The Anatomy of Resting Bitch Face

The Anatomy of Resting Bitch Face, a topic I didn’t know about, till last week!

Metal bracelet and turquoise ring

Last week I got to know about Resting Bitch FaceRBF or also, CBF (for Chronic Bitch Face). I found the the topic really impressive and I decided to share it, after reading the whole week about it :)

Resting bitch face shows a certain unintentional facial expression – or the lack of it – that makes people think that someone is: angry, annoyed, irritated, bored, scared – or s/he scares people – mad, mean, arrogant, grumpy, disgusted, unhappy, intimidating, sad, depressed, demotivated, lethargic, apathetic, authoritative, miserable, judgemental, envious, tired, upset, cold, unfriendly, tough, difficult, not approachable – and the list goes on. People always ask if the RBF person is OK, ask to smile, and it seems it’s hard to make friends. It’s the famous Poker Face or blank face.

It happens for both genders. For men it’s known as RAF. The person may not be all those things above, but the face tells a different thing. BUT attention! Some people may be mean and angry, etc, with or without RBF. You need to know the person to learn whether s/he is really unfriendly or just has RBF. I got to see that someone linked to my family has RBF, BUT, as much as I don’t like judgement, I know that she has personal issues leading to being mean, envious, unfriendly, etc.

Famous people with RBF are Kanye West, Anna Kendrick, Anna Paquin, Bette Davis, George Washington (!), Rooney Mara and what about Mona Lisa? :) Ah – scientists have discovered the cause of RBF. You can check whether you have it or not! Upload a neutral picture of your face here! For me the result was “no RBF“. Do you know anybody with RBF?

Kristen Stewart, January Jones and Victoria Beckham - Source Here

Kristen Stewart, January Jones and Victoria Beckham – Source here


These earrings are unusual! Cube earrings - Amaro

These earrings are unusual! Cube earring, Amaro. Bracelet, Manoa

Loved this maxi strapless dress, so comfortable and practical!

Loved this maxi strapless dress, so comfortable and practical! La Chocole

Denim jacket Penneys

Denim jacket Al Suelo

Braceletism :) Headband, I made it with ribbons

Braceletism :) Headband, I made it with ribbons

Nails of the day :)

Nails of the day :) A bit more traditional this time, with sakura flowers

Necklaces - longer one, Manoa; the two others,  I made :)

Necklaces – longer one, Manoa; the two others, I made :)

Tote bag, Marc Jacobs

Tote bag, Marc Jacobs

Shoes, Harajuku Lovers

Shoes, Harajuku Lovers, with heart buttons, so sweet!

DIY Moment Cooking

Corn flour and yoghurt cake, with chocolate frosting! It was w-o-w! Recipe on Vegetabible

Corn flour and yoghurt cake, with chocolate frosting! It was w-o-w! Recipe on Vegetabible

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

Blessings proverb

Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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85 thoughts on “The Anatomy of Resting Bitch Face

  1. I don’t think I have RBF, but I sure know how to put it on if necessary lol Victoria Beckham would scare children – I always thought it was just her posing:)
    I love those shoes – you’re looking fabulous as always Denise and I’m loving your Friday posts – had a lot of time to catch up on blog reading this week – thankfully starting to feel a wee bit better now.
    Have a lovely week x

  2. Wow, I’ve heard the term Resting Bitch Face before and didn’t know there was so much behind it! This was really interesting to read! Also, unrelated but I like the gold square earrings in this post :) x

  3. I’ve never heard about RBF, very interesting. These ladies, in the picture, are great example of RBF , I have to say. I love Victoria’s style but her always-angry/arrogant look ennoys me. Now let’s talk about your outfit. I absolutely love this dress on you, beautiful color and print. Love your bracelets too, so pretty. Wish you a wonderful week ahead, dear Denise.
    Nina’s Style Blog

  4. Haha, people always ask me why I’m not smiling on the pictures, so maybe this is also actual for me, but only in photography, in real life not – I’m often smiling and don’t look like angry person;) Thanks for sharing, it’s really intresting.
    Beautiful dress and stylish combo with denim jacket! You look gorgeous, as always!

