Tearapy, a pun :) I’m suuuch a cake lover… so tearapy – tea + baking :) – is like therapy for me!

Park views

Tearapy is sooo good – for me :) You mix ingredients and think of good things, life… Matt Adlard, an English baker with his Topless Baker Youtube channel, shares delicious recipes – baking without a shirt to draw attention, I guess. Matt’s father is David Adlard Michelin star restaurant chef.

 Do you like baking?

Source here

Source here

What do you think of baking for videos without a shirt?


DIY Moment Cooking


TEARAPY, I said? YES! Baking and cooking like crazy, lately! Cake with guava jam

My take on a vegetarian moussaka

My take on a vegetarian moussaka – it may look dry, but the vegetables made it moist


I love this denim longer jacket!

I love this denim long jacket! Marfinno Denim; Tights, don’t remember

Somehow windy!

Somehow windy!

I love this dress, too! Liu Jo

I love this Liu Jo dress, although it’s a bit tight and sheer, not my usual choice

Unlike the Topless Baker, I always close cleavages with brooches! This is a Russian hand painted one

Unlike the Topless Baker, I always close cleavages with brooches! This is a Russian hand painted one

Long silver earrings

Long silver earrings

Fly London ankle booties

Fly London ankle booties

C & A floral bag from Hanover

C & A floral bag from Hanover

Such a beautiful park!

Such a beautiful park!

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

Quotes videogame

Wishing you a beautiful week with smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

Hope to see you on Friday, with Friday Feelings :)

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70 thoughts on “Tearapy

    • That was in Hanover, dear Pam, in Germany where I lived, and true, unfortunately the United Kingdom has no C & A :( I remember when I lived in the UK and friends asked me about a velvet jacket I bought at C & A and they never heard of the store, while I said that Germany had many branches of it, but then I also said that, at the time the UK had Primark and Germany didn’t (now it does). Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Wishing you a beautiful week!

  1. Anche io amo molto il thè cara Denise, ma a cucinare non sono proprio capace… T_T
    In compenso mamma è beavissima a fare dolci e torte così ci pensa lei!^^
    Ma lo sai che stai davvero benissimo con quell’abito? Il tuo corpo ha una bellissima linea a clessidra e quell’abito la sottolinea così bene! Hai la fortuna di avere un punto vita così stretto, dovresti sempre metterlo in mostra!!! 😀
    Buona settimana, baci!

    • Grazie tanti per le belle parole, carima Silvia, sei sempre tanto carina con me! La line a clessidra ho ereditato da mia madre, e ti ringrazio per aver detto che devo indossare questo tipo di abito più – ma sono timida per farlo. Non potrei mai indossare senza una giacca per coprire, ho preso fuori la giacca solo per mostrare quanto e carino il vestito :) Ma hai ragione, alcune persone mi dicono che dovrei indossare questo tipo di abito piu, forse faro questo un giorno :) Grazie di nuovo, mi ha datto fiducia! Una buona settimana per te! Baci!

  2. I love this quote, Denise. So so true, isn’t it?! Denise, darling I am so sorry to hear about your loss ((()))) my thoughts are with you and your family. I don’t know if it makes us harder or even wiser, I don’t think so, it hurts and it won’t hurt less the next time, tho. I keep you and your family in my prayers, Denise.

    • Thank you so much, dear Lenya, you are always so sweet, and I tell you – we don’t know each other, but I feel we do :) Yes, it does hurt, but 5 years ago I suffered that too, and then was grieving for more than 3 years, although very few people could see it. I then saw that life goes on, there’s no other way :) So you are right, every time it happens, it’s bad. But again, we need to go on, life is an everyday blessing! I hope you are fine and having a nice week! You are really such a sweetie, keep this nice heart always warm! Hugs!

  3. Hello Denise, this will probably be my only comment in the next week or so as I am away on a cruise so the internet connection is terrible or nonexistent. But I’m in Belfast today and I have some signal. I had moussaka for dinner last night on the ship but wish it was a veggie one like yours. Hope you are well.x

    • Oh, Kezzie, you are so sweet to visit me even though you are on a trip! I hope you meet Fil, it will be lovely and I wish I were with you two there! Please don’t worry about a second comment, I totally understand it and thank you so much for this sweet comment! You are always ace! I wish you a great trip, enjoy a lot your time there! XXX

  4. LOVE those boots and the bag!

    I laughed at the topless baker. Seems like Jamie Oliver started that whole idea when he called himself the naked chef years ago, but of course he was talking about the food and not himself.

