Types of friends

Types of friends: I bet you’ll look at the chart and say “I have a friend like that” :)

Source here

Source here

Any of your friends above? Loyal, lovely, bluntly honest, annoying, grumpy, shy, aggressive, helpful, so different types! But be careful: “close stressful relationships lead to cognitive decline“, states a research. Relationships are complex, but it’s good befriending different cultural backgrounds-polar opposite people: we learn from each other. Opposing views open our eyes to different things and accepting people how they are. There’s no wrong or right, just different.

Source here

Source here

Makeup of the day :)

Makeup July 2015

Le Blanc Chanel, Shu Uemura hair spray, Chanel nail polish, Dior top coat, Vichy soap, Skin Ceuticals vitamin C, Givenchy eye shadows

Le Blanc Chanel, Shu Uemura hair spray, Chanel nail polish, Dior top coat, Vichy soap, Skin Ceuticals serum, Givenchy eye shadows, Stella McCartney perfume and Percy & Reed oil


Outfit of the day

Dress/tunic Mamo, Anna Sui headband

Dress/tunic Mamo, Jeans LB, Headband/scarf Anna Sui

That is a Levi's jeans - I transformed it into a bag!

That is a Levi’s jeans – I transformed it into a bag! I added a belt and a Russian brooch

Asos shoes

Asos shoes, Tri-Fil tights

Chanel nail polish

Chanel nail polish, bracelet from Bewdley, pearl one – gifted, rings: star, Claire’s. Blue stone, don’t remember

Murano necklace, bought in Venice

Murano necklace, bought in Venice

I love your comments! They make me happy, I respect your views a lot, they’re always meaningful and valuable! I got to know so nice people!  Comments encourage exchanging ideas, they really add a lot to me I’ll always read your lovely comments – I said, I love them! – but I’ll answer them when I visit your blogs, for a while. Sometimes we need a break (signs here) and to go on blogging, I need that for a while :) Really sorry, hope I can answer comments again soon!

Wishing you a week with many smiles!

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131 thoughts on “Types of friends

  1. Qué lindo post! Yo creo que nunca me he puesto a pensar en si mis amigos son de una categoría en particular, pero es un buen ejercicio pensarlo y sobre todo esa que los clasifica en 3 tipos, por una razón, por una estación o para toda la vida. Ojalá todos fueran de los últimos.
    Igualmente me gustaron mucho les detalles de tu outfit, especialmente los colores de tus zapatos, el collar y la originalidad del bolso! lo mandaste a hacer con unos jeans tuyos?

  2. Hi Denise. I love your post. I’m not sure if my comment on your previous post was successfully sent. I love your make-up and outfit ? The levis pants that you turned into a bag is sp unique and cute. I like it! Have a great week ahead. ☺

  3. Hola Denise, que preciosa estás con tu look, siempre bella y adorable. Los zapatos me encantaron especialmente y el maquillaje es perfecto. Gracias por compartir las referencias de los productos concretos que usaste. Tienes razón las relaciones son complejas y es verdad que hay muchos tipos de amistades, te deseo que te rodeen siempre esos que son para toda la vida. Un abrazo guapa

  4. Yeah i totally agree with your chart haha! I can even see myself in the chart haha!
    Anyway, you looked so lovely in your outfit i love your dress and your makeup is just stunning <3


  5. Hey Denise, yep, I have quite a few friends with the personality trates of one of the Mr Men. They are ‘Mr Men’? I think I’ve just shown my age, lol! I love your makeup look. I also adore that denim jeans bag. How ingenious and clever you are! I wouldn’t have a clue where to start with making something like that. That Chanel varnish looks exquisite also. A beautiful shade of blue to match the colour of a Summer sky – except here in the UK, where it is raining today! :( Txx

  6. Hi Denise! You are definitely the loyal friend! We all have all sorts which is fun! I do so like that fun tunic and shoes, you have such beautiful, sleek hair, I always mean to say that. You’re very good to answer comments. I don’t do it so often as I’m not sure anyone checks back. X

  7. Hi Denise! Your post made me smile! The “Friends Chart” is just too funny, thanks for sharing!
    Also, I really love how you do your make-up, it is flawless! Oh, and your chevron print top is amazing! I have a skirt and top like in that print and it is definitely one of my faves! You are beautiful, and I’m glad we met through blogging!
    Sending you much love & I hope this day is as beautiful as you are,
    stunning lady!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  8. I completely understand the need of blogging break, I just took one myself after feeling burnt out to the point I wish to pull the plug. I hope you’ll have a nice relaxing time and come back feeling refreshed.

