Transforming our World

Transforming our World, through the United Nations General Assembly Resolution: Transforming our World, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. I normally don’t talk about this here, but it is so important that I am doing it now :)

I bought a Burberry skirt and got a ribbon :) That is now a headband. Recycling, repurposing - some help to the world :)

I got a Burberry skirt and a ribbon :) That is now a headband. Recycling, re-purposing – some help to the world :)

The historic document, accepted by all countries, shows the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with global efforts to, between now and 2030,  end poverty, foster peace, safeguard the rights and dignity of all people everywhere and protect the planet. Some of the 17 goals: no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well being, quality education, clean water and sanitation, reduced inequalities within and among countries, peace and justice. It takes into account different national realities and levels of development and respects national policies. The goals are the “result of over two years of intensive public consultation in the world, with particular attention to the voices of the poorest and most vulnerable”. You can see all here.

What have I been doing to help, to take part? Cause we all have our responsibility share. I cannot say that I am doing all I can, but I started to pay attention to consumerism some time ago. I hope I diminish that a lot, soon. That’s a start :) I also donate many things to help others. Do you think we’ll end poverty till 2030?

Source here

Source here

And after all that, I feel a bit ashamed to show an outfit. But well, the outfit has a bit to do with the topic, too. A jacket that I wear at least once a week, jeans that I’m really wearing a lot, a shirt that I wore in Bergamo before, a belt that belongs to a dress, a bag that I have for ages and never wore it – so, time to wear it or donate! And, no one is perfect, a pair of new shoes :)


Jacket, Fility. Vichy shirt, my design. Belt, East. Bag, Headband, Burberry ribbon.

Jacket, Fility. Vichy shirt, my design. Jeans, SimplyBe. Belt, East. Bag, Belle

Grey fabric bag, I loved it :)

Grey fabric bag, I loved it :) Garnet ring, don’t remember where from :)

Nails - last week I had a rose and waves. They were fine a week later, so I just asked the manicurist to do something else on the other nails :) Crazy design!

Nails – last week I had a rose and waves. They were fine a week later, so I just asked the manicurist to do something else on the other nails :) Crazy design!

Brooch, don't remember where from :)

Brooch, don’t remember where from :)

Vichy shirt

Vichy shirt

Loved these vichy shoes!

Loved these vichy Dafiti shoes! A casual outfit, but “upgraded” by the shoes :)


Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

It's not wasting at all! Friends and family are everything in life!

It’s not wasting at all! Friends and family are everything in life!

Wishing a lovely week with many smilesThank you so much for your sweet comments!

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46 thoughts on “Transforming our World

  1. Hi Denise. Really. Nobody is perfect. Contributing to reducing poverty in the world I am always doing this. About a year ago I made a donation of more than 30 shirts, some 5 or 6 pants, some shoes and several other clothes. To improve education I spent 30 years helping people to enjoy Physics and Mathematics and trying to make them better understand these two disciplines. To reduce hunger, this week I will donate 50 packets of milk to a day care center. So I am not ashamed of my contribution to improving people’s quality of life and sustainable development. Maybe I could do more, however, I try to contribute whenever I can. I hope you have a nice week and thismounth will be for you very good.

    • Hello, dear Alberto! It was a very nice comment, thank you so much for that! I did forget to mention that I also donate things, so thank you very much for reminding me of that!I guess I wrote in a fast way and I overlooked that :) Yes, education is such an important things to help ending poverty – through education, we make people think and research, thus having more opportunities, or so I hope. It’s very nice to see how much you help for a better world! Again, thank you so much for your nice comment and I hope you have a very nice week and month! Hugs!

  2. That is so interesting to see the whole Transforming Our World Initiative laid out so well Denise – I hadn’t realised that every country signed up to it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the world could be transformed by 2030. But if we all do our little bit we can help things along.
    I’m packing a huge bag for the charity shops – we had very little chance to wear summer clothes this year and I’m fed up putting them back up into the attic in the hope of there being sun next year!! So off they’ll go!
    Have a brilliant week – your nails amaze me by the way – beautiful :)

    • So true, dear Fil, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I did forget to say that I donate things, too, but I guess I didn’t think of that, I thought of “recycling is sustainable”, but for sure, donating leads to that, of course! Thank you for showing that to me, dear Fil! It’s good that you decided to donate many things, since the sun was not showing up much these days :( It would be a wonderful thing if poverty disappears from our so fragile world :) Hope you have a very sweet week, dear friend! Thank you again for the lovely comment!

