Types of Friends

Types of Friends that we have, had or will have in our lives! Today, Blogger Friends!

Half knot braided hairstyle. Wearing just one earring these days... this one is from Barcelona

Half knot braided hairstyle. Wearing just one earring these days… this one is from Barcelona

I once wrote a post about it… but as I got a sweet blog award by a lovely blogger friend, Live Love and Laugh (such a great, positive blog) I decided to write about having blogger friends! Thank you, dear friend, I am very honored by the award! Who wouldn’t love to read sweet words about oneself? I felt so happy, that she thinks I am like that! (I honestly don’t know whether I deserve all those amazing words and thoughts! Hopefully yes!) So, she nominated and introduced me this way:

“Denise / Denise’s planet – Her blog is filled with so many positives vibes. She blogs about various things such as DIY stuff, outfits, recipes and beauty. She’s full of life. Denise is one of the friendliest bloggers I have ever known, so if you are looking out to socialize with someone you know what to do!”

Versatile blogger award

Sometimes we have friends that we seldom see and that within time, change life projects (and we do, too) and then we don’t share many things with them anymore. And sometimes we have friends we never met, but somehow connect in such a nice way, that we feel like we’ve known them for ages! Blogger friends are like that; some we have more connections, some we meet and have a great time, some we like and like friends we know in person, also change – or we change :) and we don’t have much in common anymore. How do you feel about blogger friends?

Pandora and Penneys bracelets

Pandora and Penneys bracelets

So, she said I have to share 7 facts about me. It’s difficult, but let me try!

1) I’m vegetarian since childhood. The only one in my family;
2) I love positive quotes; I’m always sharing them :)
3) I love old movies – I mean, from the 30s till the 60s!
4) I love the word love;
5) Red is my favorite color;
6) I like junk food – it led to a bad lack of vitamins, that I have to fix;
7) I love the sea.


Tiles' print maxi skirt (Mamo) and Cavern Club T-shirt, I got in Liverpool

Tiles’ print maxi skirt (Mamo) and Cavern Club T-shirt, got in Liverpool. Fall is “on” now,  leaves are on the floor

The navy vest is my design. The bag is the same of the previous post, but the other side, that is all fake fur

The navy vest is my design. The bag is the same of the previous ootd post, but the other side, that is all fake fur

Irrehular Choice red patent leather shoes with perspex heels. The detailing is a little crochet-candy!

Irregular Choice red patent leather shoes with perspex heels. The detailing is a little crochet-candy!

Celtic cross brooch from Trinity College in Dublin

Celtic cross brooch from Trinity College in Dublin

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

Well, Pluto seems not to be a planet anymore... but true, how amazing is to get to know lovely people! Thank you!

Well, Pluto seems not to be a planet anymore… but true, how amazing is to get to know lovely people! Thank you!

Wishing you a nice week with super smiles! Thanks for the amazing comments!

Hope to see you on Friday, with Friday Feelings! 

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* the rules also said “nominate other bloggers”… but I would like to nominate all the ones who always leave me super sweet comments!

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77 thoughts on “Types of Friends

    • Thank you for the always lovely words, dear Pam! I include you among the sweetest blogger friends I have! You are always so sweet and supportive, and this is so rare these days, so, thank you very much for that! Hope you have a very sweet week, dear Pam!

  1. having blogger friends from all those cool countries from all around the world is a wonderful thing I think! especially when you get to communicate from one year to another and it actually lasts. it’s definitely one of the best things about blogging :)
    anyway, your tile print skirt – that’s SO cool since I really love such tiles! I even bought some really cool ones for our future bathroom. and the heels of your shoes – another huge wow!
    by the way, I have a curious question :) what do you mean by junk food when you’re a vegetarian? french fries for example or what? 😛
    have a lovely week, dear Denise!