    Friendship is a very tricky one for m, I got burnt so many time…well, actually it’s twice. Twice I had someone whom I thought I can rely on and found out I was back stabbed. I guess in a way there’s a silver lining to it, at least I know whom are my real friends? As for myself, I think I am ‘the one that always get hurt’, I am so clumsy that I trip on myself while walking in a pair of sneakers, it’s horrible and embarrassing for me and my friends. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Hi, dear Shireen! Thank you so much for your comment, but no, I am not taking a break of blogging, just for answering comments on my blog :) It was like 85 answers, that I love to write, but I would need two days for that :) Oh, I am sorry to read that you had bad experiences… I get hurt, too, especially by a very careless friend. She says she is carefulk, but she just says whatever comes to her mind in order to step on me, but then you know who is guilty? I am sorry to say, we two are, we, the ones who get hurt. If we could stand and say “who do you think you are to talk to me that way”, we would get some respect. But I see you are very sweet, and then gets hurt. Nevertheless, I still prefer keeping a pleasant soul, I think, than being the unpleasant person. Be very sure, your real friends will like you the way you are, and the one who don’t, well, they are not your friends! Hope you have a great day!

      • Ohh, I totally understand what you mean that we never speak up, my husband always tell me to voice out my feelings but I was not brought up that way. It’s stupid really, sometimes telling one that what they are doing is hurting us might salvage the friendship instead of bottling it up inside. But I’m always worried about hurting others feeling. Oh, the bloody dilemma. LOL!

        I hope you’ll have a lovely and relaxing weekend, Denise! xx

  9. Jajaja los dibujitos son muy graciosos, pues sí! Reconocí a varios de mis amigos en ese cuadro! Y espero que muchos de ellos terminen siendo los del tipo de “Amigos para toda la vida” :)
    Te ves hermosa en esa túnica blanca y negra, una combinación clásica que nunca falla! El esmalte azul también me gustó mucho cómo lo luces, con esos accesorios divinos!
    Que tengas una hermosa semana!!!


  10. I don’t think everyone expects you to respond to their comments. I’ve found that 90% of my readers don’t even get the responses to their comments, so it was a bit of a waste of time. I do try to visit their blogs. If I have time, I will respond to comments as well but only if I can. Blogging takes so much time and other bloggers understand that.

    I lost my best friend of 23 years last year and I’m still feeling the sting. I discovered that you “think” you know someone, but in the end, you still really truly have no idea what they are thinking. I think she went through a mid-life crisis or something. It ended very badly and I still don’t know why.

    That DIY bag is wonderful! Especially the little belt added! Super cute!


    • But this comment I have to answer, dear Suzanne… I am so sorry about your friend… really sorry. I have a friend since university and I would be a different person without her, so I think I understand you… Bisous, dear Suzanne!

  11. Your jeans purse is so great! I hand sewed one of those when I was 12 and used it for years. They’re really fun and darling! These days I have a small “barrel” shaped denim purse. It’s modern, but quite mid-century appropriate.

    That is so true about the three types of friends. That graphic really spoke to me and I even pined it. It sums up the general truth of friendship so superbly. Thank you for sharing it, sweet Denise.

    Big hugs & happy mid-July wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  12. Ma lo sai che è proprio vero? Io e la mia migliore amica siamo all’opposto come carattere però ci troviamo benissimo insieme! Quando ci siamo incontrate per la prima volta nessuna delle due avrebbe mai immaginato che saremmo diventate così amiche!^^
    E credo che anche con te potrei diventare facilmente amica perchè penso che tu abbai un carattere molto simile al suo! :)
    Sei dolcissima ed hai un viso stupendo! 😀

  13. Hahaha yeeep I can relate to that chart! I guess everyone can haha… This is an awesome post. I’ll show that picture to that my friends x) Ouuh what a lovely outfit you got there yourself Denise 😀 You are so beautiful ^.^ I always enjoy your posts :) Thank you! 😀

  14. What about the break in blogging – don’t worry, Denise, we all need it from time to time and when we back, we have many new and fresh ideas! What about friendship, I think that everyone of us need it in our lives, but personally I can say that I have few friends, which whom I try to be close and meet with them as often as I can, but to be honest my best friend is my fiance, who is always nearby me, no matter what and I’m truly rely on him (and vice versa) :) What about your outfit, I really like your DIY bag, it’s such a clever idea, dear Denise:)


    • Dear Ivonne, the pause is just to reply comments :) I will go on posting every Monday :) I am glad that your best friend is our fiance – really, a partner for life is really the best friend, but nevertheless I am sure you are an amazing friend, cause you are so sweet and always very considerate and polite! You know I am your fan! Hope you have a very nice day, dear Ivonne!

