The Gift of Knowledge

The Gift of Knowledge… called this way because when we realize we learned so many things about the world, people and ourselves… this is a gift, pure richness!

The Gift of Knowledge

It is the last Friday Feelings post before Christmas and for some time… So it comes in “two parts”, it’s a special time :) Hope you enjoy it!

Friday Feelings


★ Each day we can wake up and choose to see life as a gift and to be fully present in that day.

We cannot always control the outcome, but we can control our reactions.

★ Each day we can bring all that we have to that day, choosing to live it fully,

Seeing it as a great gift.

★ Each day we can train our mind not to obsess about regret,

Nor to worry for tomorrow, but instead to be in this present moment.

★ Each day we can be grateful for what has happened that day.

And we can choose not to judge our lives from moment to moment 
(am I happy, successful, unhappy, a failure, good, bad)
But simply just to live our life.

★ There are five secrets in achieving the best life has to offer…

Be true to yourself.
Leave no regrets.
Become love.
Live in the moment.
Give more than you take.

★ May you always have good vision,

To enjoy all the beauty the universe has to offer you. 

★ May you always have good listening skills,

To hear people and all the mighty tales and incredible stories that make up life. 

★ May you always have a warm sense of touch,

To give out loving hugs 

★ May you always speak with kindness from your heart,

To soothe someone’s hurt and to uplift someone’s mood. 

★ May you always have lots of laughter,

To brighten up someone’s day and make a difference. 

★ May you always have lots of courage,

To go after your dreams and turn them into reality. 

★ May you always have lots of love,

To spread around and leave this world a better place. 

★ May you always have enough to feel blessed,

And to share your gift of blessings with others too. Book

Wishing you a beautiful weekend with smiles! Thanks for the nice comments!

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Quotes by John Izzo and Fion Lim via FRILLSANDTHRILLS AND ALSO BY MYSELF

37 thoughts on “The Gift of Knowledge

  1. Beautiful post, Denise. I believe in being grateful, and learning something new every day. I try to live as if I am not promised tomorrow and I think you are right knowledge is a gift. I think knowledge is a powerful tool to use. Happy Holidays! <3 /Madison

  2. Liebe Denise, vielen Dank für diesen wieder wunderbaren Post! Ja, wir haben es jeden Morgen in der Hand zu entscheiden, wie wir mit dem neuen Tag umgehen und es liegt an uns, ob wir bedauern oder nach vorne schauen. Ich denke, etwas zu lange zu bedauern macht auf Dauer nicht glücklich.
    Ich wünsche Dir ein wunderbares 4. Adventswochenende!
    Liebe Grüße, Rena

  3. Me encantaron todos tus Friday Feelings de este año, querida Denise, y este no es la excepcion. La verdad es que alcanzar una vida feliz no es una utopia o un milagro. Eso comienza desde uno y la manera en la que vemos la vida. Estoy segura de que practicando esos tips, como el de despertarse cada dia y sentirse bendecido con lo que tenemos, cambia nuestro ‘mindset’ y nuestra actitud hacia la vida.
    Que tengas un hermoso fin de semana, Denise!!

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