The par-dee starts soon!

Thanks for the sweet comments on my latest post! I do love beauty products… My birthday’s approaching  – and I have 10 new items on my wish list :) Not many, I think.

To celebrate my birthday with you, the lovely Louise (check her amazing blog here) is offering a special discount – 30% off of any orders at louscorner, her shop – really, it’s amazing, please visit it! You just have to quote DENISESPLANET when checking out! It’s valid till the end of February! How cool is that? Take a look at the present she sent to me!

You’ll love her shop, I’m sure! I do!

Birthday time, a pun with my nickname, Dee

Birthday time, a pun with my nickname, Dee

The beautiful bracelet that Louise sent to me! Do visit her shop, it’s really great!

So beautiful, I love turquoise! About this outfit, next week then!

Beautiful gift, I love turquoise! Thanks, Louise! About this outfit, next week then!

Source here

Source here

Since I normally post on Mondays, here are some bits and pieces from last week:

The lovely bracelets

Sweet bracelets worn last week. Grey Pandora one, gifted. The other, from Tenby

From my lovely friend

Gifts from my lovely friend here (sweet blog!) – the scissors I bought in Tenby and my friend Julie made it as a charm! I wore them last week

I love these boots

I love these boots and shirt – Next. Bag, Tom Tailor

To see the nice bag

In fact I wanted to show the skirt! No idea where from

Orla Kiely for Uniqlo

Top, Orla Kiely for Uniqlo. Vest, my design. Necklace -it’s a belt :) Peacocks

Now… some food!


Chocolate cupcakes with lemon icing and raisins made by a machine :)

Savoury at the bake machine

Savourycupcakes” – same machine! – and risotto. I can post the recipe, if you wish

As you can see, you can bake sweets and savoury things with this “gem”:

Bake machine

Baking machine

Source here

Source here

Thank you so much for being part my life and visiting me!

Your lovely comments truly make my day, I love them!

Have a great day and week, full of warm smiles!


55 thoughts on “The par-dee starts soon!

  1. Its great to get ready to celebrate your birthday do it in style doll, Turquoise bracelet it pretty like you on the image. Like the quote so true. I never try savory cupcakes after looking at this image will love to. The Wake up quote so inspiring will love to have it in a frame. The last quote its to the point and I’m a big believer everything happens for a reason. Have a great week doll.

  2. A fantastic way to celebrate birthday with so many sweet things!! And the bracelets are so pretty. Love the turquoise one!
    And thanks for your sweet comment!!!

    Thanks a lot
    Ciao beauty

  3. (I’m reading this simultaneously on my phone and computer since I can’t see your images on my computer but can on my phone but comments take FOREVER on my phone!!!!) Aha, so it’s a birthday huh? Address please!!??!! You have my e-mail address, so please e-mail me it!!!
    Thank you for your sweet comments- I always loook forward to yours and I am off in search of bloglovin button once I’ve finished this!

    I LOVE your new bracelet AND your Pandora and Tenby bracelets! Your hat is the coolest too!! Hurrah for hats!!! (and your makeup looks amazing!!! I thought that when I met you in person too!) AND, the skirt is so so so so nice!!! It looks like Cath Kidston!
    Really hoping you can come on the 8th March- will be so nice to see you again!