    • Thank you so much, dear Maiken, for such a cool and sweet comment! I also think like you, when we communicate for years, that’s one of the best things about blogging, no doubt! Ah, junk food… yes, fries can be an example, although I seldom eat them – but like them :) I normally eat cookies, cakes, sandwiches, popcorn… I have phases – sometimes that’s all I eat for may days. Very seldom you will see me eating “real food”, I spend the day through snacks. But sometimes I have weeks that I cook more and eat healthily. Phases :) I really need to change, I have such a lack of vitamins… need to solve that soon! Thank you again, dear Maiken, hope you have a lovely week!

  2. I feel really close to my blogger friends – it’s like having pen pals from all over the world and it’s so interesting to glimpse into their worlds 😀
    Congratulations on your award – you deserve it – and she was definitely right , your blog is so positive and sweet. Keep it up.
    Fil x

  3. Hello Denise! I feel exactly the same about blogger friends – you don’t have to meet them in person, to feel that they’re truly special persons, like you’re! What’s more, it’s always pleasure to get to know new things about you – you have to know that I like to eat junk food from time to time, but on the other hand, I eat a lot of vegatables, fruits and home-made dishes (this “menu” is something normal in my country, for example, I barely eat processed foods). What about your outfit, the print of your skirt is so eye-catching, Denise, I love it! :)


  4. Interessante como é difícil falar de si mesma em Denise.
    Quando você menciona sete coisas sobre você, me surpreendi a respeito da sua cor preferida, achei que sua cor preferida fosse azul, pois me parece que você sempre aparece de azul.
    Amei o tema , pois comigo acontece isso também mantenho contato com duas outras blogueiras que são um doce de pessoa.E você também é uma pessoa incrível , daquelas que a gente quer bem graciosamente.
    Por outro lado já tive contato com outras pessoas através do blog que os relacionamentos não vão além de um contato.Teve uma até que me fez estranhas perguntas bem pessoais e indiscretas inbox.
    Parabéns pelo belíssimo texto que com certeza me levou a refletir muito..
    Beijo grande excelente semana continue brilhando.

  5. You definitely deserve those sweet words! You are a very positive and friendly, Denise! :) And blogger friends are the best! With moving so much, I can go long stretches before I make new friends in the city I’m currently living in…so, having blogger friends I interact with on a daily basis makes me feel a lot less alone. I’ve also met some blogger friends in real life as a result! It’s amazing how positive the blogging world can be. :) And I’m glad I have you as a blogger friend!


    • Dear Lindsey, be very sure that I am the one who is happy to have met you! Or OK, we are both happy :) I totally understand what you said, it’s difficult to start life in a different place and to build true and long lasting friendship all over again and again. So I am happy that you have the blog to feel less alone – I know you have friends and family, but count on me if you ever need a word to go on! I really like your life approach! Hope you have a superb week! And thank you so much for the very sweet comment!

    • Dear Shireen, I thank you so much for this beautiful comment and feeling, the pleasure is mine! Cause you are friendly, genuine, sweet and I am very glad we got to “meet” through our blogs! I hope you have a very beautiful day and week!

    • THank you so much, dear Imogen, for the really sweet words! I can also say that your collection of shoes is amazing – I am a big fan – especially the newest BAIT pairs! Again thank you so much for the sweet comment and a nice week for you!

  6. Ma che bello questo post cara Denise! 😀
    Io credo che l’amicizia tra blogger sia un tipo di amicizia un pò diverso rispetto a quello con le persone che conosciamo nella realtà ma non meno importante!
    Io sono super felice di aver conosciute tante belle persone come te atttraverso il blog, ed anche se la maggior parte di loro non le ho mai viste dal vero alcune le considero vere amiche! 😀

    • Sempre carinissima, Silvia, che bene che sia tornata! E sono io chi ti ringrazio, perche sei sempre carina, sempre con belle parole, sempre con bella energia e sentimento! Sono felice di averti conosciuto :) attraverso il blog, ma lo sai, un giorno forse ci vediamo! Credo di si! E mi piacerebbe molto! Baci!

