Uruguay’s Heritage Places

Uruguay’s Heritage Places – oh, I think I know that my pictures in Uruguay may be boring… but I just can’t help, I am in love with the place and so, showing it all the time now :)

Casco Viejo, the old neighborhood, a heritage site in Montevideo

Casco Viejo, the old neighborhood, a heritage site in Montevideo

Uruguay has around 3,500,000 inhabitants, so it manages very well wealth and literacy rate – the highest in South America, as I said two weeks ago. The capital, Montevideo, is a modern city with some well preserved old buildings, too. A country that values culture – it’s interesting to notice that on a corner of South America, where we expect poverty, this place can be seen as developed.

Today, I’ll show some more places in Montevideo. I know there are many pictures, but I thought that all of them were important to “explain” the city. I’m not a very talented photographer, but for my taste the pictures are fine – they show places, monuments, all with the “sepia air” of the city, something that I like so much! I hope it’s not too boring! Do you like old buildings?

Some Heritage sites (and things) are:

Colonia del Sacramento city, which I have shown here;
Candombe, a typical rhythm in the country. In 2009 UNESCO declared candombe intangible Heritage of Humanity;
Ciudad Vieja (Old Neighborhood), that I’m showing today. It was surrounded by a defensive wall until 1829, when the majority of it was torn down. Today, you’ll see the ruins of it, with only The Gateway of the Citadel standing;
Modern Architecture of the 20th Century – It shows a mix of (old and new) buildings (from 1915 on), that gives a real insight into the social, cultural and historical progress of Montevideo;
La Rambla (Promenade by the River de la Plata), that I showed here and will show more, later. It’s a long avenue that crosses many neighborhoods, like Carrasco, Pocitos, Punta Carretas, etc. It’s public, but protected as a National Historic Monument;
Mercado del Puerto – Traditional food market from the 19th century, now a fusion of past and present. It was established as a National Historic Landmark in 1975. I’ll show more of it later :)
Museo Del Carnaval (Carnival Museum) – Dedicated to preserving the multi-cultural background of the country, it opened in 2006. The Carnival here lasts up to 40 days!
This is a city that values practical outfits. Today I’m wearing a very simple, and above all, comfortable outfit.I needed it – you’ll see through the pictures that I walked a lot!
Artigas Building, the government's area in the city

Artigas Building, the government’s area in the city

Such a fantastic door!

Such a fantastic door!

Independence Square, where the government is

Independence Square, where the government is located


Presidential building

Presidential building

Salvo Palace, finished in 1928

Plaza Independencia – Independence Square


Still Independence Square

Still Independence Square, designed in the 1830s

Salvo Palace, finished in 1928

Salvo Palace, finished in 1928 with Artigas statue and mausoleum

The Artigas Mausoleum is guarded permanently. Here, some soldiers are changing shifts

The Artigas Mausoleum is guarded permanently. Here, some soldiers are changing shifts

Old Gate of the city

Old Gate of the city

The gate behind me, now entering the Old Neighborhood

The gate is behind me, now entering the Old Neighborhood

Solis Theater

Solis Theater

Such a cool theater!

Such a cool theater!


The country is an example of respect for diversity.

The country is an example of respect for diversity. Here,  the “Free space of sexual diversity”

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week


Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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47 thoughts on “Uruguay’s Heritage Places

  1. What a fabulous door – beautiful. Thank you for showing us around Denise – Montivideo looks like a beautiful city – your first photo could be in Grafton Street – they look a bit similar. Have a good week. Fil x

    • Hi, dear Jenny, thank you for your lovely comment! I do speak Spanish and people here are sooo sweet! I am having such a great time! Thank you again for your sweet comment, dear friend! Wishing you a beautiful day! Xxx

  2. You are very fortunate to be able to travel to so many beautiful locations. I don’t think I could afford to do so many visits and I worry about the environmental impact of flying so I don’t do it very often. Still, it must be amazing to be able to see so many different, wonderful places.

    • Thank you for your sweet comment, dear Kezzie! Actually I flew to Uruguay to stay for many months and to research for my thesis, it was really a “must”. But as I said, I will stay many months :) This place is wonderful and there are cruises too (so, not flying). I totally recommend it! Hope you have a beautiful week! Again thanks for the lovely words! Xxx

  3. What an amazing door–when you fall in love with a place it doesn’t matter about the pictures as long as you’re happy with them and they are candid shots–I love it. You always share such lovely captures, nothing boring to me. I love your red bag as well. Hope your week is going well, Denise.
    Take care,

  4. Hi Denise :) I’ve been super busy and not able to pop by but I’m so happy to be back and to read about Uruguay Heritage Places. Ciudad Vieja looks awesome, I hope to visit it one day. I always visit museums when I travel Museo Del Carnaval looks like my cup of tea. Your smile is always the best part of your outfit but I’m also loving your tunic, you look beautiful

  5. This place is beautiful, so jello you get to travel to so many amazing places, but then you can share it on your blog with us which is extra special :)

    Love your quote too babe, have a lovely Thursday xx

  6. You do always manage to find the best quotes. Really I need to create a Pinterest board just for your quotes.

    You are right, walking through a city is the very best way to see it properly.

    You still manage to keep your style even if you spent the day walking.

    What exactly would one do at a free space of sexual diversity I wonder? ; P

    Who do you get to take your photos? You always manage to get some great ones.


  7. Sai che non avrei mai immaginato che Montevideo potesse avere quell’aspetto, Denise?
    Ho sempre pensato il sud America un pò tutto simile al Brasile o al Messico o a Cuba, ma questa sembra una città molto raffinata e moderna!
    Le tue foto mi piacciono tanto, cara Denise, è super interessante vedere un posto così lontano, che tra l’altro di solito non è meta di vacanze e viaggi, quindi anche abbastanza poco conosciuto!
    Tu sei sempre tanto carina e dolce, e trovo che abbia trovato un’ottimo compromesso tra il tuo solito stile ed il look più casual che richiede il luogo!
    Goditi la permanenza lì! :)

  8. Yes this is a very European looking city. If I looked at it quickly I would think it was some where in Europe. But I guess that makes sense as the original “founders” who “discovered” the city/area were from Europe. I like your photos! Excited to see more from this city and your adventures here.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  9. You look truly happy in these photos Denise, it’s so lovely to see! I think Uruguay must have been a very special place for you. It’s fascinating to see more pictures – it looks like such a unique mixture of old and new buildings!

  10. Liebe Denise, Du fotografierst sehr gut! Und Du hast mich jetzt wirklich neugierig gemacht auf Uruguay und Montevideo überhaupt – das ist wirklich eine tolle Stadt, weiß ich jetzt dank Dir! Dein Outfit ist einfach perfekt zum Erkunden der schönen Stadt und besonders gefällt mir, dass Du so glücklich aussiehst. Danke für diesen Post und von Herzen eine neue wunderbare Woche für Dich! Alles Liebe von Rena

  11. Denise
    Observando suas fotos fiquei com saudades e fiquei me imaginando de novo andando em cada cantinho destes lugares.
    Lembro também que um dos almoços mais deliciosos foi no mercado del Puerto..
    Muito bom rever através de seu olhar mais apurado,
    Lindas fotos querida e como sempre informações de expert, se eu tivesse visto seu post antes de ir com certeza teria aproveitado mais.
    Excelente semana

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