    Have a nice day!:)


  5. Dear Denise, How interesting this post is to read. To be honest, I think we have all either sern or actually done one if these Resting Bitch Face expressions, lol. The Kristen Stewart image made me laugh … She definitely gives a RBF. The shoes are such a lovely colour and the corn flour/yoghurt cake does sound interesting! I hope that you have a wonderful start to the week! :)


  6. Aww, this is so funny and interesting! I remember hearing this term a while back and I thought: What does this mean? I personally think that some people mean no harm and simply have that look! But then again, smiling never hurt anyone! I personally love seeing a happy face! It makes me happy too! YOU always smile and I love that!

    Happy Monday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  7. Denise
    Eu achei muito bacana este tema.
    Eu preciso descobrir assim que tiver um tempinho qual é o meu tipo.
    Olha . dizem que tenho aparência de brava, e só desfazem esta imagem quando me conhecem a fundo,
    Eu na verdade gostaria de ter essa cara de paisagem que as modelos tem.Acho que deve ser muito bom,Vou treinar ahaha .As vezes é bom para se proteger.
    “”Não julgue à aparência ela é apenas nossa armadura,o que esta por dentro pode impressionar.” Gosto muito dessa citação.
    Grande abraço e uma semana top pra você.

  8. Liebe Denise, das ist wieder sehr interessant, von dem RBF habe ich noch nie vorher etwas gehört! Es stimmt, was Du schreibst und zeigst – nur Du hast ganz sicher niemals so ein Gesicht denn Du bist nicht nur schön sondern auch grundgut. Dein Outfit ist total toll, ich mag Dein Kleid mit der Jeansjacke sehr! Alles Liebe und eine wunderbare Woche für Dich!

  9. such a great subject! I heard about this RBF and I think that the celebrity that was listed as an example was Gigi Hadid. Anyway, I do agree that some people may have such a face…they might look angry or worried even if they’re not. I don’t think that I have it, but only because I smile a lot. It is quite possible that I have a bit of RBF when I’m not smiling.

    I’m sure you don’t have a RBF. You always look very positive in the photos and I’m sure it is the same in the real life. I really like this outfit. That dress is amazing and it looks great paired with that denim jacket. you look so pretty!

  10. First ~ I LOVE your shoes !!!

    Second ~ isn’t it sad that we have to label our facial expressions in this manner. I like ‘deep thought face” much better 😉


    • Dear Monica, I am always so glad when I read your comments! I do miss your posts so much! I am not so much on Twitter, but I promised to take a look at your profile soon! You took the words from me :) When I got to know about RBF, through a fellow blogger, I wanted to research and then write about it. But I had problems when writing B****, since for me even that is swearing. And it happens that I don’t swear – maybe twice a year, if I hurt my toe :) Then I thought of explaining that I didn’t like to write the word, but that is the expression and I had to keep it that way… but well, just to tell you that I agree with you! Though, as I said, as much as I dislike being judgemental – that person linked to my family is a real b***^! Thank you so much for your always lovely comments, hope you are enjoying your week!

      • I first heard of RBF though Stephanie Nicole on instagram .. she has a youtube channel as well and works on the business side of the cosmetic industry and her reviews are quite honest. She is a bit expressionless and has a monotone voice and people comment on those two personality traits constantly, which I find silly. Anyway, I wish women were more united in how we perceive ourselves and create more positive ways to describe looking normal :-)


  11. Avevo sentito parlare di questo fenomeno ma in realtà ci ho sempre creduto poco.
    Insomma una persona potrà non avere un’espressione super amichevole o un’aria un pò antipatica forse, ma dubito si possa arrivare a certi livelli!
    E’ anche vero che non ho mai conosciuto nessuno con questo problema…
    Io ho sempre pensato che le nostre espressioni ed il nostro modo di porci rivelino in modo abbastanza accurato la nsotra personalità: se ci pensi basterebbe che queste persone sorridano per risultare subito più simpatiche, e se non lo fanno (senza un motivo) evidentemente non sono poi così allegre e divertenti no?
    Così pure uno sguardo ed un’espressione dolce o simpatica, secondo me, lo sono perchè quella persona ha pensieri dolci o divertenti e quindi anche gli occhi ed il viso rispondono a quello che pensa.
    Comunque tu questo problema non ce l’hai proprio, hai un viso bellissimo ed un sorriso coaì aperto e dolce che incanta! 😀
    Buona settimana!