  7. Blogger friends is such an interesting concept isn’t it. I’ve been blogging for just under 3 years now and I have made some lovely virtual friends through my readers and just the other day I met up with one of my readers in London which was lovely and something I didn’t think I’d ever do – I hope to meet more. You have a lovely blogger friend who said such kind words about you and I hope you maintain a great friendship. Even though I only know you through your blog I can see all those qualities in you.

  8. Blogging friendships can be incredibly meaningful and precious, especially those that are cultivated for years. When you speak with someone on weekly basis (even if just throught messages) it is bound to create a bond. Sure, sometimes blogging is also about short messages and some bloggers only care about page visits, but most bloggers are very encouraging and understanding of their fellow bloggers….very supporting!

    the way your blogger friend described you is very sweet! I agree with you….your blog is a very positive one and I often learn something new here….I loved reading 7 facts about you…I adore the sea too…and colour red is important to me….word love always inspires me too….so we have a lot in common.

    Those heels are precious…and I really like that maxi! such a great outfit. You look so pretty and feminine.

  9. This is such a sweet post, and I mean that as the highest compliment. It is important o feel happy when the world is full of difficult things, and your vibe is always friendly an positive! Yes, I do value my blogging friends, I get to know alot about them,and today I know you love the word love and like junk food ( a little bit is good for us! :)
    I adore this outfit, the great printed skirt, and vest, plus the graphic tee and super cool shoes! Wow! Excellent!
    xx, Elle

  10. To me, blogger friends are the best! Because we already share something in common – blogging. And fashion blogger friends are even better, because then we share the same love for fashion. I’ve met some in person and I’m just like: where have these girls been my whole life?! It’s so nice.
    Also, how great it is you’re a vegetarian. I’ve been cutting back on meat because I experience really bad cramps during my menstrual period and I’ve heard meat might be the cause (I’m not sure if it’s even true lol). But I see some improvements so maybe I’ll eventually be vegetarian full time! :)

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  11. I too have made so many sweet friends through the blogger community, some I have gone on to meet in person and some I haven’t. I don’t think it matters. You can get a sense of someone from the tone of their blog and the way they ‘talk’ to you online, even if you never get the chance to meet them. That’s the wonders of social media – it connects people from all over the planet. Geography is no barrier to friendship. I’ve found nothing but warmth and support from fellow bloggers. And you Denise are a part of that. I agree wholeheartedly that you project nothing but positivity, through both your friendy manner and through your blog writings. Keep it up and let’s keep ‘talking’. Txxx

    • Dear Tracey, how sweet is this comment! You are always so sweet, I thank you so much for that – I think you are ace! I am glad that you have met nice fellow bloggers and that they are supportive. I am glad that you consider me part of this, I for sure consider you that way! You know… when one has nothing more than being positive… we have to spread that. I had a tragedy 5 years ago and people say I am lucky for what I show in my blog, things I do or have… but no one can imagine what’s behind some things. I had and have to keep positive to go on. Spreading this is also good – how many people say “oh my life, my parents, my this and that are driving me mad?” and forget that having family is a true blessing. That’s what I try to show. Thank you again for such a lovely comment! It means a lot to me! XXX

    • Che dolce, Maggie, come sempre! Grazie tanto per la tua amicizia, e molto importante per me! Sei veramente dolce, e questo in nostro mondo e abbastanza difficile, molte volte. Mi piacerebbe moooolto guardare un film vecchio con te! L’ultima settimana ho visto Buona Sera Mrs Campbell con la meravigliosa Gina Lollobrigida! La meravigliosa Italia, mi manca! Baci!

  12. Blogging friends are wonderful! Being able to connect with people from all over the world is just wonderful! I consider you a dear friend of mine, and it’s surprising how well I seem to know from the little space of yours! I totally agree with your friend — she wrote wonderful things about you, and reading your little questionnaire was fun! Red is also one of my fave colors!

    xoxo, Vanessa

    • Dear V., oooohhh, so sweet! Such a lovely comment, thank you, from the bottom of my heart! I try my best to be always fair to people, polite and nice, and I must confess that sometimes I think “am I right?” Because many people take advantage of that. But still, I’d rather go on this way, so I know it’s my nature :) Thank you again, so much, dear V., I have you as a very dear friend that one day I wish to meet! XXX

    • Grazie tanto, bella Paola, tu sei super carina, con queste parole meravigliose per me! Anche tu mi piace molto, ho cercato d’incontrarti in gennaio, che peccato era Natale, capodanno, difficile – ma un giorno, sono sicura! Baci, una bellissima giornata per te!

