Nice selection of items

Today I am showing some amazing dresses, that I love so much – indeed, I have a similar one in red/burgundy, but shorter, so it’s a style I really endorse! I found so many dresses that I’d love to wear, plus many other clothes like coats and bags. I am going to show a bit of the things I browsed today! Have I already told about my passion for green and red?


Now, some  beautiful coats!


More items that are also lovely!


And bags! All so lovely!


Hope you like these amazing dresses and the other items!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I hope you all have a great weekend!

38 thoughts on “Nice selection of items

  1. Liebe Denise, das weiß ich, dass Du grün und rot magst :) Und Du hast wieder so wunderschöne Kleider ausgesucht. Auch die Mäntel finde ich einfach fantastisch. Sie erinnern mich direkt daran, dass auch die Jahreszeit wieder kommen wird, wo es ohne Mantel gar nicht geht … Hoffentlich hattest Du bisher ein wunderbares Wochenendee und es geht Dir gut! Alles Liebe von Rena
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    • Hallo, liebe Rena! Ich bin froh, dass du es magst, was ich hier zeigte! Ja, Jacke ist nie zu viel, ich sage, eins oder 10, hahaha, sind immer gut zu haben! Ich erinnerte mich an, als in Deutschland gewohnt habe, ich hatte immer so viele Jacke, um zu kombieniren – aber auch in England die sind immer gut zu haben! Ich bin etwas ueberfordet dieses Wochenende, aber alles ist gut! Danke sehr fuer deine Wuensche und ich wuensche dir auch, ein schoenes Wochenende, im Urlaub, richtig? Sehr schoen! Liebe Gruesse!

  2. Olá querida Denise

    Todos os itens são lindos, especialmente o segundo vestido verde que é simplesmente maravilhoso, e a bolsa rosa que é uma graça de tão linda!!

    Beijo grande e um lindo fim de semana pra você!

  3. Qué lindos vestidos! Me encanta que tengan el ruedo vaporoso. Creo que nunca me he puesto un vestido tan elegante, nunca he tenido ocasión, pero siempre es bonito soñar con ponerse algo así.
    Los abrigos y chaquetas están muy bonitos también, me encantó el primero cn cuello negro y la cartera, muy femenina, el rosado igual es un color que me gusta mucho.

    • Muchas gracias por tus palabras, siempre, querida amiga! Bueno, yo tampoco ahora tengo donde usar un vestido asi, pero un poco mas corto los uso – y con chaqueta jeans, jajaja! Pero no a menudo, prefiero las chaquetas de invierno – la que elegiste es muy linda y la cartera tambien – me gustaria tener los dos :) Un beso y que tengas una semana muy linda!

    • Hi, dear Anna-Alina, thank you so much for your lovely comment! True, such a coat in some countries are used in autumn – and I agree with you, coat number 3 is so cool! Hope you have a very nice week!

    • Hello, dear Ivonne! I totally agree with you – the dresses are great, but I really really love the pink blazer, would be so nice to have it! Thank you so much for always leaving me so sweet comments, you are really super sweet! I hope you have a great start of the week! XXX

    • Hello, dear Lenya! I am so glad that you liked my picks! I agree with you, the pink items are my favorite ones! Thank you so much for the lovely comment and I hope you have a great week!

    • Muchas gracias pir tus siempre dulces palabras, querida Deborah! Es verdad, los abrigos me ecantaron mucho, quiero al menos uno de ellos! Espero que tengas una linda semana tambien, que disfrutes mucho! Besitos!

  4. Wow! They are very reasonably priced Denise. I love that deep red vintage dress with the beading. These gowns look way more expensive than their price tag. Sadly, though, I don’t get many (actually any these days) occasions to wear such frocks. Based at home working and looking after two kids makes for a very different lifestyle to what I had when I was single. I miss certain aspects of that former life, like going to balls and cocktail events which required dressing up. Still, I’m sure that lifestyle will return one day, when I’m old and grey, vintage of a different kind, hey? lol! Tx

    • Thank you so much for your comment, dear Tracey! I loved the dresses, but even more the jackets – maybe for the same reason you mentioned, although I don’t have kids – but I used to wear some “special occasion” dresses, and could still go on wearing some, but… after some time, we change and now I prefer comfort :) Not that they are not comfortable, they look very comfy! I think changing styles are very good, it is good to find a new-self :) I am sure you will wear such dresses again, and you will look amazing – not vintage grey! And even if, vintage grey is also nice, I think! Each time of life has advantages and beauty, I am sure – although we never want to discover vintage advantages :) but it’s an honor if we get there :) Means we live and collect nice experiences and i want to think, wisdom as well :) Kisses, dear Tracey, you are so amazing, always making me think of life, I like it!

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