  12. Non avevo mai sentito parlare di RBF! E’ vero, alcune persone hanno un viso che trasmette un’espressione naturale di arrabbiatura o tristezza…ma magari invece sono persone simpatiche :-) Comunque tu hai un sorriso meraviglioso e gli occhi tanto dolci, che non hai bisogno di fare nessun test per capire che non hai una rbf!
    Stai benissimo con questi colori nei toni dell’azzurro, mi piace il tuo abito e le tue scarpe sono tanto graziose!
    Bellissima la tua manicure!
    Un bacio
    Paola ♡

  13. Troppo divertente il titolo che hai scelto per il post!
    E’ vero c’è tanta gente che sembra perennemente triste o arrabbiata perchè non sorride mai! Ovviamente non è il tuo caso, perchè il tuo sorriso è l’accessorio più bello che hai!!!
    Mi piace il tuo look e quel dolce mi sembra delizioso!
    Kisses, Paola.

  14. My high school best friend told me the first day she saw me, she took an instant dislike to me because I look moody and just downright nasty. She was surprised when she got to know me because I was the complete opposite of what she thought me to be. LOL! I always say, never judge a book by it’s cover, giving it a chance. :-) Another great post, Denise and I’m glad I am able to comment again!

    ps: Why did you disable your comment in the past couple of posts?

  15. I did a Self Improvement Challenge last year about Resting Bitch Face and got a lot of great responses. All those famous people RBF are hilarious. I never realized how many people don’t smile this is a great, post, Denise! Your nails are adorable, simple and creative. Your shoes are awesome, and I love the maxi dress.

  16. Hahaha this was an entertaining read. I think Kristin Stewart is one of the main examples of RBF. I’ll be interested to test my own. I love your beautiful patterned dress, blue is a pretty shade on you. Such lovely makeup too.

  17. Hey Denise!!! I am back!! I have missed reading your posts!
    I love your outfit, that denim jacket is great and I also love your nails! so pretty! your smile is always so beautiful!
    I don’t think I have resting bitch face, haha people always tell me I’m smiling hahah! hope you have a great week, friend! xxx

  18. People have told me I have one… And I’m telling you, it’s VERY annoying when people keep telling you to “smile more!” or keep saying things like “don’t look so angry”. It’s involuntary! It’s just my face, folks.

  19. I found it funny initially when I first learned about resting bitch face. But then I realized it is just something that some people do unintentionally and some people do intentionally. It takes a lot to get to know a person to say that he is mean, sad or angry. The RBF should not be the basis. Great article dear and I love your shoes! Gwen Stefani is my life idol! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  20. Ciao Denise, ma quanto sei bella oggi. Quella collana mi ha rapito il cuore e la giacca jeans sul vestito è favolosa.
    Dunque a me hanno sempre detto che la prima impressione è quella che sono una donna antipatica (me lo dicevano anche da piccola), poi quando mi conoscono mi dicono che sono totalmente diversa. molto dolce e disponibile (a volte troppo). Io penso che posso apparire antipatica perché sono molto timida anche se non sembra. Con il passare degli anni ho lavorato per eliminare la mia timidezza e diciamo che adesso la combatto sorridendo sempre (e questo ha migliorato la situazione).
    Un bacione dolcissima
    Maggie Dallospedale

  21. Hi Denise. Your post this week is very impressive. I didn’t know anything about this till I read it now. Sometimes I already thinked about this but I didn’t know that somebody had already thinking also. This is very risky because you may think that one is one thing and in fact it is quite another. Well, I hope you have a good week.