    I’ve noticed sometimes I have a hard time commenting on your blog. Like last week I couldn’t comment. The comment box wouldn’t appear. Today it is working fine though, so not sure what is different.

    Have a great week!


    • Hi, dear Suzanne! Thank you for the information and comment, I didn’t know about Jamie Oliver saying he was “the naked chef” :) And thank you for saying that about the comments, cause I have changed servers, and I will inform that to the new one! You are the 2nd to tell that, so it must be a server’s thing! Hope you enjoy the week and go on with the nice shopping finds – the one I saw today is amazing! Bisous!

  5. Hello Denise! Firstly, sorry for your loss, my dear friend, we haven’t met in person (yet;)), but you have to know that I send to you a lot of love and hugs and I know that you’re really brave!
    What about the post, personally I really like cooking, but baking isn’t my cup of tea – I do it rarely, but I’m not satisfied with the final results. But I have to confess that I do delicious pasta (something like spaghetti) with fresh ingredients and a lot of herbs 😉 What’s more, you look terrific in this dress, you should wear it more often! :)
    Take care my lovely blogger friend! <3


    • Dear Ivonne, you are always so sweet! I really really appreciate your words and love your comments! I feel the same, we haven’t met (yet), but I feel like we knew each other! I would love to try that spaghetti! I hope I can go to Poland again soon – you know what I could eat every week? Pierogi! Ruski for me, since I am a vegetarian. I had some in Koszalin that I am longing to eat again, and some by the river in Gdansk with so lovely restaurant owners! I think I told you that one of my sisters-in-law is from a Polish family, but she doesn’t cook :) Hope you have a very lovely week, dear friend! Thank you for the beautiful comment!

      • Oh, what a pity that your sister-in-law doesn’t cook Polish dishes! Personally I really like my traditional cuisine – and ruskie pierogi are really soo delicious, personally I prefer them than pierogi with meat. What’s more,next time, when you’ll be in Poland, you should try “gołąbki” – but vegetarian version – it’s buckwheat wrapped in cabbage with fried onion on the top or “barszcz czerwony” – soup made from red beetroot, which in my opinion it’s best one with “uszka” – small pierogi , stuffed with sauerkraut with mushrooms. Oh, Polish cuisine it’s really delicious 😀

        • Dear Ivonne, thank you so much for the comment with all these recommendations! I had the beetroot soup in Koszalin, it was sooo delicious! I really want the buckwheat dish, it sounds amazing! No, unfortunately my sister in law does not cook at all :( I would love to have a ruski pierogi now! Thank you again, dear friend, hope you have a great day!

          • “Pierogi ruskie” are really easy to make, I’ll keep in mind to do post with recipe for it, I think that it could be interesting for my readers, who live all over the world. 😉

    • You are really so sweet, dear Shireen, thank you so much for your lovely comment! Baking is easy, you will see! I like to be practical, so I really bake easy recipes. I have them here: http://denisesplanet.com/recipe/ – and if you need any help, please ask me! I will be glad to answer any question; be aware that I am not a chef! But I like to cook and people use to say “you’re the best in the world”, hahaha! Sweet souls, or sure, if a chef tried my food wouldn’t like it, I am also sure! Sincerely, please ask me anything, I would be very glad if I can help a bit! Hugs and regards!!!!

  6. This cake looks so delicious, Denise. You must be amazing at baking. I’m very lazy person __ only reason I cook and occasianally, bake, is my little daughter. (unfortunately for me, somebody has to cook at home haha). I love this hairstyle on you Denise and how cute this dress is. I think tight dresses look amazing on you. Hope you are having a lovely week so far.

  7. I’m not a huge fan of baking but i do love to eat lots of cakes. I’ll have to find this YouTube channel with Matt baking topless as that might get me into liking baking ha ha. You DIY moments look delicious and I love the back drop you have chosen for taking photos of your outfit – tight and sheer is always a good thing for us ladies!

  8. Awesome outfit, dear Denise. I especially love your dark denim jacket. I had a somewhat similar (it was a bit longer) coat for years in my twenties and wore it into the ground (proverbially speaking). Then, just last year, I picked up a longer length 70s does 40s denim jacket and felt like I’d filled in a hole in my wardrobe I hadn’t even realized was there (after having retired and passed on the other one a few years ago). It’s great to have denim jackets in our closets. They go with so many outfits, are fun and classic, and just feel good to wear, too. Thanks for sharing this gem from your wardrobe with us.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  9. Hi Denise, well, I never saw any movie or vídeo with anyone with topless. I didn’t vote because I think that it isn’t cool neither fool. I think that it is normal. I miss you. You never more visited my blog. Did you got mad at me with something I said or did?

