The new black

The new black is… black and some colorful touches. It’s a very awarded movie, too!

August looks

August looks and changing weather – socks, tights and bare legs: # 1, # 2, # 3 and # 4 + … the other colorful ones! 

Some years ago, I only wore black everyday, head to toe, even accessories, for 10 months in a row :) I had many nicknames, such as crow, witch, Morticia Addams so on. I changed, but sometimes that phase comes back :) Last August I noticed I wore a lot of black, but I included some other colors, a bit.


Colorful looks

Colorful looks in August – just two! # 5 and # 6

Among the 6 outfits I showed in August, just two were more colorful :) 


What about you, have you had a phase on any color, in particular?

Thank you so much for always being so sweet! Wishing a week full of smiles!

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64 thoughts on “The new black

  1. I used to wear LOTS of black too but got scolded by my dad, he asked if I was going for a funeral. Haha! My wardrobe is filled with white and grey, I find them easily paired with almost anything. I think you look absolutely lovely in all the looks that you featured here. And you have such a beautiful smile, Denise, the kind that would brightens up the room as you walk in. xx

  2. Liebe Denise,
    es gab Zeiten in meinem Leben, da war ich mit Farben zurückhaltender. Aber schon seit längerer Zeit trage ich viel und gerne Farbe. Natürlich gibt es auch Zeiten, wo schwarz recht praktisch ist und auch elegant wirkt, besonders in der Arbeit, aber ganz in schwarz fühle ich mich in der Regel eher trostlos. Vermutlich bin ich ein Farbenfreund und mir ist nur aufgefallen, dass ich bestimmte Farben immer gerne über einen längeren Zeitraum trage, oder z. B. helles gelb und hellblau am liebsten im Frühjahr. Außerdem glaube ich natürlich an die Bedeutung von Farben :)
    Du siehst in allen Deinen Look sehr schön aus, wobei ich doch finde, Farben stehen Dir ganz hervorragend. Das rot zum Beispiel macht Dich noch frischer als Du eh schon aussiehst.
    Liebe Denise ich wünsche Dir heute schon ein ganz zauberhaft schönes Wochenende!
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  3. Ciao Sweety!
    Il nero è sempre chic e si abbina con tutto… io di solito amo vestire molto colorato (rosa, rosso e oro sono i miei colori preferiti :-) ), ma quando scelgo il total black, dò un tocco di colore con gli accessori.
    Mi piacciono le tue proposte per il mese di agosto, tu hai sempre un sorriso dolcissimo!
    Un bacio
    Paola ♡

  4. Omg Denise, you made me laugh so hard. We can shake hands. I also had a black phase. I wore it for many years but I wasn’t given any nicknames. They were probably to scared of me 😀 I remember that one guy (who also wore black all the time) asked me if it had a special meaning to me. I said no I just like the color. I asked him if it had a meaning for him and he said no. The guys in school said that he actually lied 😀 His room was also painted black and so on. Well let’s not get there 😀 I still love black and your beautiful and chic outfits. Happy Friday sweetheart!

  5. I used to wear ONLY black when I was a teenager, I was a goth, complete with black makeup! A lot of my wardrobe is still black these days, too, it’s still my favourite colour for clothes, but I like to mix it up with different colours now, too :) I have much more room to experiment and it’s more fun! You look lovely in all your outfits, I especially love the third black dress, it’s super pretty! x

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

  6. Denise thank you so very much for your inspiring comment on my blog. So unbelievably kind of you! I am sorry to hear about your friend who never said anything. Sounds like she was taking you for granted and doesn’t know a good thing she has one! Good riddance to people like that.. they all show their true colors eventually 😉 By and by, you look tremendous in black – it is after all, one of my favorite colors. How well you wear it!


