out and we have to be modern and follow the trends. but still, I didn’t know about those facts you just shared and it’s definitely useful to know things like that!

    • Hello, dear Maiken, thank you so very much for always being so sweet! Such a lovely comment and I am pleased to know I am not the “only” one – you will understand now: I, like you, am not a techie anymore. I used to be, I was always the first trying to learn a new thing or buying the latest technology. Till something changed and I started to look more into myself, I think. The things that everybody had or has are not important to me anymore, to show that “I am included” in the society. I never had an iPod, because I didn’t want to, and no one ever seemed to know it. I don’t have a smartphone and I don’t want to. I don’t want to be connected 24/7, but I of course, respect the ones who want to. Just that to me, reading and learning through documentaries seem to suit me better. And I am glad this way. I totally agree with you! All these things that people really desperately want, I don’t want to get. I think what makes people happy are what counts – I love painting, playing the piano and you love gardening – and I like that we are very alike! Thank you again for the sweet and lovely comment, every time you write to me I have a smile, cause I know the words will make me learn something nice!

      • hey! I just wanted to let you know I’ve answered your comment under my recent post. I’ll copy my answer here because I’m not sure if you get the notifications via e-mail or not :)

        “hey, Denise! I’m so glad you’re interested in Estonian jewellery! I think you should contact Kriss via this e-mail and find out what she says and has to offer for you :) she also has a home page but definitely write her and tell her about the bracelets you’re interested in. let me know if you need any help!
        by the way, you’re welcome about that Bloglovin’ matter. I’m glad it works! and Denise, thank you for all the sweet words! seriously, they mean a lot to me!”

        • Oh, you are so sweet!!! I will definitely write an email to her in a few minutes, and thank you so much for that! It’s true, I don’t get the answers notifications, but as you see, one “tech-thing” at a time :) Bloglovin now works thanks to you, next step is the answer-notification :) It’s mutual, dear Maiken, your words always mean a lot to me, as well! Thank you again for sharing the artists’ email, I will write now! And hope you are enjoying a nice day with some sun? I hope so!

    • Dear Jackie, thank you so much for the kind comment! I do love that dress and I am planning to ask my seamstress to sew some more in that style! It makes me feel comfortable, it is, in fact, very comfy! Hope you have a very lovely day!

    • Ah, che carina, sempre, grazie, carina Maggie! Anche io voglio conoscere a te presto! Che peccato, sono andata a Milano ed altre parte d’Italia un anno fa! Ma forse saro andata in 2015, anche, non so, ma mi piacerebbe moltissimo! Mi piace l’Italia, parte della mia famiglia e d’Italia. Semore le donne sono bellissime, le gente fantastica… come non amare l’Italia! Che carina, Maggie, un giorno bellissimo e con sole per te e la tua famiglia! (E vero, sempre sono felice di lire le tue parole!) Baci!

    • Dear Laila, thank you so much! It’s such a coincidence, I have just visited your blog and you must have been doing the same here, at the same time! Wow! That dress was a must for me… I saw it and didn’t buy… regretted… went to Dublin (it was in England) and 4 days later, praying that it would still be at the shop… it was and I felt happy – that is the style that makes me feel comfortable and well dressed at the same time :) Hope you have a beautiful day and week, and again thanks for the lovely compliments!

    • Ciao, che belle e carine parole! Ti ringrazio tantissimo! Si, credo che parlo un po d’italiano, ma non perfettamente, ho studiato nella universita ed anche la mia famiglia ed una parte italiana :) Mi piace molto la lingua italiana, e la gente d’Italia, che sono sempre così meravigliosa e dolce, così amabile! Questo vestito sembra essere bene per me, mi è piaciuto il colore! Ti ringrazio ancora una volta piu il tuo commento così gentile! Una buona settimana per te! Baci!

    • Hi, dear Dania, thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I confess that when I saw the dress, I just loved it for the style, fabric and because it is from the 50s (an era I would have loved to know!), but then it seems the color is good to me and now I can’t wait to have another piece in the same shade! I hope you are having a beautiful week, so far! Again thanks for the lovely comment!