  22. I do know about RBF because a blogger I follow has written about it and showed hers, haha. I think I also have it when I’m not having the best day or when I’m thinking about something serious etc. anyway, I like your manicure and bracelets, stuff like that adds so much to an outfit. and I’m looking forward to spring because I don’t wear dresses during winter (I sort of hate wearing pantyhose, haha). your heels are cute too! wow and the cake :O I want it! I browsed your Vegetabible and am hungry although I just ate 😀 can you please send me a piece of that cake, haha. anyway, I hope your week has been successful. we have a short work week, three spare days because Estonia will be 99 years old on February 24 :)

  23. Interesting post, Denise. I don’t know if I have RBF, need to check it out, but I know that you certainly don’t have it, you always look sweet and innocent and charming, Denise. Love the look today, so delicate and adorable. And again, your shoes are amazing. Love them.
    New update: Almost Done

  24. Hi Denise! Your post opened my eyes, I have never heard about RBF nor CBF before. I was really curious if my face has some symptons of RBF, so I loaded my photo and the results are great, because according to the test, my face looks primarily happy and a little bit suprised (what, btw was suprise for me as well, ha:P). But in my opinion A LOT depends on the photo, which we gave the test, because I’m more than sure that not on all of us photos we have “happy face”. Backing to the subject, I always think that Kristen Stewart is always unpleased and unhappy, now I know the reason. What about your outfit you look very pretty in softs shades, dear friend and btw, I love your nails art :)
    Hope you’re having great evening, dear :)

  25. I never heard of Resting bitch face before. Thank you so much for educating me. You look so beautiful in your outfit. Love the dress and accessories. I also love the way you styled your hair and applied your makeup. Hope you had a wonderful day! :)

  26. I think the whole idea of RBF is quite sexist as it is rare when a guy is called out for this same trait. Instead he is considered intense, studious or serious.

    Society has trained women to smile to be “inviting” however if you don’t feel like smiling I don’t think you should just because that is society’s norm. Being authentic to who you are and how you feel should be most important. If I don’t feel like smiling I don’t. Bottom line. Also I don’t expect other women to smile all the time either. This whole idea reminds me of the show the Stepford Wives.

    I think men are threatened by women that don’t smile all the time.

    PS…That cake looks yummy!!!


    • Thank you for your nice comment, dear Suzanne! Actually, I showed that there are men with this relaxed unintentional facial trait and there’s an even more terrible name for them – RAF – I just didn’t have the courage to write the word, because I feel bad swearing :) It all started because a blogger-friend mentioned on one comment that she has the “condition” and I got interested, since I never heard of it before. I didn’t mean to foster sexism, just to show that sometimes we think that someone is unfriendly, but in fact the person does it unintentionally, men or women, and that they normally are misunderstood and asked to smile. As a coincidence, I scheduled a post today that talks about how I prefer to write short posts and then some explanations are missed. I’m sorry if the post sounded sexist, it was really not my intention! Thank you again for your lovely comment! Hope you have a nice weekend!

        • It’s fine, dear Suzanne, thank you for your really sweet comment and taking the time to lift me up! I think I was (am) having a very emotional week, feeling low, vulnerable, had fever… And then I over reacted, you know when a person cries even by watching a shampoo ad? That was me this week :) I am really glad I didn’t offend anybody and thank you again for your comment, it did lift me up! Bisous, dear Suzanne!

  27. I dunno. I feel like RBF is just another way of denigrating women. I mean, I get that it can be funny and a lot of my own friends will poke fun at themselves by saying that they have ‘RBF,’ but I generally try to discourage people from saying it about women, especially women they don’t know. There are so many so-called ‘sins’ that a woman can commit which will end up with her being labeled a ‘bitch.’ Adding the natural look she may have on her face just makes in worse, in my view. It’s as if we’re supposed to be beautiful and smiling all the time like we’re in a beauty pageant or something. It also causes men to feel justified in telling women to ‘smile more,’ because it makes them look pretty in their eyes. At some point, we have to be able to just be ourselves and be in our own space without having to worry about pleasing other people.