  15. Hi Denise, it was not necessary to bet nothing. You must know that you will win. This that you told is a very great true and I found it when I began to relate to other bloggers. I learned many things and it made me develop a lot in my life. Opposing views realy open our eyes to different things. I loved this post. Have a nice week.

  16. I’m very lucky because I have a variety of friends with different characteristics and some friends have lots of characteristics in one. Honesty, loyalty and funny are the most important things to me in a friend. It’s been ages since I saw the Mr Men.

    I love denim Denise but I tend to always wear jeans or a denim shirt. I have a denim satchel and love the idea of a denim bag so your bag is right up my street – I love it!

    Don’t worry about responding to comments my dear, I hope you are well and I always appreciate your comments on my blog Denise.

  17. Oh, how adorable do you look Denise! I love your Missoni-esque tunic. Very stylish! As for friendship, I prefer honest and loyal friends, because that is how I am. I recently had a close (supposed) friend do some shady things to me and I had to get away from that person, it’s sad because I thought we were very good friends, but in life you can tell who your true friends are when things are going well for you, some people just want to bring you down, instead of being happy and supporting each other. Oh well, that’s life I reckon, a much learning experience indeed. Thankfully, I have other friends who are true and have proven again and again that they are here to stay. As for comments, I don’t think you should fret at all, I love to respond to my comments, but honestly I cannot respond to 100% of them, I try to do 80% at least. Although, many of the bloggers that I follow never respond to comments on their blogs, or respond in another way. You just have to do what makes you feel good for your blog. Take care!
    Evening Entertaining

    • Dear Madison, thank you so much for sharing that story about that bad friend… I have one right now that is exactly that way. Radical, grumpy, badmouthing, always trying to compete and belittle me… not food at all… I try my best to bear it, thinking “people may have problems and issues”, but it darkens my days, many times… I should take your example and walk away as well! Really, many many thanks for sharing that experience – as I said, not good, but I am glad you could spot that behavior and say bye to her! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  18. What lovely photos! I adore your headband and that Chevron striped (that’s Chevron stripes, yes?) sweater is amazing! The friends “type” chart made me smile. My class reunion was this past weekend. Didn’t go as there really wasn’t anyone there I cared to see (I’ve kept in touch with a few dear friends from those days. Most of the others from those days are “toxics”). Anyway, I sure can pick out some of the “types” on this chart. :) Hugs, Denise! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

    • I totally understand you, dear Tina! Thanks for sharing that about the reunion, you just “sent” me the word that describes a friend of mine and I didn#y figure it out – “toxic”! Thank you for the word, and I hope you never have to see those toxic people again (I mean, enough at school!) Hugs and kisses, dear Tina!

  19. Ohmygosh! I loved the Mr. Man books so much. I have a whole stack of them in my hallway bookshelf. My favorite was Mr. Bump-he always made me laugh. (And I have a Mr. Bump ice pack!!) I wonder which kind of friend I am? I think I would be a combination of Stylish and Cutie-Pie. That’s what I hear from most people :)
    Anyway, you look super cute! I can’t believe you made that bag out of an old pair of Levi’s jeans! How fun and original :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  20. Hi Denise, let’s say there are 4 types of friends. The blogger friends are missing 😉 The emojis look super cute and I think I have already met all types of them haha. You look adorable as always. Love your cute tunic/dress and your beautiful makeup. The Givenchy eyeshadow palette is to die for and the nail polish rocks!!! I can totally understand that you need a blog break (who doesn’t). Enjoy your break and hopefully you’ll be back soon to full blogging (like me). Happy hump day sweetie!!


