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Tips about BB Creams – a guest post today! I found it really good!

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It’s nice to have guest posts, so that we learn from the one who kindly offered to write on “our” spaces, I think. Besides, I seldom write that much, so it’s Ok for a change. Meet Raymond Vickers, the creator of 10greatest blog, a site dedicated to saving your time and finding out the best products for you and the writer here today!
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 Do you like BB creams? Do you wear them? Which ones do you recommend?

When it comes to new beauty product’s information, nothing beats the internet. This is the platform where most trending make-ups are shared, talked about, liked, commented on and bought. One of the most talked topics recently has been 10 greatest Korean BB creams. The BB cream is one of the important makeup stuff, using the BB cream directly after the pore minimizes or facial moisturizer to have a finer facial screen.
Most BB creams now are also added with sun block to protect the user from the harmful rays of the sun. It comes with different strength like 50% or lower. Likewise, the shades of the BB cream are made for all skin color and types. For instance, if you have a lighter shade, you can use the natural or beige tone to make your skin look smoother.
Now for the best BB cream, it depends on the total package. Initially, most people looked for the value of their money. They want the affordable brand that can also provide them with smoother skin, a BB cream that can hide their blemishes and uneven skin tone.
Fortunately, most brands now have offered the best package, low-priced and “face-friendly,” which makes the choosing more difficult. If you are looking for the BB cream that can make you more pretty, choose the brand that you already know or your powder brand, if it has a BB cream product. When you have the same brand, it is very unlikely to see any reaction. Different brands may cause pimple break-out and other skin discomforts. With the same brand, the manufacturers have also used almost the identical ingredients to for the BB cream. Your face powder and your BB cream all under one brand can make your skin much more supple and glowy.
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Best BB Creams and Their Amazing Features
The best BB creams have spread their charm across the globe. They complement the lifestyle of modern women due to their multi-tasking ability. The creams work as flaw fixers, moisturizers, and complexion enhancers. They are one of the trendiest items in women’s totes. Such is the spell cast by this cream that women have forgotten their favorite foundation and concealer.
Blemish Balms (BBS) are popular in Asia. They are the beauty secret of Korean actresses since long. Song Hye-Kyo, who is a Korean actress (check the 10 greatest and most beautiful Korean actresses) and model, was the first to unveil her beauty secret and talk about BB cream.
BB creams originated in Germany. Originally, dermatologists used a BB cream to heal and soothe skin after laser surgeries. This formula possesses strong regenerative and soothing properties, which makes it a breakthrough cream in the beauty and cosmetic market.
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Six Features that make the Best BB Creams:
– It smoothens skin texture
– It evens out skin tone
– It hydrates skin
– It clears blemishes and spots on the face
– It shields skin from UV rays of the sun
– It renders fresh and glowing look to the face
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These features made BB cream a rage in Asia. Now, this rage is spread fast in Europe and America. Scientists have created a version of this cream by infusing it with anti-aging ingredients. With this alteration, it has become an ideal cream for women of any age. Use it to conceal skin flaws or use it to fight aging signs.
Using the cream is easy. Just dab a little on your chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead. Use a makeup sponge or your fingertip to spread it evenly. The cream moisturizes your skin brilliantly and provides a lovely, smooth finish to your face. It has a tint that renders medium to light coverage.
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Reviews of top anti wrinkle creams also talk about BB creams due to their anti-aging property. They suggest that this cream is ideal for any occasion, such as a last-minute date, an impromptu business meeting or an after-work party. The characteristic of this cream is that it turns you into a diva in seconds! :)
The noteworthy thing is that women with sensitive skin can also use a BB cream, as it possesses non-comedogenic property that prevents blockage of pores. This means that women with combination or oily skin too can apply this cream. It gets absorbed by the pores perfectly, rendering a smooth, matte look to the face. There is no oiliness or greasiness on the surface. Reviews show that women of all skin types are happy with this cream.
BB creams are excellent and are highly recommended by almost all the dermatologists. Wondering why you should opt for BB creams. Following are some of the reasons:
✤ All in one –  BB cream can safely be called an all in one cream. Here, you will get the benefits of a sunscreen cream, a moisturizing lotion, benefits of a foundation and a concealer. As such, you don’t need to carry so many different creams along with you. You just need to carry the BB cream and all your requirements will be taken care of.
✤ Cost effective – compared to the different skin products available in the market, this cream is cost effective when you take into account what it offers. If you are buying a sunscreen, a moisturizing cream, a foundation, concealer then you will have to pay separately for all these items. And if you add up the individual costs of all these products with that of the BB cream you will be amazed to see the amount of money that you are saving.
✤ Suits all skin types – The bestabout BB creams is that they can be used for any skin type, whether you have oily skin, dry skin or normal skin, you can easily use the BB cream without any worry.
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Get the cream from authentic places and experience the richness of this skin formula. It is time to say goodbye to layers of makeup. The nude makeup look is in. It looks fresh and natural. The best BB creams can help you get this look.
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Wishing you a very nice week with smiles!

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