    • Hi, Alberto, thank you for your lovely comment! I don’t know what’s going on, but I always visit your blog when I get your newest posts announced in my inbox, but lately I didn’t get any news! So I thought you hadn’t written any new post. It’s happening with other bloggers, too, so I guess it’s a problem with the subscription, I will check this out. Sorry, I had no idea of that, thanks for telling me! Wishing you a lovely day!

  10. Those ankle booties! <3

    As for baking, I love watching others bake and I do like assisting my husband when we do some baking together, but I'm not really good at it myself. I like to good, but baking? Not my forte. I love eating the results of a good bake though 😉

  11. Hi dear denise!
    lovely post! Hehe i like baking too, just sad I don’t have enough time to do it recently! Topless baker, haha thats a way to get attention! creative….kinda sorta? lol!
    thanks for sharing that recipe! I will have to try it when i get a chance!
    and i love your dress, love the print! and how clever, unlike the topless baker you cover up cleavage with a brooch, hehehe! love it!
    hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! xoxo

    • Dear Andrea, thank you for your lovely comment, you are so sweet! I know you don’t have time, yesterday I visited your blog and the post was about the conference! But take your time, only post when you have time! Thank you again for your kind words, I hope you have a beautiful day! Hugs!

  12. I love baking too! You make me want to make something asap…maybe I will. It has been a bit hot lately so I didn’t bake as much as usual….
    I’m also a tea lover…I drink a lot of tea…and coffee too.

    You look amazing in that dress! so pretty and feminine.
    Love your boots and bag too!

  13. Liebe Denise, ich backe zwar nur noch sehr selten (früher habe ich das sehr oft gemacht), aber ich finde auf jeden Fall auch, dass Kochen Therapie ist. Ich bin mir ganz sicher, Du bist eine hervorragende Bäckerin und Deine Kuchen sind köstlich. Das mit dem Bäcker und Top finde ich lustig – warum nicht und da Bäcker in der Regel Tops anhaben, kann ich mir gut vorstellen, dass er sich damit aus der Masse hervorhebt :) Ich finde es toll, dass Du Broschen verwendest, um Ausschnitte und ähnliches zusammenzuhalten, das sieht sehr elegant aus. Du bist wieder wunderschön – ich hoffe, Du weißt das auch <3
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  14. Ciao cara :) finalmente dopo le vacanze riesco a leggere nuovamente il tuo blog. Anche per me cucinare è una grande passione e mi piace molto. Ma devo dire che preferisco farlo in autunno/inverno, quando arriva il freddo. Diventa tutto più caldo ed accogliente. Io sono una grande amante del the e quando arriva la fredda stagione non manca mai :) buona giornata xx


  15. Ok, I voted fool .. lol. A topless guy doesn’t really attract me to baking ( and I love baking !! ) LoL

    Anyway, I do love your brown dress and think it looks fabulous on you. I also love the swan boats in the back ground.


  16. I totally read it as tear (to cry) therapy lol! I thought you were sad! But I couldn’t have been more wrong. I think baking topless is fine by me, doesn’t hurt to cast your eyes on a handsome man, ha ha! Since I can no longer have grains, baking is hard for me. I did used to like it! Flourless baking is a lot harder. Love your dress though, Denise! That’s really pretty!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  17. that cake, Denise… please do send me a piece, haha! it looks super delicious! and your moussaka looks yummy too. such a nice meal! totally made me hungry right now 😛 I also like baking but I tend to pick the easier recipes. when there’s too many ingredients and steps I just look for another one. I hope it’s going to change some day soon :)
    that Liu Jo dress and those cute boots look perfect on you by the way! such a classy ensemble! looks like autumn by the way… those leaves on the ground and the overall picture behind you. I can’t believe it’s autumn already but it sure smells and feels like it in Estonia as well! anyway, such a cool post, dear Denise! take care and enjoy the weekend!

  18. Hi Denise! It’s been a while since I caught up on your blog! I’m going to read through now. First of all I haven’t heard of Topless Baker before but I will have a look at his channel – I love baking too. Tearapy is a great word for it – baking and drinking tea if like therapy! xxx

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