Velvet Underground

Velvet Underground is about velvet… worn underneath :) But I had to use the name of the band!

One little braid and rose barrette

A single  little braid and rose pin

I wrote on a previous post that I’m glad that this season velvet comes as a “trend”. I don’t really “believe” in trends, because “everything” comes back. I wear velvet since I was a little girl, every year, so I can’t see it as a trend. I know that many nice blogger friends said “you’re ahead”, so sweet  :) But no, I need to disappoint everybody – I’m not ahead, on the contrary :) It’s because I’m rather “old” that I’ve already worn these come back trends :)

But the fashion industry, ah… we don’t need 150 bags, 50 lipsticks, 25 velvet dresses, 30 palettes, but we have some of these things. Why? The fashion industry “pushes” us to want more and more, relaunching “trends”, to keep on selling to us – things we don’t really need. Having said this, I say that I’m not perfect, so I also have things in excess. I don’t like new year’s resolutions, but for 2017 I’m seriously thinking of a more attentive consumption way. I’m always designing furniture to accommodate new things, that I end up rarely wearing. This excess is not good for (my) life, IMHO.

Has your consumption style changed along the years?


Golden filigree earring

Golden filigree earring and re-designed coconut red beads bracelet

Jenny Packham velvet skirt underneath a DMS Boutique dress

Jenny Packham velvet skirt underneath a DMS Boutique dress on a windy day!

Nice Japanese design garden

Nice Japanese-design garden

I loved the print of this dress!

I loved the print of this dress!

Maxi vertical striped dress

A sweet coconut bag!

A sweet coconut bag!

Louloux ankle boots

Louloux ankle boots

Nail art of the week, loved it!

Nail art of the week, Dior and Jack Wills polishes. Rings: snake, double silver, red daisy and morganite

Trying a different pose

Trying a different pose, a bit scary! Boho jewellery with tassel bracelet  and wrist bandana

Finishing Touch and Mood of the WeekIt has to do with the excess we are pushed to :)

Quote Hunger

Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

See you on Friday, with Friday Feelings! 

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55 thoughts on “Velvet Underground

  1. Gorgeous dress, Denise! And I love your booties! I don’t tend to follow trends either…but it’s fun when my personal style happens to align with whatever is trending at the moment (like you and velvet). :) And my buying habits have changed big time over the years. With constantly moving, I have to be able to easily pack and go at any given, I can’t go crazy buying things. It really makes you think about what you need and really consider each purchase carefully. :) (And I’ve found I need A LOT less than what I had always thought, haha.)


  2. my consumption style has definitely changed but not as much as I would love it to change. I’m still evolving :) most of my clothes are thrifted but of course not all of them, I think it’s not entirely possible anyway. I’m also trying to move towards a home where (almost) everything is necessary and I don’t have stuff I never use. we have sold some things and also donated clothes, kitchen goodies etc but we have a long road ahead of us.
    anyway, I seriously envy the sunny weather behind you! it’s freezing here! I love the Japanese garden, it’s gorgeous! and your outfit looks spot-on in front of it. the dress looks beautiful on you and the boots are perfect. and your colour block nails are fierce! great post, Denise! have a lovely week filled with Christmas spirit! 😉

  3. my shopping style has changed a lot over the years! I feel I need less and less as years go by…love that dress on you…you always look so pretty!
    velvet is amazing….but I don’t see it as a trend either. I have always liked it.

  4. Hi Denise, you are so beautiful. Love this cute single braide on your gorgeous hair, and your nails and bracelets look amazing. I absolutely agree with you , we often buy thigns we don’t really need, I am slowly slowly cutting down unnecessary beauty product purchases, let’s see if I can do the same about clothes and accessories. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.
    Nina’s Style Blog

  5. Denise
    Como sempre você arrasa .As roupas ficam perfeitas em você pois você tem uma pegada diferente na moda e no seu estilo.
    Quanto ao consumismo me penitencio.As vezes sinto vergonha de tanta roupa tanto calcado,
    Outro dia estava fazendo umas arrumações e vi que tenho muitos vestidos sem uso, e pra que tudo isso não é?
    Beijos minha linda amo seus conteúdos.
    Excelente semana..

  6. Hai proprio ragione cara Denise, abbiamo decisamente moto più di quanto abbiamo realmente bisogno, e cntinuiamo a coprare cose continuamente!
    D’altra parte però credo che non sia nemmeno possibile vivere solo con lo stretto necessario, perchè l’apparenza nella società in cui viviamo ha un gran peso e sottovalutarne l’importanza sarebbe stupido… Non che con questo intendo approvare il consumismo o svalutare l’importanza ( ben maggiore dell’apparenza) del carattere e della morale, però rimane il fatto che se vogliamo vivere con le altre persone dobbiamo più o meno adeguarci tutti a certi codici, condivisibili o meno.
    Io a dire il vero non credo di essere eccessivamente cosumista, sì compro parecchie cose che non mi servirebbero però di solito le compro per una ragione specifica (una festa, un’esame all’università ecc.) per cui non mi pento del mio tenore di vita…
    Passando al tuo look: sei deliziosa e super dolce con questo bel vestito colorato, ma più di tutto mi piacciono i tuoi accessori, quei braccialetti e quegli anelli ti danno un tocco gipsy che ti dona tanto! :)

  7. Love your dress Denise! I have the same one :) It looks so great on you, and I love the whole tropical theme – especially that coconut bag, how cute!