    – Anna

    • Hi, Anna, thank you for your nice comment! I didn’t mean to dimiinsh anybody, I just got to know about it around 2 weeks ago through a blogger-friend who told me she had it. I researched and found what it was. It is not about women, it’s about men and women, as I wrote on the post, and by no means I tried to make fun – just to show to people, that sometimes people seem to be unfriendly (and to be friendly we don’t need to smile), and that the person is actually friendly, but has what the doctors named RBF or CBF for women and RAF for men. In fact, I tried to do just the contrary, to make people think and get to know people, despite of what they may think is an unfriendly expression. I don’t think that men ask women to smile more, I think I tried to say that people – I seldom write “men” or “women” – ask other people to smile, because they think the person is feeling sad. There’s nothing wrong in feeling sad, of course. I totally agree that it is impossible to please everybody, I just wanted to share that we can’t judge people and above all, that famous proverb “don’t judge a book by its cover”. The problem is that I try to write posts as short as I can and many explanations get missed. I am so sorry that I gave the wrong idea about the post, really very sorry and feeling bad. Hope now I could explain the goal better. And that you have a great weekend!

  28. Aha, RBF. I know I suffer from that some times,. People think I”m being miserable or unfriendly when actually I’m likely just focusing really hard on something and the expression my face takes on is natural, beyond my control. I’m certainly not having bitchy thoughts about someone or some thing, lol! Hellooo Denise, hope all is well? Sorry I’ve not been visible much. Life is full of new adventures and I’m loving the change, the break away from blogging is something I needed, though I’ve been back on it this week with renewed vigour :) I just read your Friday post – have you taken off comments? Couldn’t leave a message but I can’t sign off here without remarking on that fantastic musical house in Germany. I could imagine Willy Wonker living in a place like that. Wacky and magical. Big hugs and kisses my sweetest friend. TxX

    • Hi, dear Tracey! I am sure you don’t have bad thoughts about people! This was just the kind of comment I needed now, you are sooo sweet! I published the post without liking the word b****, and the condition happens to men and women and I pointed that out. I didn’t give the name to the condition, doctors did. I just thought of sharing it to show to blogger-friends that sometimes we may think someone is unfriendly, but that is unintentional. But since yesterday two blogger-friends that I like very much said it’s a sexist thing, they didn’t like the post – which is fair, we cannot please everybody, and I am feeling so bad – no joke. I really didn’t think of being sexist, I am one of the least persons who would foster that :( So, I thank you so much for your comment, I did need it :) You always lift me up, I can see that charity is your calling, dear Tracey! I hope you are having a great time, so many experiences, I am sure! I closed comments on my posts on Fridays to take the burden from blogger-friends, to comment on “one more post”, when people are busy. It’s just to relax and maybe to enjoy some finds, that I thought were interesting :) Will visit your blog now, I guess there’s a new post? Many hugs, dear Tracey!

  29. Hi dear…thank you for your comment:)! Your Friday facts are lovely. I have to say that baby doll that was banned in Germany got me worried! Still, I think there are many other ways to get private data and perhaps there is no point in worrying too much. If someone really wants to get hold of our information we can’t stop them…I don’t feel like I have anything to hide, but still I think in our age there is a lot of information theft and it is worrying.

    On upper side, that musical house in Germany looks dreamy. I’m trying to imagine it ‘playing’ when it is raining. It must be a lot of fun to listen. I actually witnesses a similar phenomena. There is a sea organ in Zadar (one coastal city in Croatia) and it plays music all the time- because the sea never rests. I expected it to be beautiful but I didn’t expect it to be as beautiful as it was- it was a wonderful experience, it sure was. I don’t know why I don’t visit Zadar more often. It is not far from where I live.

    Have a great weekend!

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