Tropical Christmas

Tropical Christmas – because I’m on a trip through tropical places this Christmas! So excited!

Christmas tropical trip

Some weeks ago, knowing I will soon leave Uruguay, I started a new adventure around South America. This time I travelled nearly 5 thousand km – 4,923 km, to be exact (3,060 miles) – to a place known as “the closest point from continental South America to continental Africa“, a “short” distance of 2,575 km-1,600 mi. So for half of the distance I could have gone to Africa :) Another time, I’m sure. The city is called NATAL, which in Portuguese means CHRISTMAS! The locals say that in their city “it’s Christmas the whole year:) That’s sweet!

The route will be: MontevideoSao PauloNatalJoao PessoaRecifeOlindaSao PauloMontevideo, for a couple of months. Maybe a bit tiring, but thrilling! So I started by this sweet city – NATAL, with amazing beaches! It’s true that I’m not a friend of sunny days, but I came very protected with sunblock FPS 99 and what can I do, to experience different places now, it has to be so – it’s a tropical place, so, I cannot expect to have 16 to 22° C, like in Montevideo now. It’s good to change minds, sometimes :) How will you celebrate Christmas? I hope, always full of love!

Tropical Christmas

My route :)

My route :)


I don’t like to carry a big suitcase to travel, so I brought a few colorful items, to feel “tropical” (but many flats) :) Bags made of fabric, like the one below :) Practical to carry :)

A colorful skirt!

A colorful skirt bought in Germany (Conleys). A T-shirt bought now in Natal (Rchlo) and the jacket is from 2014 :)

A new timid smile - I had food allergy on the first week of the trip!

A timid smile – I had food allergy on the first week of the trip! Pearl headpiece from Germany

HAPPY CHRISTMAS! My nails show glitter, gold and a Christmas tree! Ring, bought in Natal. Bracelets, Souq

MERRY CHRISTMAS! My nails show glitter, gold and a Christmas tree with beads! Ring, bought in Natal. Bracelets, Souq

Anklets, bought in Natal. Flats, local brand Arezzo

Anklets, bought in Natal. Flats, local brand Arezzo. So comfortable to walk a lot!

The nature is amazing!

The nature is amazing! Watch, Swatch from Galway

Bag, from Conley's, Germany

Bag, from Conley’s, Germany

Bag handle detail, with beads

Bag handle detail, with beads


A  tropical Christmas feels a bit strange, but I’m amazed by the place’s beauty. People are polite, sweet, happy – either it’s because Christmas triggers these feelings or because the locals are really this way – I suppose so, with the sea they have, who wouldn’t be happy! Food here is nice, but I’m a fussy eater, it still has been a bit difficult for me – but well, it would be in any place. Locals will eat turkey on Christmas, prawns, salads and tropical fruits – I’m amazed by the fruits I “discovered” and the ice creams? Heaven! Cashews, passion fruit and so much more! In the UK, streets are decorated with Christmas lights and the shops have amazing window displays. Here, too. Funny is that the decoration shows snowmen :) It’s nice to experience something different, to create new traditions, maybe :)

Leaving Montevideo

Leaving Montevideo

Natal stadium - called Dunes' Arena. The city has many dunes

Natal stadium – called Dunes’ Arena. The city – beaches have many dunes

Cashew for breakfast!

Cashew for breakfast!

Ponta Negra in Natal

Ponta Negra in Natal. The sea is so warm!

Not stars! You have to walk through the path to go up - I did!

Not stairs! You have to walk through the path to go up – I did!

The proof!

The proof! I seldom wear sunnies, but I had to now. Very windy and sunny

Going to the beach with my "tropical" skirt, yes!

Going to the beach with my “tropical” skirt, yes!

The city's name letters, so lovely!

The city’s name letters, so lovely! This is the outfit I showed in a better way in the beginning of the post :)

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

Lately I have been facing some problems in my family, taking a toll on my health... I MUST have this quote always very present and I suggest you all remember it! :) It's so true!