  13. Heeeey Denise,
    Omg thank you so much for doing this 😀 You are so sweet and you totally deserved this award! This is really awesome. I love how you connected this with “types of friends” because it makes it even better and personal. I am so glad you took out some time to do this. Again thanks for doing this and I hope you get lots of awards because you totally deserve it for being such an amazing blogger and friend :) Love that quote! It is the perfect with the post you wrote 😀

    • Dear friend, I am the one to thank you for this award! I was very honored and humbled when I read your words on your blog, about me, and now even more, with your comment! Thank you so very much! You are always very sweet, always very positive and friendly, so it’s a mutual feeling! I loved writing about it and you are a very sweet friend – and blogger! – and I was very happy to write this post! I hope you are fine and that you have an amazing day, dear friend, and again, thank you so much for your words, comment and award!

    • Oh, Anna, thank you so much! Super sweet words, I am honored! I didn’t know you were (are) a bit of an introvert, I thought it was all the contrary! As you see, we keep on learning about ourselves! That’s so nice! I felt a connection from the first moment, cause I love the way you write and your thoughts! Hope you have a very beautiful day!

  14. Sometime I feel so lucky to have met you and all my other online friends…..its only because of blogging, I got to know so many amazing fellow bloggers from different countries…..
    and Denise you are the cutest, sweetest and loveliest blogger I have ever met sweetheart….. Stay beautiful always….loads n loads of Luv….Neha

    • Dear Neha, soooo sweet your comment, thank you so much! I feel so honored that you think these beautiful things about me! I am very lucky to have met you through our blogs, cause I also find you super sweet and cute! Lots of peace and love, dear, hope you have a very beautiful day!

  15. Congratulations on the lovely blog award, dear Denise. I completely agree, you are definitely one of the friendliest, nicest, most supportive, and highly motivational bloggers I’ve ever encountered. You enrich the blogging world and make it a happier, more positive place simply by being a part of it. Thank you for all you to with your own site and the joy + love that you bring to those of many others the world over.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    • Oh, wow, dear Jessica, I don’t know whether I deserve these amazing words, but I will accept them with a lot of joy! You are so sweet, I am the one who loves going to your blog, because I do find it positive and enriching! You know I told you some things about my life 5 years ago, and I was always positive, but some years ago I found I had to be even more, to honor the memory of the ones I love. Thank you so much, dear Jessica, you really made my day! XXX

    • I am glad I got to know you and your blog, Amy, I am very lucky! Thank you so much for your sweet comment – you are super sweet! I agree with you – we can pick up where we left off with our blogging friends! I hope you have a very beautiful day!

    • Hello, dear Zubaida! Thank you so much for the very sweet comment! I am really so honored by your words, be very sure that I am the lucky one to have “known” you! I think we are all connected in some way, and that we should support each other in this world! Hope you have a lovely day, and again, thank you so much for the really sweet comment!

    • I feel so honored and happy for your lovely words, dear Jasna! Thank you so much, you know how much I admire you and yes, it’s true and amazing, we do know each other for many years! Be very sure that the feeling is mutual – you always have a sweet and positive word towards people and I really amire this quality! Again, thank you so much, hope you have a very nice evening! XXX

  16. Great post Denise! I have to say, I think it’s great having blogger friends. When I started my blog I had no idea that I would make friends – I’m lucky in that I’ve gotten to meet some of my blog friends in real life, others I still hope to meet some day (maybe we could meet one day!! How fun). It’s so lovely getting to know people via a space you’ve created. Also, I really enjoyed the facts – I think I already knew some (like being vegetarian and enjoying the sea) which means we’re just such good blogger friends already 😉 xxx

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