  3. Liebe Denise, das ist wunderbar, dass Du dies zum Postthema machst! Ja, die Welt wird verändert und dies ist ein wichtiger Schritt dazu. Natürlich passt Dein Outfit zum Thema und es ist wirklich lobenswert, dass Du Deine Sachen so oft trägst. Es wundert mich aber nicht, denn die Jacke ist so schön und ich mag auch Deine Jeans sowie die Bluse sehr. Hoffentlich hattest Du ein zauberhaftes Wochenende! Alles Liebe von Rena

  4. It would be a dream come true to end poverty but I don’t think it will ever happen. It’s in the bible. The world is lost without our Savior. Once he returns the world will be a better place. Anyhow, this is quite a heavy topic and I could go on and on…but I don’t want to bore you.
    Sending love and you look lovely as always!
    Happy Monday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

    • You never bore me, dear Vanessa! I think it’s a dram, and I wish it could come true. I liked your comment very much and I thank you for that! It’s pone more way to see things and I love to know the many views that can be triggered by things! So I thank you very very much for that! Hope you have a very beautiful week, dear Vanessa! XXX

  5. Definitely a good topic to bring up – although – I must confess that I don’t know too much about the initiative.

    Loving your taste in shoes as usual! Adorable !!


  6. Hi Denise,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog dear friend, It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. My blog has a new look and I’m looking forward on posting more often. I really love this this topic, its so important to contribute to reducing poverty in the world, I’ve have tried doing a few things but I always feel is not enough. I wish I can do more. I love your beautiful outfit dear, you look amazing!

  7. Such a beautifully written post, hun! I donated most of my clothes a little while back when I was cleaning up my wardrobe, and it felt so good to just get rid of all the unnecessary stuff and pass it onto someone that will actually use it. :) Having said that, I do love your outfit, especially the jewellery! Thanks for sharing, lovely. xoxo


  8. I adore that quote. You always manage to find great quotes.

    I see the way that we are programmed to consume and it is scary. Not only with clothing but with everything in our lives. It is hard to make changes when we’ve been brought up to think that by consuming we are fitting in with the rest of society.

    I am a hard core believer in creating a sustainable world and I work towards that by thrifting and also reselling thrifted items. Why throw something away that is perfectly useable?

    You are right of course that no one is perfect and like you I’ve been known to shop retail for some shoes now and then. I think though that the more we are aware of the negative impact our choices are having on the world the more likely we are to change our ways in the future.

    Your nails and hands are a work of art!


  9. I think it’s amazing that you are advocating against poverty. There are a lot of people out there who live comfortable lives and just turn head against poverty because they have ‘nothing to do with it’.

    To be honest, with the way the world works right now, I think 2030 is too soon.

    Anyway, I really love the nails! Your nails are so cute! I also love your trinkets and the shoes! I am so in love with your shoes!

    You look wonderful as always!

    – Gretch of GG Memochou

  10. Ciao Denise! Personalmente credo che il più del lavoro debba essere fatto dai governi e dalle grandi industrie, che inquinano, sfruttano e impoveriscono luoghi e popoli meravigliosi. Sicuramente poi, anche noi, nel nostro piccolo, possiamo aiutare il nostro mondo a non sprofondare sempre di più nella sporcizia e nella fame.

  11. Over consumption is never good and I think it’s important to be aware—we donate and give to charity throughout the year.
    I love the quote at the end, it’s so true. Better to spend time with family than to have regrets and lose them. Denise, great outfit but I juat adore all of your accessories as well as the gingham heels! Wishing you a great day! xx /M

  12. Questo è un tema molto importante e delicato, cara Denise.
    Tutti gli obbiettivi che si propongono sono senz’altro importantissimi, ma personalmente penso che per prima cosa dovremmo imparare a prenderci cura del nostro pianeta, che purtroppo pian piano stiamo distruggendo.
    Insomma, credo sia abbstanza inutile sperare di risolvere i problemi dell’umanità se prima non ci assicuriamo di avere un posto dove vivere non ti pare?
    Quanto al tuo look, è delizioso! Adoro la stampa gingham e la camicia abbinata alle scarpe la trovo super stilosa!
    Bellissima anche la manicure! e gli anellI! :)
    Buon week end, tesoro, baci!

  13. Yes Denise , we none of us , are perfect. I do adore this look though I must say. I especially love the Burberry ribbon in your hair and the gingham checked shoes.
    It is so important that we each do what we can to improve the situation around us. We must become more globally minded as well as being more sensitive to others .
    You are a natural at this.
    Thanks again for letting me to let me know my site was down… the transition back to WordPress was a bit complicated, and my site needs more work.. but all is well.
    Many thanks to a lady who is beautiful inside and out!

  14. Hi Denise,
    Love your post!
    The outfit looking of your Nails design is so much pretty 💅 💅💅 I Love rose and waves nail painting so much. 😍😍😍
    Can you tell me which Nail Polish you used for this amazing design on your Nails?

    • Hello, thank you for your nice comment! I used as a base, mint color – Jack Wills nail polish. And the dark one is a Dior polish. The roses and waves I don’t know, my manicurist does it for me, as well as the whole thing – I just take to her the polishes I have, cause I only trust a few brands. Thank you so much for the lovely comment, again! Hope you have a nice weekend!

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