Lately I have been facing some problems in my family, taking a toll on my health… I MUST have this quote always very present and I suggest you all remember it! :) It’s so true!

Wishing you a beautiful week with many smilesThanks for the sweet comments!

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56 thoughts on “Tropical Christmas

  1. Good morning Denise – oh how exciting … Natal sounds beautiful – this will be a fabulous trip for you. I’ve never seen a cashew before, only cashew nuts – it never occurred to me that there’d be a fruit around the nut lol
    Years ago I spent one Christmas in the sun – it was very strange, but really lovely too. The weather has been very cold here and very Christmassy – two of the members of my singing group were laughing at all the Christmas carols that talk about snow – they come from Australia and South Africa so Christmas has always been hot for them.
    Have a wonderful time my friend – I hope you find your peace in Natal. Fil x

  2. Wonderful photo’s! And .. I love your idea of packing light and carrying a cloth hand bag (brilliant! & why didn’t I think of that?). I’m all for tropical – anything. I really despise the cold and snow. Give me a tropical location ~ anytime and anywhere!

    Monica, xoxo

    • Hi, dear Jackie, thank you for your comment and please don’t worry. Actually it’s not a hacker, as I wrote on a previous post. It’s an ex-friend who is an IT expert and decided to, from time to time, do some malicious moves to annoy and harm me. I am solving this situation RIGHT NOW :) No more malicious ex-friend (and because I saw her true character, I decided to end the friendship) entering my blog :) Thank you for your support! Hope you have a lovely week!

  3. Hello my sweet Denise!
    Love your outfit and your festive nails!
    Such a beautiful place Natal is!
    Wonderful pictures!!
    Wishing to you and yours Merry Christmas with joy and happiness my friend!
    Happy Holidays!!Enjoy!Have fun!!Kisses!!
    Dimi… 🎅🏻🎄⛄️❤️💋

    • Hello! Thank you for your comment! I agree with you, I love to have snow on Christmas, but I am studying down here for some months and I thought it would be nice to visit some places on my phd research break :) Anyway, I wouldn’t have any chance for snow now :) It’s a bit awkward, I won’t deny, but I am kind of enjoying it :) Hope you have a lovely day! I hope you have a white Christmas!

  4. Ma che bello,cara Denise, hai deciso di passare un Natale insolito quest’anno, ma mi sembra sia altrettanto bello del Natale tradizionale!
    Sono felicissima per te! Sarà senz’altro un’esperienza fantastica e super interessante!
    E che belli i tuoi look tutti colorati, mi piacciono molto i colori tropicali vivaci ed allegri ed a te stanno benissimo. Peccato per le difficoltà con il cibo, ma spero sia una difficoltà facilmente superabile.
    Ti auguro un Natale pieno di dolcezza, amore ed allegria!

  5. You are getting around!

    It is always fun to discover a new place.

    We’ve spent Christmas in Mexico and Cuba before. It is kind of weird, especially when you live in Canada. We enjoyed it though.

    Your skirt is gorgeous. It looks vintage, is it?

    I’m sorry to hear you have been having some family issues. Hopefully everything will smooth over in time for Christmas.

    Have a joyous Christmas and much love and travels in 2018!


    • Hi, dear Suzanne, thank you so much for your lovely words! Oh, the skirt is not vintage – but could well be! I bought it in Germany around 2007, I think, but believe it or not, that was the first time I wore it! (Typical me, I used to buy things and don’t know why, wore them 5, 10 years later :) I bet that those trips for Christmas were great! Totally true, a bit strange for whoever lives in the north hemisphere! I miss the cozy atmosphere of a white Christmas :) But a change is being what I need(ed) now :) With my brothers it’s a roller coaster right now and all due to inherited things. I try to tell them that this is not so important, but then I am the witch :) Anyway, thanks for your wishes, and I wish you a very lovely Christmas!