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday if I don’t get to speak to you before then! xo

  8. I agree with you. Everything gets recycled in fashion and the word trend is really just to get people to buy more. I don’t personally follow trends. I just go with what I feels most comfortable in whether it is in fashion or not.
    I like how unique your style always is. I mean where do you find items like your little bag, it’s really original. I like your velvet underground and your bracelets.
    I hope you have a wonderful week Denise :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  9. Liebe Denise,
    natürlich bist Du der Zeit voraus, in vielerlei Hinsicht! Da schließe ich auf jeden Fall auch Deinen bewussten Umfang mit Themen ein, den ich sehr schätze. Ich denke, ich habe früher viel mehr und viel planloser eingekauft. Mittlerweile überlege ich es mir sehr gut, was ich kaufe und glücklicherweise trage ich jetzt auch fast alles. Früher habe ich die Sachen oft nicht mal probiert sondern einfach in den Schrank gelegt. Kein Wunder, dass da oft Fehlkäufe darunter waren … Ich finde Dein Samt-Outfit auf jeden Fall und Dich wieder wunderschön. Samt lieben wir beide :) Ich wünsche Dir von Herzen noch einen schöne Woche!
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  10. You look really pretty in this outfit! What a nice dress that is. It would be nice to see the velvet skirt in its own right some day! Those boots are really great! So fun!!!
    You are entirely right about the fashion industry- it is always about more, more, more and yes, that needs to change- we have too much! I have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy too many clothes and I just need to stop buying them!!!x

  11. Love the title – and love velvet. I once had a navy blue velvet suit, with flared trousers and a fitted jacket. I adored it. Velvet wasn’t so much of a trend at the time, but as you say, who cares?! If you love it yourself, that’s good enough. Plus, also as you rightly point out, trends come and go, get recycled and so on. Funny though that the recycled trends always seem to come with a new twist – to get us to buy new, rather bring out the old? How could I be so cynical, Denise ;). As to 2017 consumption, I’ve def spent less this year and long may that continue into next year too! Big hugs my sweetie xxx.

  12. Il velluto è un tessuto che io proprio non riesco ad amare, fin da piccola, quando mia mamma mi comprava certi vestitini e io piangevo perchè non li volevo mettere!
    Comunque personalmente seguo un trend solo se mi piace davvero!
    Un bacione :*

  13. What a thoughtful post! I love the printed dress, and the velvet underneath ,how soft and smart and lux! I am also old, so I agree about trends, where there is a new one I laugh because I know I already have it. I love your single braid, too.! And those boots!! :)

    I do have a lot of clothes, and bags and shoes. I have been collecting for decades and still wear the same size. So I don’t have to buy cheap trendy clothes from vendors who I suspect do not pay a living wage… I love to buy second hand, and give away items every year to charity, so my closet is not too full. I do not want to eat someone else’s bread!

    xx, Elle

  14. Yes it is east to get carried away. I have made a lot of shopping mistakes over the last few years. I am learning to be more thoughtful when I buy things and make a list of what I really need (and want) this helps in keeping me from buying something that I don’t really need and also don’t want.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  15. I think we can dress to express ourselves and our personality, or choose to dress in a way that doesn’t make us stand out. Trends are nice, but more important – to stay true to oneself. If a trend is of one’s liking, I think one should go for it – why not? There has to be something that speaks to you. One of my favorite Finnish design brands, Ivana Helsinki, showcased velvet dresses with feathers & plants, already back in 2011: I have one of those dresses in my closet, and I’m never giving it up – it’s simply so beautiful!
    I love your braid in this post :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  16. Love the boho chic here, Denise. Love how you pulled the look together. And that mani is just divine. Would you believe it, but I still have not bought any velvet clothes. I haven’t bought much anyway this past year, tho. I have a new philosophy about fashion buys, but will talk about that some other time, lol. Happy holidays my lovely blogger friend.

  17. Ciao mia dolce Denise,
    Io sono d’accordo abbiamo fin troppo e continuiamo a comprare convinti che ci serva di più.
    Io ultimamente mi sono preposta di risparmiare tutto quello che riesco e spendere solo per la famiglia, ma non ci riesco mai.
    Oggi sei ancora più bella, io adoro il tuo stile perché é unico e le persone così come te le ammiro. Tu hai una bellezza unica.
    Un bacione
    Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary – Fashion blog

  18. Hi Denise! I love your inspiring and open-minded post, personally I try to not follow the trends, but select the clothes by my taste. What about my cosumption style, I have to admit that this style has changed in my situation – when I was teenager I used to buy a lot of clothes and then, I didn’t wear almost 50% of my new purchases. Now, I can say that I’m more aware of how this fashion industry is working, so I buy wisely – as you could notice, I do my shopping in second hand stores mostly and few times of the year, after tidy my wardrobe up, I give needless clothes, which are still in good condition for charity. What about your outfit, dear Denise, you look so pretty in this maxi dress and the coconut bag is the cherry on the top, it’s such a unique bag :)
    Have a lovely evening, dear!

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