The September issue

The September issue refers to Vogue, but here it’s a recap of what I wore – couldn’t avoid the joke :)

The September issue Vogue magazineIt’s interesting that sometimes we tend to wear a “pattern” during some time… in my case, September was the month of long black skirts and dresses. Who doesn’t like black outfits? With some colors mixed, I like them :) Do you have a certain kind of favorite outfit, that always “saves” you?

From left to right:

From left to right, September looks: Anna Sui dress, Hobbs skirt, Indian skirt, EAST dress

And October has arrived… hope we all have a very nice month! Halloween in 4 weeks :) Something to look forward to :)

Thank you so much for always being so sweet! Wishing a week full of smiles!

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66 thoughts on “The September issue

  1. Your style is so retro with a good mixture of bohemian, it’s so you and unique that I can’t help but fall in love. I never look good with long skirt, somehow I think it makes me look shorter than I already am. LOL! My go to clothes are jeans, jeans and more jeans. I can’t imagine running after my little one with skirt. Haha!

  2. I loved that first photo of you on the cover of Vogue. You have a winning smile. Furthermore, I like this recap of yours. You have a lovely sense of style. To answer your question….There isn’t a special type of outfit that I prefer, but I did notice in my last recap that I wear skirts and dresses more often than pants. I think it is because for me they’re more comfortable and practical. I know that some find pants more practical, so I guess that is individual. Midi and maxi are my favourite options, but in the summertime I often wear short(er) skirts. Judging from your outfits, you also like maxi skirts and dresses, so obviously we have something in common. I always love to see women wearing skirt and dresses, to me that is so feminine. Now, about the colours….I’m a colour lover, but I also like black outfits with colourful accessories.

  3. Wow, you’re on the cover of Vogue, what a big achievement, Denise 😀 😀 😀 Backing to your post and outfit, I totally love 1st one, this dress, which you wore is stunning :) What about your question I think that minimalistics outfits like pair of blue jeans + white/black simple top + big, statement necklace + comfy shoes always save me when I don’t have any idea what to wear :) Hope you’re having great evening, my dear friend :)

    • I don’t even know how to use photoshop, dear Monica, on purpose, not to be tempted to make me slimmer and then, not real :) The cover was made with a site that offers creative ideas for presents: covers of famous newspapers and magazines :) Then I picked Vogue, as a joke :) If only Vogue knew it, they would despise it, hahahaha! Thank you for you lovely comment, dear Monica! Hope you have a very lovely weekend!

  4. Such a fun, clever way to wrap up the month. I think you deserve to be on the real cover of Vogue or any fashion magazine, dear Denise. You have an excellent, creative, inspiring sense of style that far more people can relate to than that of most celebs in designer couture that grace the covers of such glossy publications.

    Big hugs & joyful start of October wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Hi Denise, that Vogue cover looks amazing. I wouldn’t mind to see you on the Vogue on day. You’re so pretty. I’m loving all your beautiful looks. Usually I love to wear skirt in fall/winter but not often in the summertime. Yeah I’m strange 😀 I love to wear jeggings/treggings and a check shirt. My uniform that always saves me. I’m also looking forward to Halloween. Wish you a wonderful Friday sweetheart. Usually I’m writing all the posts :)
    xx Mira

  6. Love the Vogue cover beauty, my favorite outfit are jeans and sweater since I dress everyday for work I look forward to comfy clothes. Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Con il tuo bel viso, potresti starci tranquillamente sulla copertina di una rivista come Vogue, cara Denise!
    E mi piacciono molto anche tutti i tuoi look , sono sempre molto belli ed originali, però i miei preferiti sono i primi due: il primo perchè adoro quell’abito, sembri una principessa, ed il secondo perchè sei perfetta con quello stile un pò 70’s rivisto a modo tuo! 😀

    PS. Mi sembra che, non so per quale motivo, tu non stia passando un bel periodo, Denise. Mi dispiace molto sentirti giù e non saprei cosa fare per aiutarti, però non ti abbattere che le cose brutte passano e ci aiutano a crescere, vedrai che dopo sarai una persona più forte e ancora milgiore! :)

  8. Denise, I love the cover of you! VOGUE suits you, and you definitely have the BEST smile ever! I also loved your September recap! Your style is unique and really suits your beautiful personality!
    Hoffe, dass es dir gut geht und ich druecke dich hierbei auch GANZ LIEB!

    Have a great weekend! Sending you much love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  9. i love all of your long skirts! super pretty patterns!
    I wore a lot of workout pants this past month to work because they are super comfortable (and I thought if I wore workout clothes it would motivate me more to go workout! haha!)
    I can’t believe it is already october! time is flying! And I am super excited for halloween, trying to think of a costume for this year, do you ever dress up? have a great weekend dear denise! xo

  10. Tu estilo siempre es único, Denise! Me encanta tu elección de looks de Septiembre, en todos se puede ver tu sello personal, creo que tienes un gran ojo para encontrar estampados! Y tu sonrisa radiante es, de hecho, material para portada! No tienes nada que envidiar a celebridades que salen en las revistas 😉 El tipo de outfit que siempre me salva se podría decir que son skinny jeans, algun top o camisa y una chaqueta. :)
    Que tengas un buen comienzo de mes, hermosa!

  11. Haha, love the joke! So, covergirl Denise we must call you now :). I love wearing black. You really can’t go wrong with it. Such a flattering colour (not sure black is a colour, technically?). I am wearing a black top as I write this – teamed with a pair of sky blue cropped jeans (I’m still hanging on to my Summer wardrobe for as long as I can). Oh goodness, yes, just 4 weeks until Halloween is upon us. I have no idea what I’ll be doing yet, but I guess the same as usual – taking my daughter out ‘trick or treating’! What you your plans Denise? Kisses Txx

  12. You look so beautiful in all your outfits Denise in all of your outfits. My favorite outfit that I love wearing a lot are my boyfriend jeans with a pair of booties. I just love the comfortable feeling of them. Happy October, have an amazing weekend and love the Vogue cover pic 😀 xoxo

  13. Liebe Denise, ich bin überzeugt davon, es wird nicht mehr lange dauern, dann wirst Du wirklich ein Cover-Star sein! Daher finde ich Deine Idee nicht nur lustig sondern auch sehr passend <3 Genauso wie die Outfits, die Du im September getragen hast, sie passen nicht nur sehr gut zu Dir, Du siehst auch in jedem fantastisch aus. Mir geht es auch so, dass ich immer eine Weile sehr gerne eher ähnliche Looks trage. Das geht dann eine Weile und dann ziehe ich wieder andere Sachen an :) Der Nachteil daran ist, dass ich mir während einer solchen "Phase" mitunter mehrere solcher ähnlichen Sachen kaufe, die aber mit dem Ende der "Phase" dann alle nicht mehr mag :)
    Ich wünsche Dir noch ein zauberhaft schönes Wochenende!
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  14. I love the first picture Denise, you got me on that cover and i honestly believe that it suits you with that smile! I love your outfits too though its something i can’t pull off like you always do. Anyway, yes im excited for halloween too!

  15. Ommg Denise! It is great to see you on the cover page of Vogue 😀 You are looking so lovely as always 😀 Love your outfits :)) That smile of yours is ravishing. Your style makes you look unique. You don’t try to look like others or perhaps trying to ”fit in the group” and that is what I love about you 😀 Keep smiling Denise :)

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