  6. What a fun, interesting, and engaging post Denise!
    I love that you are in a place that is named after Christmas, so it feels like that warm celebration all year. Love the light boho pieces you are wearing ! Perfect for travel when it is so warm. Glad you have your SPF !!!
    Fabulous photos, and I am amazed to see the whole cashew, it know it is silly, but very cool to see!
    wishing you much happiness , as always!
    I Hope to go somewhere warm too, maybe in February !

    PS. if you don’t mind -I re-subscrine to my blog since i am now back on WordPress !
    xoxo, Elle

  7. Thank you for your lovely words and as always thank you for sharing your travels with us. Beautiful photos dear! Do take care of your health. We are sometimes not even aware of what impact stress can have on our health. I know it is easier said than done, we all have our duties and responsibilities, but it is important to remind ourselves that it is also our duty to take care of ourselves. I hope that travelling might help you a bit, sometimes it helps to get away for a while. Natal sounds like a lovely city to visit. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

  8. Liebe Denise, es tut mir so leid, dass es diese Probleme in Deiner Familie gibt. Du hast recht, der Preis ist in diesen Fällen immer zu hoch … daher schicke ich Dir und den Betroffenen weiterhin gute Gedanken und vor allem Liebe. Wunderbar dagegen finde ich Deine tropische Reise und was Du hier an schönen Sachen trägst! Ich finde es so spannend, Weihnachten in den Tropen zu verbringen und Natal scheint ein toller Ort zu sein. Wie gut, dass dort die Temperaturen momentan so angenehm sind. Ich wünsche Dir von ganzem Herzen, dass Du Deinen Trip weiterhin genießt! Alles Liebe von Rena

  9. Hi my dear Denise! Sorry for not commenting here so long, but I had busy time on my work. Backing to your post, in my opinion it’s really great that you have chance to experience something new and you can create traditions. Natal seems terrific place, personally I love combination of sun and beautiful beaches and this place sounds like heaven for me – the water in the ocean is so clear and turquoise. From the map I see that you had to overcome a huge distance from Montevideo to Natal and I really like your optimism and positive attitude in this situation. What’s more, according to what you have wrote before on my blog – I’m glad that you meet nice and polite people on your way, dear. Your tropical skirt looks so lovely on you,the shades suit to the terrific background from the beach. Hope you’re having amazing evening (or morning) right now and thank you for each of your sweet comments on my blog, Denise!

  10. I usually do love a wintry Christmas holiday but we have had a tropical Christmas in the past and enjoyed it. I really love that peace quote Denise, and how true it is. The Christmas window displays are my favourite in Europe though. Your tropical maxi skirt is lovely, Denise. Have a wonderful Advent week. x/Madison

  11. Tropical Christmas would feel strange to me, but the truth is that even here it isn’t always cold at this time of the year.
    What a cute skirt! You look lovely!
    I hope the problems disappear soon and you feel better.
    Merry Christmas! Enjoy your trip!

  12. Even though I am a huge fan of being at home with my family for Christmas I am a little jealous. These are places I really want to visit one day!
    Enjoy oyur well-deserved holiday, try to distance yourself from family trouble and relax.

  13. Wonderful post. Enjoy Natal and yes the people there are very happy throughout the year not only in Christmas you will find that South Americans are always smiling and very welcoming. They love to get to know people from different countries. I would suggest you to try the local dishes of the North East, there are a lot of fish based dishes and they are amazing. Also, try the cashew juice, it is delicious. Enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. xoxo Cris

    • Hi, Cris, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I am vegetarian, so I don’t eat fish and yes, cashew juice is delicious! I just didn’t write that this is not my first time in Natal :) Some years ago, I was transferred by the Dutch bank I used to work for to Rio for a year. And some locals recommended this amazing place! So now, living for some months in Uruguay, and a bit (or a lot stressed) I decided to detox in this lovely sunny place, due to the memories I had from it! You are so right about the people! They are pampering me! I feel like a celebrity! Thank you again for the sweet comment, I wish you a great Christmas!

  14. Hi Dear friend,
    you look so amazing, your travels are so inspiring. I’m glad you are doing amazing and enjoying life dear, you look gorgeous and love this beautiful outfit! Thanks for stopping by my blog dear.

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