The Sixth Taste

The Sixth Taste – scientists have discovered it! Do you know it?

Pink headband and cool T-shirt

The Sixth Sense – sweet, salty, sour, bitter. In Ayurveda there’s astringent, too. And umami also exists – from the Japanese, that can be translated as “pleasant savory taste”, used for a more general sense of “delicious food”. And now scientists “discovered” that people taste starch as its own flavor. Various carbohydrate solutions were given to volunteers and the result was that “Asians would say they tasted like rice, while Europeans and Americans described it as bread-like or pasta-like, like eating flour.” Rice or pasta, maybe not so healthy, but…  I love it. Do you like starch flavor too?

But then I can’t help but wondering… what’s the flavor of butter and olive oil? Maybe soon there’ll be the 7th taste too… :)


Black and white nail art

Just a funny sentence!

Just a funny T-shirt! Hering

DIY Moment

A long dress, but I thought I would wear it more as a skirt, so my seamstress cut it

The top of a long dress, but I thought I would wear it more as a skirt, so my seamstress cut it

A maxi skirt

Discovering the streets of the new place, a nice walk. This skirt is nice and comfortable! And a DIY project

Discovering the streets of the new place, a nice walk. This skirt is nice and comfortable!

Pennneys denim jacket detail

A playful and comfortable outfit!

A playful and comfortable outfit! Penneys denim jacket

Very comfy shows, Asos

Very comfy shoes, Asos

Bag, L'Unik

Quilted satin bag, L’Unik

Nail art of the week and bow ring

Nail art of the week and bow ring

Finishing Touch

Challenges quote

Hope you enjoy a fabulous week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

See you on Friday, with Friday Feelings! 

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70 thoughts on “The Sixth Taste

  1. I absolutely love your maxi skirt! such a great DIY! maybe you could use the top of the dress to make a vest? It kind of looks like a vest right now on that photo:).

    I really like how you paired this colourful maxi skirt with a tshirt and a denim jacket. I’m a big fan of these kind of casual but feminine outfits. You look very pretty and chic!

    I haven’t heard about this new taste, but why not? Starch sounds like a nice taste and it is good to know that it is introduced:) I actually believe that pasta, rice and bread is healthy- if eaten in moderation. Carbs can be good for us.

  2. The thought of ‘starch’ as a new sense got me doing a double take. I always thought the senses were just the widely defined ones and that starch would come under the general definition of taste. I didn’t know there were sub categorues withing each of the senses, but then I’m not terribly familiar with Eastern cultures. Fascinating. Starch conjures up thoughts of stiff tasteless foods to me, and yet I love rice (particularly Basmati). Hmm, I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of starchy food – give me a cream cake any day Denise ;). Big hugs sweetie xxx

  3. Non sapevo che esistesse un numero preciso di sapori. È così difficile definire un sapore, lo trovo molto soggettivo! E poi io adoro il sapore dell’olio d’oliva, che pare non abbia una classificazione precisa! Oggi sei super bellissima: hai scurito i capelli, o è il trucco? In ogni caso stai benissimo! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

    • Grazie, carina Valeria! Anche io amo olio d’oliva! Bisogno non “bevere” il olio (con sal e limone) con cucchiaio, ma posso fare questo, perche aaaaamo al olio :) Non ho scurito il capello, credo che potrebbe essere il trucco, allora. Tante grazie per il tuo carino comment, come sempre una amica molto carina e bella! Baci!

  4. Hi Denise! First of all – you look so pretty on those photos and your new skirt (which orginally was dress) has fantastic print, which suits to you and your skin’s tone! :) Generally speaking, you look really lovely in shades of blue 😉 What about that information about tastes, I love starch flavour too, personally I eat a lot of pasta, rice and a lot of grain in general and I don’t think that such a carbs can be unhealthy – in my opinion sugar is one of those things, from which is better to keep away, because it’s worse than carbs from pasta, for example.
    Have a lovely evening, my sweet friend Denise :)

  5. Liebe Denise,
    ich mag die Quote des heutigen Tages sehr! Wir sollten uns wirklich dadurch behindern, in dem wir uns selber Grenzen setzen … Und ich liebe Deinen tollen farbenfrohen Maxirock! Dieser Rock steht Dir so gut und einmal mehr freue ich mich darüber, wie wunderschön Du bist <3
    Liebe Grüße, Rena

  6. Avevo sentito parlare anche io di questo sesto gusto, e proprio come te mi è subito venuto in mente che esistono tante cose di cui non sappiamo descrivere il sapore! Ma magari è inutile cercare di etichettare qualunque cosa e godersela e basta, no ti pare? ^^
    Sei sempre tanto graziosa cara Denise, e con quell’aria dolce, solare e un pò “stravagante” i mix azzardati come quello di oggi trovo che ti stiano particolarmente bene!
    La gonna è bellissima, mi piace un sacco come è venuta! 😀

  7. No sabia que el almidon era un nuevo saber pero sí como bastante arroz y pastas asi que debería saberlo 😉 Tu creatividad en los momentos DIY siempre me sorprende, el estampado de ese top es perfecto para una maxi falda!! Me encantó la camperita de denim con la que la combinaste! <3 Muchas gracias también por compartir esa hermosa frase final, estoy muy de acuerdo con lo que dice!
    Que tengas un lindo día :)

  8. I know the flavour of olive oil – terrible! LOL! I can’t stomach any olive oil at all, it makes me gag. It’s crazy. That’s weird that starch is its own flavour though, I can understand that now I think of it. Love your denim jacket, Denise!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  9. oh That’s very interesting. When I think of taste it’s usually based on whether I like it or not, so for me there are two main one haha. No but like you said I think there could be a 7th or maybe 8th taste when you think about things like peanuts etc..
    Your maxi skirt looks great. I love that you have more options to style it than you would as a dress.
    Lovely pictures. Have a great rest of the week Denise :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

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