The languages of love “wisdom”

So this is Christmas… and what have you done…

John Lennon’s words can make one pensive… as Christmas is also about love and some gifts, I once wrote on my old blog about the languages of love, and it involves presents, too. I don’t like writing much here (people prefer pictures), but why not for a change… so here it is again. Hope you don’t get bored.

The 5 Love Languages show you how people express love

As Christmas is around, this can be handy. Many people don’t say “I love you” – it can even be fake sometimes. Instead, in one of the psychology classes I took some years ago, the lecturer told to observe some details – people have different ways to express love – on Christmas as well:

– Observe their behavior: what do they request most often? Their requests reveal their love language;

– What do they complain about most often? “We don’t have enough time together” suggests that quality time is their love language. “You didn’t bring me anything” show that gift-giving is their language.

People may have more than one language, too.

The 5 styles are:

1. Acts of service – Those with this language perceive love even in small things, like preparing breakfast and going to the supermarket to buy what the partner likes. For them, a proof of love is when the partner reciprocates;

2. Quality time – when even watching a boring TV program together is time together, of course;

3. Gift giving – it’s symbolic, like exchanged wedding rings. The act of giving or receiving presents have an emotional value for the ones who “speak” this language;

4. Physical touch – holding, kissing or even sitting side by side while watching that boring TV program that was mentioned above;

5. Words of affirmation – Words of reassurance, not only “I love you”, but “you look so beautiful today”, “I love the way you cook”, and so on.

Source here

Source here

And just because people say I can draw, I created this piece:

For the ones who don't know, these guys of Breaking Bad always talk about "cooking" (what they cook is blue...) It's just a joke, please!

It took me just a few minutes. For the ones who don’t know, these guys of Breaking Bad always talk about “cooking” (what they cook is blue…) It’s just a joke, OK?

Source here

Source here

I wish everybody a happy Christmas with lots of love and smiles!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I love them!


20 thoughts on “The languages of love “wisdom”

  1. You’re amazing, you know! You drew this in just a few minutes? Wow! I don’t watch Breaking Bad, but I could immediately tell what you drew. You’re indeed really talented. I was right!
    I loved reading this post. I guess I’m a combination of 2 (or even 3) types. Not really sure! 😛

  2. Querida Denise! Discúlpame por no haber venido a escribirte. Dejaste un comentarionen mi blog que tampoco alcancé a contestar. Tienes razón, he tenido muchas cosas que hacer y no he podido escribir, ni leer blogs, ni comentar. De un día para otro todo se ha vuelto una locura… Espero pronto tener nos días más tranquilos.
    Muchas gracias por acordarte de mí y espero que este año tengas unas fiestas más lindas y llenas de amor.
    Un gran abrazo!!
    Un lindo post, que siempre nos lleva a reflexionar!
    Tienes mucho talento como dibujante! Felicitaciones!!

  3. Oh you did not bore me reading this post. It is actually true and very wise. Although Christmas feels sometimes like too commercial but in our household we like to spend a lot of time with one another. My husband is home now for good and no more traveling so that is my son and mine’s big Christmas gift this year. And of course watching all the classic Christmas shows never gets too old either. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.


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