  4. haha, always when I go through your post I think: “oh I’m going to say something about this and that and this too!”. and then there is a huge pile of those “this and thats” and I manage to forget about the most I wanted to mention. so in case of that you should know I always enjoy your posts a lot! your jewellery collection is gorgeous and if the weather weren’t that cold I would take out my bracelets immediately. right now they would just be hiding under my sweater and winter jacket.
    oh and your delicious food! I don’t have a machine like that but when you want to share some great recipes that don’t need the machine then definitely go ahead! I love discovering new recipes.
    by the way, I’m still glad you’re waiting for my posts and feel a little bad when I can’t post as often as I would love to. even right now I haven’t started working on my next post but I can say it will be about some thrift finds, several doggies, Estonian winter overall, something various 😉
    take care, dear Denise, and enjoy the rest of this week!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. It’s not your birthday yet right. I can’t wish you a happy bday in advance. That’s bad luck over here. I have to be patient and wait. What a lovely post. The quotes cheered me up. You look amazing as always and I love your beautiful skirt and Louise’s bracelet. I have checke out her shop. Couldn’t find any info on the shipping. I guess that I should be happy that I don’t have brothers. Your folks treat you totally unfair! Really it’s so much easier for guys but at least we have the right to wear skirts and dresses and won’t end up bald 😀

    xx Mira

  6. Yay for your birthday week Denise! Do you have any exciting plans? Thats a great giveaway, I adore that cute scissor charm, so sweet. Your floral skirt is so ladylike and pretty. The printed top and vest also look so chic. Savoury cupcakes sound really interesting, would like to try that sometime.

  7. Liebe Denise, vielen Dank, dass Du uns so ein wundervolles Geschenk zu Deinem Geburtstag machst! Und ich gebe Dir so recht, es macht wirklich keinen Sinn, die Dinge für eine besondere Gelegenheit aufzusparen, jeder Tag ist eine besondere Gelegenheit :) Und Du siehst wieder so wunderschön aus, besonders auf dem Foto, auf dem Du die lilafarbene Mütze trägst. Außerdem gefällt mir Dein roter Rock sehr gut.

    Ich wünsche Dir von Herzen eine wunderbare Geburtstagswoche, dass alle Deine 10 Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen (ich finde auch nicht, dass Du viele Wünsche hast) – und ich wünsche mir, dass Du so ein wunderbarer Mensch bleibst, wie Du schon bist, aber ich bin überzeugt davon, dass dieser Wunsch auf jeden Fall in Erfüllung gehen wird.

    Alles Liebe für Dich von Rena

  8. Yayyy your birthday is coming! How exciting! :) Wish I was there with you to celebrate together.
    This machine really sounds like a gem. I bake my cupcakes in the oven. Luckily they don’t take much time. Really loved your food styling again. You’re a talent!
    Thank you so much for mentioning me again. I can’t express how happy I am that you liked my gifts so much.
    And that photo with the bracelet is amazing! Really loved your manicure too!
    Also, the Orla Kiely top, with the vest are really beautiful. So many things to admire on this post! And your hair has become super long! WOW!
    You look as gorgeous as always my sweet sweet friend!
    Lots of kisses to you! :*

  9. Hey dear!
    Thanks so much for your long comment on my last post. Longchamp is really great when it comes to the size and all that 😀 Also I can totally understand that you didn´t choose the Mac. I was a bit afraid of the big step as well but if the notebook should really not break as quickly as my old one it was already worth it 😀
    I hope you have fun with yours as well :)

  10. What an impressive week you had Denise, I really love those unique jewellery pieces they look great on you. The cupcake machine is unbelievable didn’t know about that and also the food presentation is just amazing you have a great imagination like the Michelin chefs, I bet the savory cupcakes taste good, not tasted them before I’ll see if I can find one in the supermarket. Have a great day Denise xoxo :)

  11. Happy birthday- I love the scissor charm it’s such a cool idea and looks great with the gold :)
    Thank you for the kind comment- I miss my fringe too (it’s getting in my eyes so I have to pin it up) so I use the suicide roll like a faux fringe. Otherwise my forehead would get cold

  12. Happy Birthday My sweet Angel! I’m wishing you all the best. You are a beautiful mind, an insprational Woman, an amazing Person! I miss you!!! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day. And may all your wishes come true. You only deserve good things in life.

  13. The best way to celebrate one’s birthday is to do it in style. Have a wonderful celebration on your very special day, Denise! May all your dreams come true, and may you days to come be filled with an abundance of blessings.

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