  8. Oh Denise, it’s really scary stuff. Big Brother is a real deal. We don’t have any of the devices you mention specifically but we do have Playstation and Wiis etc – I guess it’s in social play mode where the dangers lie. I love that dress, the emerald green colour really suits you. Love your red lipstick too, very sexxxy :) Tx

    • Hi, dear Tracey, thank you so much for the nice comment and the compliments! I never realized how good that green shade was for me till I saw it on me, in fact! And I guess it was, I really liked it, so thank you so much for telling me! Oh yes, Big Brother everywhere… I don’t have all the devices I listed, but it’s scary anyway… well, what can we do, these are modern times… :) I wish you a very nice evening and week too! XXX

  9. Liebe Denise, das ist wirklich sehr erschreckend! Danke, dass Du diese wichtigen Informationen hier teilst und mir geht es wie Dir, ich denke so oft an 1984 … wir sind leider viel näher an dieser Fiktion als wir es uns jemals hätten vorstellen können. Aber Dein grünes Kleid ist ein Traum und Du siehst so wunderschön damit aus! Als dieses Kleid hergestellt wurde, konnte sich sicher noch keiner vorstellen, in welcher Zeit und mit welchen Rahmenbedingungen wir heute leben. Ich wünsche Dir noch eine wunderschöne Woche, liebe Denise! Alles Liebe von Rena
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

    • Wow, liebe Rena, immer so gute Woerte, die haben immer eine Meinung, sehr gute Bedeutung zu mir! Ich habe nict gedacht an diese Dinge – aber du hast so vie Recht! Wie schoen es ist jetzt zu denken, was die Frau damals gedacht hat… “wo wird mein Kleind sein im Jahr 2000 (und dann sogar 2015, weiter!), wer wird das tragen… wird jemand das tragen… was fuer Mode werden die Leute in 2005 tragen…” Das ist wirklich schoen zu denken, danke sehr, liebe Rena! Schoene Gedanken zu haben! Auch, damals konnte man nie im Leben denken, was fuer Dinge wir haben werden… Emails gelesen wurden, wir sind gehoert durch Machine und alles… das ist unglaublich, aber wahr. Ich bedanke mich wieder, fuer die schoene Gedanken, die du zu meinem Kopf gebracht hast und deine immer liebe Woerte zu mir! Liebe Gruesse!

    • Dear Anna, wow, thank you so much for the amazing comment! That dress was like a magnet to me! But you know me by now, I don’t like very formal looks and that dress transported me to the 50s, with the perfect hair styles they wore and all kind of formal and matching, so I wanted a simple braid – so that my lion’s mane didn’t compete with the dress – and humorous accessories to reflect my normally smiley mood :) Thank you so much for the lovely comment and compliments, it really means a lot to me, because you are one of the style-stars that I admire very much!

    • Thank you so much for the nice comment! I was so crazy about this dress, when I saw it! And I wanted to be playful as usual, so I wore that lips’ clutch and floral shoes – the shoes look good, but mostly, they are comfy! Hope you are having a very nice day!

  10. I can’t keep up with technology these days as soon as I manage to figure out how one gadget works, some other one appears replacing it. I feel like that old woman who has given up long time ago.. I just wish that people did not adopt all those changes often enforced onto them by technology giants and other people who constantly strive to keep abreast of technology…. I love your look – very elegant and sexy!

    • Hi, dear Min, thank you for the nice comment and compliment! You know what, I totally agree with you and at first I thought like that – get updated, getting the newest device, etc… And people looked at my latest mobile models and liked, complimented, asked where they could get them. It was like that for some years. Today? I gavce it up. I recognize I don’t want to be connected 24/7, that’s my personality – and I don’t even use my old mobile very much. I didn’t use it for 4 months last year, so that the company cut my line :) I had to ask for another and now it’s happening again! It’s the following: people think that the ones who don’t want to use technology 24/7 are weird and out of the world, but I just think it is so liberating to enjoy a magazine (in paper form) or a documentary in the evening! I loved your comment, thank you so much for that!

    • Cia, bella Paola, grazie tantissimo per le tue getile parole! Mi ha piaciuto questo abito e dil color il stesso minuto che ho visto! La mia era preferita, 50s (ed anche 70s!) Grazie tanto per i complimenti, siete sempre così dolce con me!!! Baci!