    • Liebe Mira! The break is just answering comments here! I will go on posting every Monday! You are soooo right – blogger friends, for sure! For me you are a friend! I always think of you sending good vibes and hoping you and your family are fine! Thank you for always being so sweet und auf Deutsch, danke, dass es dich gibt, keine leere Worte! XXX

    • You are so sweet, dear Vishakha! I feel so glad that you like the posts! For me fashion is nice, of course, but I will always prefer a book to shoes (though I love shoes!) That’s why I wanted to write posts the way I do, cause only clothes are not what translates me :) Thank you again, dear, and again I am so glad for your compliment!

  21. Oi linda!
    Gostei muito de conhecer o seu blog e amei este post.
    Eu estou achando que ele é muito estiloso, tem uma visualização muito bonita e é cheio de informação útil.
    Dé uma passadinha no meu blog, você vai adora ele tanto quanto eu adorei o seu.
    Se gostar, me siga. Mas se você não gosta…….
    ME SIGA mesmo assim!!! rsrsrs


  22. hey, you! I think it’s completely normal that sometimes we need a break. a break from blogging, a break from working, a break from communicating, from anything actually! and I also think you don’t have to reply to every single comment because there always are some bloggers who leave a word or two under your post without even reading it because they want you to visit their blog and also leave a comment. I myself usually ignore such comments because I don’t have heaps of free time anyway 😛 and sometimes I don’t reply to the comments under my own post but visit others’ blogs and say something under their own posts. it all depends on the amount of time and also my current mood. but you should act exactly like you feel is the right way for you :) by the way, I left a little something for you in my blog! oh and what a brilliant bag! I think it goes so well with your manicure and jewellery. and the black and white tunic is super effective. looks perfect on you! as always, take care, dear Denise!

    • oh, about friends too. I communicate the most with my fiance and with my mom but also quite a lot with my colleagues since I spend five days a week with them. sometimes I talk a few words with some of my old friends via Facebook for example but not much because I feel like after all that communication with everyone else I have no more energy left. but I would love to meet my blog friends in real life because they seem to have more in common with me, similar way of thinking and similar hobbies.

  23. Olá Denise, tudo bem?

    Adoro fazer amizades e acho que diferentes tipos de pessoas, cada um com o seu jeito de ser só tem a enriquecer uns aos outros. Adorei o seu look, especialmente a bolsa jeans que achei muito fofa!! Gosto muito de esmalte azul, e esse que você usou é lindo!!

  24. Haha, funny pictures and yes, some of my friends definitely are like in that picture. Your tunic is lovely and great idea to transform jeans into a bag. Gorgeous nails and jewelry, you look wonderful:)
    I understand why you need a break from blogging, lately for me is extremly hard to find time for blogging.
    Hope you will come back soon:)

    • Hi, dear! Thank you for the lovely words and compliments! It’s not a break from blogging that I am taking – I am still posting every Monday and for the next Monday I have already a scheduled post :) It’s from answering the comments on the blog that I am taking a break, just that! :) Hope you have a very nice weekend!

  25. Dear Denise, when I read your very true chart I thought that most of the characteristics I have even inside of me :) But it is so true, we really should have a mixture of friends as they help to develop ourselves and often they are even often a mirror for us! I think we can learn a lot through and from our friends. And we shouldn’t forget that we aren’t perfect and therefore we can’t demand this from our friends! Congratulations for your perfect makeup and I just recognised that I wrote this comment in English and not as usual here in German :) Love also your look, the tunic is a wonderful piece and the Lewi’s bag, too! Enjoy your weekend, dear Denise! Alles Liebe!

    • Oh, you just spoke my mind, dear Lauren Blair! I couldn’t put into words the toxic friends’ thing, and I have a very toxic one, and I will remember your wise words, thank you sooo much!

  26. Hi Denise:). These cute icons are just exact like many of us people. We sure have met all type of friends but in the end of the day we seems like to stick with the ones who those closely same our own personalities. I’m kind of like that because if who is my friend which I don’t have much because I’d like only the true and good quality ones and caring and kindness is on top of friendship I do have heart for, I’m all about love, caring and kindness where I’m coming from. About blogging, if I’ve something that more important at the moment and then I do allow myself to have a blog’s break and I do catching up after that. Please don’t go over work:) do it easy:) but please go and get me when you back:) I’ll be here for you:). I love your transferred your jeans to a cute bag it so cute, your nails polish is also pretty and the rest of your outfit is so you:) *unique*. You have such a sweet beautiful smile I have to mention this:). I wish you a relax and wonderful weekend:). Many kissess.


