Funny Monday

Funny Monday is like the Fun Friday Finds, latest being Fun Friday #11 – but it won’t be a regular column – Fun Friday is on Fridays, obviously :) and Funny Monday today is just because I am returning little by little to the blogosphere and up to the 3rd week of July I will still be on slow-blog-mood, just a bit :)



A bike that folds into a backpack? I loved it!

What is your subconscious mind trying to tell you? Take the test – just for fun :)

Boyfriend promised to spend a nice Sunday afternoon with his girlfriend. Instead, he didn’t accomplish it, because he spent the previous night at a pub. The girlfriend took revenge… kind of funny :)


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Fun Friday #11

Friday Finds #11 – I am officially back from long holidays… nearly a month… so good!

* DUE TO A BIG ACADEMIC RESEARCH PROJECT, I won’t publish the Monday post this week :) Sorry about that and thanks for bearing with me!

Source here

Source here

Fun Friday

So, I was away for nearly a month… around nice places in Europe and South America. Now I am back and will get to all my lovely blogger friends’ blogs little by little – it takes some time to re-adapt and read on a daily basis, like I did before travelling :) I truly missed my blogger friends’ posts! Hope you like my finds today and the video on the bottom of the post, as usual!

How cool is decorating with washi tape? I was mesmerized!

Have you ever thought of… dyeing the armpits?

I loved these inventions, they make life easier!!! Or at least, mine :)

Friday Finds

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Fun Friday #5

Fun Friday #5, with 8 new FINDS for smiling :)

JonCha - Photo credit here

JonCha – Photo credit here

Fun Friday

How cool are these finds? A store with “yes-no staff approach” and how to pay a ride with bottles!

Really, you HAVE TO SEE this! A girl went to 11 different fitting rooms in different stores and the before and after pictures are food for thought… how we are manipulated!

These mugs are soooo sweet!

Friday Finds

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