    • Cia, carina Paola! Tu sei tanto gentile con me, ma non parlo cosi bene… non cosi perfettamente… mi piacerebbe! E vero, quando sono in Italia, me dicono di si, parla benissimo, ma non, sono semplicemente gentile! Ho studiato nella universita, ma anche parte della mia famiglia e d’Italia, cosi mi ha sempre piaciuto la lingua italiana! Baci ed una bella serata! Grazie per le tue dolce parole!

    • Thank you so much, dear, for the sweet compliment! I liked it too, so much that now I am thinking of buying some fabrics and asking my seamstress to sew some like that for me – I think the style and cut suit me! Hope you have a very nice evening!

  11. This is by far the best outfit post you have uploaded, dear Denise. The dress is beyond perfection! It looks really flattering on you & its colour suits you as well. But what I loved the most in this post, is the pair of shoes you’re wearing. As I scrolled down your blog & saw them, I instantly fell in love! I can’t describe it with words how brilliant your shoes are! Consider to wearing them much more from now on!


    • Thank you so much, dear! Such a lovely comment and compliments, again, many thanks! I think I agree with you – the dress looked like made for me, style and cut, and it seems that the color also suits me, I now started to see! The shoes are really so much myself – floral, I love floral prints! I am eager to wear that dress again, but since it’s really eye-catching, because of the era, the style and the color (and I like to vary), I thought of asking my seamstress to sew some others that same way! It is by far the best cut for my sillouette and not only that, very comfortable! Thank you so much again for the lovely comment! Hope you are having a nice evening with maybe some spring temperatures!

    • Hi, dear Maria, so glad to see you here! Thank you for the kind comment! I love floral patterns, for shoes as well! So when I saw them I was like “mine! mine! They have to be mine!”, hahahaha! And the best: they are very comfortable!!!! Hope you have a beautiful day, maybe it is sunny now? I hope so! Filakia!

    • Hi, dear Elle, thank you for writing this comment to me, I really thought it was because of my “weekend wishes”, but I am sincere. Really many thanks, I feel better! But it’s not the time of thinking about this… I really think of you and your family, even yesterday evening I was thinking “may they find comfort through each other”, cause that’s what families are about, among other things. As you mentioned to your readers who have been there, yes, I did, and I know how it must be for you now. It’s something that you will work on in your mind and soul. It takes time. Count on me whenever you need or wish! Really!

    • Hi, Suzanne, thank yo so much for the nice words! Yes, lately I have been reading very much about all the things the “modern world” is doing to us… we are being watched, heard, read and commanded… like using GPS – “Please, turn right. After a 100m, turn left” and we simply just follow, without thinking anymore (part of my readings – I don’t use GPS very much). It’s the onus of relying purely on apps :) Thank you so much for the compliment! I love floral patterns and those shoes check all the boxes for me! Hope you have a nice day! Kisses!

    • Hi, dear, thank you so very much for the sweet compliment and comment! I must confess that I liked the color on me, it is so vivid! Thank you so much for saying that! Oh yes, please tell your fiance, because we are all being heard and watched! And it’s not good! Anyway, thank you again for the lovely comment and I hope you have a nice weekend!

  12. Wow Denise, I really love this look. That dress is gorgeous!!! the whole outfit is a 10. you always look super beautiful. Interesting post about smart TV’s I didn’t know all this information. Thanks for sharing dear!! I always love reading and visiting your blog!!!!
    Big kiss:)

    • Hi, dear Jenny, so many thanks for the sweet compliments and always being so nice to me! I loved the dress, indeed! I am looking forward to finding more of that style, cause it was good for my type of body and it was so comfortable! And looking always beautiful, that is you! So a compliment from you means a lot to me! Yes, I got to read that information about being watched and heard by TVs and so on, and although I knew about some devices, I didn’t know about all – and I am sure there’s more! Terrible, but what can we do… modern times :) Many kisses, dear!

    • Hi, dear Ann, thank you so much for the kind and sweet comment! I was mad about that dress when I saw it, and crossed my fingers for it to fit (I put some weight on :) and it did! And the color is really so flattering and matches the ring :) Thank you again for the comment and I wish you a beautiful weekend!