  7. I hear you, sweet Denise! I used to wear only black as well and guess what? That color is simply perfect! It never goes out of style, and you are always considered chic! I personally love it and YOU look superb in it too! So, let people give you nicknames and wear what you want, dear heart!
    Drueck dich und hab’ dich lieb!
    Have a great weekend, lovely!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  8. I love wearing black too! something about it is just so elegant and dressy sometimes! I like to wear black when I’m going out. But I have been trying to do some pops of color, I find I like to wear maroons or blues, again dark colors haha! but those are perfect colors for fall! hope you have an amazing weekend dear Denise! 😀 take care and looking fab! xo

  9. I don’t wear all black outfits, the closest I get to them is black with accessories, as the looks you showed us first—and that are very lovely…but I love those two colourful outfits too. I like wearing black with colour accessories because it makes the accessories stand out more and because as a colour addict I can feel comfortable in them. I’ve noticed that black isn’t the best option for my skin tone and plus I really like colours….so black with a bit of colour is fine by me.

    All black outfits can be wonderful, especially if one plays with shapes and textures. I have seen a lot of all black outfits that I really like.

    That documentary seems really interesting!

  10. Good grief .. who would call you those names (shame on them!). Your outfits looks amazing and each one is unique. I especially love the embroidered skirt that you wore in your National Lipstick post :-)


  11. You really can’t go wrong with black. It’s such a flattering colour (actually, is it even a colour?). I wear so much of it, always have and I guess always will. But teaming it with some colourful accessories is a great idea – jazzing up a black shift dress with a colourful can make it look like a different outfit altogether. You’re so right about the changing weather. How depressing. I haven’t quite fetched out the opaque tights from the bottom of my chest of drawers, but I fear the day that I do is not far off! I am currently determined to keep in my 3/4 cropped trousers, lol! Kisses to you Denise xxx Tx

  12. Fabulous outfits! Black looks great on you! I wear a fair bit, too, but rarely large doses (at least on their own) near my face, as doing so tends to wash my fair colouring out. I really do like black a lot though and always have. There’s nothing quite like it and it the ultimate mate for any other hue under the sun.

    Big hugs & my very heartfelt thanks for all of your wonderful recent blog comments,
    ♥ Jessica

  13. I actually wear a ton of black, especially because I think it really makes my hair pop. Wearing just that for 10 months seems like a really long time, but doing the laundry must have been easier for you! I think it’s great that you’re experimenting with some color, but just black is great as well!

  14. Hi my dear friend Denise. Black is a classic color same with white and me too:). I used to wear black a lot even now almost daily:). I’m started to wear color when met my husband because he asked me if I owe some color after our marriage:). I’m wearing more color on my blog :) to challenge myself I also can wear color too:). How cute those who gave out your nicknames by wearing black and more black:). I love the way you created every look to be you – really darling:). Thank you so much for your kind and caring words. I can see it through inside your heart. Just wanted to let you know I really pleased to have you as a friend. Thank you so much dear lovely Denise. Hope you also have a nice and relax weekend. Talks soon hugs and kisses


  15. I never wore just one color for a long period of time, I just get bored quickly 😉 the good thing is I never got a nickname for it, the only one I had through my whole life especially in school was Little Maria, ha ha. Well I’m glad you’re experimenting with color now, it’s good to change things up once in a while!!! xo

  16. Heeeeeeeeey Denise 😀 Ommmg longtime ^.^ It finally worked. Yaaaaay! :)) I was afraid of not being able to comment on your blog ;0 You’ve got amazing outfits *.* && black is the color that makes everyone look good and it is so slim (color) you know 😀 That’s a great post as always :) Glad to be here again ^^’ Thanks Denise 😀

  17. To be honest, I also love wearing black clothes, because they’re versatile and always looks good, no matter of the situation, so I understand your choices of outfits in August. I haven’t had idea that you had been wearing black outfits (and accessories) for 10 months, dear! Personally, if it comes to clothes and the colors of them, I really like pink/baby pink, because this shade really suits to me and I try to wear it more often 😉 Hope you’re having great evening, dear :)

  18. Ah Denise I have missed your wonderful blog! I have so many posts of yours to catch up on! Expect a commenting spree from me right now! You look so lovely in these photos, I’ve probably said this before but you have a knack for accessories – I don’t own so many things and end up just wearing the same thing over and over so I admire people who ca really switch up outfits in this way :) xx

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