    • Dear Tanya, you are sooo sweet! I really love your comments, thank you for this one, showing me what matters and you are so right! I have been reading a lot of friendship, cause I have one that for me is toxic, though I keep on saying to myself, to “forgive” the person: “no one is perfect”. But you are right, it’s about love, caring and kindness and the person is not kind, not in the least. So I will think a lot in the next days and decide what to do about this person! Oh, the blogging break is just about answering comments! I will go on posting on Mondays! And thaaaank you so much for saying you are there for me! I truly am for you too, cause you are such a kind soul and I really always wish you are fine! Many kisses and I hope you have a very nice weekend!

  27. Que hermoso y verdadero que es tu publicacion. Dices cosas acertadas y que se necesitan escuchar :) . Espero ser una amistad que te bendiga a ti ya que tu eres una amistad que me bendice :) . Que lindo y enriquecedor post!
    Oh ahora ya se tu secreto de tener una piel hermosa, usas ese serum. La verdad que siempre quise preguntarte que usas en la piel de tu rostro ya que siempre te ves radiante! Que tengas un lindo fin de semana <3 besitos!

    • Querida amiga! Pues claaaaso que eres una amiga que me bendice mucho! Gracias por tus palabras, es un honor saber que me ves asi, yo tambien te veo asi, una bendicion, una amiga alegre y tan dulce! La verdad de la piel: no uso serums a menudo. Solamente cremas o serums unas 3 o 4 veces a la semana. A noche no uso nunca. Pero verdad que no tengo problemas con la piel, y te lo digo lo que hago – siempre dormir bien y beber agua, agua agua! Es verdad! Pero tambien no tienes problemas con tu piel! Siempre estas linda! Besitos!

  28. Denise you look stunning! Love your outfit and makeup of the day, especially the handbag! Also the friends I have is the stylish one, the good friend, and my husband which I consider my best friend is the grumpy one :) Have a great weekend xoxo

  29. Ciao dolce Denise!
    Mi hai fatto pensare che è vero, io ho amici per ogni tipo raffigurato in quel grafico!:-) E’ bello conoscere e avere per amici persone che hanno gusti e pensieri simili ai nostri, ma anche persone con opinioni e caratteri diversi dai nostri…è sempre una occasione di arricchimento personale!
    Bellissimo il tuo make up, i tuoi consigli sui prodotti per me sono sempre utili!
    La tua borsa di jeans è troppo simpatica! Bravissima, hai fatto un ottimo lavoro!
    Un bacio
    Paola ♡

  30. such a cute post denise!
    I remember at some point someone was circulating this on facebook where you would tag all of your friends for which one they were, how funny! I cant remember which one I was tagged as! haha! but very cute!
    love your outfit and makeup – always looking sharp and pretty! And I love your bag that you made from jeans! how awesome!
    and i feel ya on needing a break, we all do at some point to feel refreshed and bring in more good content/inspiration!
    have a great week! xo

    • You must be inside the category “great and sweet friends”! It’s just a break on answering comments on my blog, not from posting! :) Thank you for your sweet comment and a great week to you, too, dear Andrea! XXX

  31. Hi Denise! I think I can identify to several personas in the chart :p and I agree I beleive it is good to befriend diferent type of friends with different cutural backgrounds… My little circle is definitly multicultural :) I also realise the older I get the less need I have to be surround by ‘a lot of friends’ but rather have a few close good friends I can treasure. As for the makeup… you have some nice products! Chanel, Givenchy, Shu Uemura… I think we would get along out shopping LOL ow, and I like your hair colour btw 😉

    x Josune, Your Beauty Script ❤


  32. I thought I had already commented but can’t see it, so I’ll comment again! Thank you for your thoughtful and lovely comment on my Amy blog, Denise :) I feel so close to you even though I know we have never met or even spoken in person! It’s just a connection you feel through blogging I suppose. Anyway, you’re right that we’ve all got that friend that fits a specific role. I really love your thing about having a friend for a season or a friend for a reason etc – that really speaks to me. XX

  33. I have so many different types of friends on that chart! I agree it is good to be friends with different types of people because you can learn so much from them, but it isn’t good to be part of a super stressful friendship. I am loving your makeup! That Givenchy eyeshadow palette is stunning! And your outfit is adorable as always! That Levi handbag is too cool – I can’t believe you made it yourself!


  34. That’s funny because I think that both I and my friends fall into many different categories from the ones above.
    I really liked your outfit of the day, and your makeup! You’re always pretty! :)

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