  13. In an information society, we are constantly giving and receiving information. That is why it’s good to stop from time to time and stay offline for a while. Even for a day. Just so you realize just how much is happening around you. Interesting blog post, and that dress looks stunning on you Denise, like it was made for you! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    E from Helsinki, Finland

    • Thank you so much for your lovely words, dear Elisabeth! I totally agree with you! I stop work on the computer at 6 or 7 PM and I don’t have internet on mobile, voluntarily. I “gave” to myself 10 min on the computer on Sundays and then not even the prime minister will make me use it. And when I travel (not as a guest of a friend), I stay 2 weeks offline, or even a month :) And I love it this way, although some people call me “weird” and living in the 19th-century. I don’t mind! So, I totally agree with you, loved your comment! That dress, yes! I was so crazy about it when I saw it and it was like sewn on my body! I wish I find more that style! Kisses!

    • You are welcome, Marianna, and thank you so much for stopping by, too! The bag is the signature style of Lulu :) the cute red lips :) I wanted to be playful as usual, so I added that to the 50s style-dress :) Wishing you a great Sunday!

    • Hello, welcome! And thanks for the nice comment! I avoid smart devices, too! Thank you for the compliment, I really liked the shoes when I saw them – I love floral prints! Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

    • Hi, dear Min, you are so sweet! Thank you for these kind words! I post once a week… on Mondays :) I thought it would be enough :) Cause I thought, if I posted more times a week, “who will be interested in some silly things I write and my simple pictures?” So, wow, I feel so flattered and honored now, by what you said! Thank you so much!

  14. I’ve heard those things before. It’s something T. always says and warn me about and I believe it too. All smart TVs and smartphones do that, it’s true, and the same goes for emails being read, and stored by the providers. It’s scary, but it’s true, so we need to be really careful.
    On another note you look amazing in this dress. I really loved it and the same goes for your clutch and your shoes! It’s definitely on MY top 10 list of my favorite outfits of yours. Maybe it’s even no. 1 on the list! 😉 Really, you’re gorgeous! :)
    Filakia polla!

    • Wow, thank you so much, dear M! You are so sweet, this is such a lovely comment – I loved the top 10 list :) I really liked that dress when I saw it… at first I thought it wasn’t going to fit… but I was so glad when I saw it did! I thought about you and T. when I read that research, that you would know that… actually I read more than 3, to be sure of what I was reading, that it was reliable… and I was so shocked. It’s terrible, but happening! Thank you again for your words, you are always lovely! Filakia polla!

    • Thank you so much, Pink Haired Princess (I love this name!) I gladly accept the compliments, cause when I saw both shoes and dress I went mad – I really wanted them so badly! I knew it would be the right sillouette for me :) About spying – it’s horrific. We are not private anymore. I don’t mean just the blog or facebook, it’s more than that – watched everywhere, shops, streets, emails… on one side, it’s goo to have videos showing criminals on streets… on the other side, the fair people are also exposed. But the feeling of being watched is scary anyway! Hope you have a great week ahead, and thank you again for the lovely comment!

  15. Omg Denise! You look SOOOOO beautiful! The dress was made for you! And your braided hair suits you SO well! I also heared about the Gadgets. Nowerdays Nobody is safe anymore. Everyone wants information about everything. It’s a shame, but to avoid, we must live in a cave, I guess. Sending you lots of love!

    • Dear Hati, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I won’t deny, that dress was like sewn on my body! If only the person who owned it in the 50s knew it! The color is also amazing! And yes, what can we do… it’s really that way, either we are watched and heard or… we live in the middle of a forest or a cave! Difficult either way! Viele viele viele liebe Gruesse!

    • Hello, and welcome – also, many thanks for the sweet comment and compliment and for following me! I have just read your blog first page and loved it, so yes, I am following you too! Thank you again and I hope you have a very beautiful day and week!

  16. denise you look so lovely! the dress and shoes look amazing on you!
    i followed you on bloglovin as well :)
    i didn’t realize that all these “smart” devices are listening and storing information! super creepy! glad i don’t have any one of those devices you listed! haha!
    have a great rest of your week! xo

    • Hi, dear Andrea, and thank you for the kind and sweet words! That dress goes against “rules” – maxi dresses are not good on short girls, but I loved it! The devices, yes… we are now constantly being watched. If not those devices (that I don’t have as well!) then being filmed on stores, streets, trains, everywhere! There’s no privacy anymore, but what can we do… “post-modern times”, as some will say… Hope you are having a beautiful time and enjoying this Thursday! XXX

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