July good-bye, welcome August!

July is gone, August has arrived… with this rhythm, December will soon be there!

* Please don’t be put off by the date! Today is August 25th – I posted just once this month, but among other reasons, you’ll see at the end of this post where I’m posting every week!

In July I only posted once, for some reasons – #1, cause the first semester of the year was so kind to me – my July post talked about it, the nice countries seen and sooo much missed… Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republicthen Ireland and Northern Ireland, Belgium, Germany, England, Greece and the World Cup in Brazil – I’m kind of sorry to write about it again, but I really want to extend that feeling! I confess that most of July I lived thinking it was still June :) It was nice! It was also hectic and with some nice news! Wait till the end of the post :), please!

As I said, posting only once in July generated many pictures along the month – please bear with me and take a look at the next page :)

July 27th, winter where I am now: with a lovely necklace and earrings from Hungary

July 27th, winter where I am now: lovely necklace and earrings, Hungary

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Orange is the new black

brazil1Again I didn’t post on Monday! This is for the week of June 30thJuly 7th! Last week: Wednesday post this week, due to 1) the World Cup :) 2) I was sick last week. I’m in Brazil for 10 days and changing food made me sick. But it’s delicious! Some women like football (soccer)! I like to be present during the championship – everybody seems to be happy, cheering, the atmosphere and vibrations are so amazing!!!

Hanover, 2006 host city

Hanover, 2006 host city and Cup clock

I was in Germany in 2006 during the World Cup – great atmosphere, too!

On Sunday, June 22nd, I saw the Korean team bus 1 meter far from me!

Title: not about the TV series… it’s about the Dutch team in Brazil – wherever they go the scenes are amazing, as well as Australians, Americans, Brazilians, Chileans, Argentinians and so many other teams! But the Dutch are really impressive!

Dutch supporters on a street of one of the World Cup cities, walking to the stadium

Dutch supporters in one of the World Cup host cities, walking to the stadium

There are 12 host cities: Natal, Recife, Fortaleza, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Brasilia, Cuiaba, Belo Horizonte, Manaus. It’s such a big country, it’s very difficult to go to all!


Brasilia, capital of Brazil

On the flight  next to me sat a Dutch star, really very nice – a former national team player. I confess I had no idea about it, what I think turns things better, I guess. I was sincerely interested on the projects he told me – visiting children at slums, cheering with them – children are sweet, genuine! I love children!

Magazine he showed

Magazine he showed

He said he now works as a commentator for TV and has a fashion shop. He showed me amazing shoes – I bet you’ll love them as well, so nice items!

Sorry for the lack of makeup... I had a 12 hour-flight! With Pierre Van Hooijdonk

Sorry for the lack of makeup… I had a 12 hour-flight! With Pierre Van Hooijdonk

Please, take a look at his footwear line, I recommend! I’m going to get one of the boots for sure, despite my huge collection! They’re amazing! I believe there are no coincidences – everything happens for a reason! How could I imagine a star would have this collection?

Source here

Source here

Sweet Shekinah (great blog!) commented on my facebook page that I’m lucky to travel that much, so I meet amazing people. My answer: “true and that I don’t take things for granted”. I do travel regularly. And I  feel lucky. I thank my parents for the luck. I owe a lot to them.

Tracey (also a sweet blog!) said that my blog is my travel diary – I found it very cool!  Well, yes, but that wasn’t my plan. It happened that this year is “abnormal”, with so many events. But after the World Cup I will have regular outfits posts :) It means, very soon – is next Monday fine? :) I miss them!

Hope it wasn’t that boring! I never write that much! But I know many don’t read, so, it’s OK.

I hope you all have a great week with many nice smiles and I thank you for your commentsThey mean a lot to me, as I said, and they truly boost my day!

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Dream trip to Greece

Some lovely blogger-friends told me “waiting for thetrip to Greece post!” –  here it is! In 2012 the lovely Em (please check her blog out, really outstanding!) came to London and we met! She invited me to visit her in her city – Thessaloniki, lovely! 8 days with nice tours, great food, phenomenal views and some shopping too (shown here)! A dream trip!

Some years ago I was in Athens, Igoumenitsa, Corfu, Patras and Corinth. Now Em, her boyfriend and cousin showed me Thessaloniki, Panorama, Thermi, N. Epivates, Perea and Chalkidiki (I loved Skione!) Her mother is, for me, the best cook in the world and Em made melomakarona for me! I ate delicious things I didn’t know, learned more Greek words and saw great churches!

In Thessaloniki, April 12th, 2014

In Thessaloniki, April 12th, 2014

They were so lovely and patient – took so many photos (thanks)! I tried to show some now, not only 3 :) A lot, but the blog is a “diary” and these are my favorite pictures. I could split them into 2 posts, but… no. It’s now. Please bear with me let’s start the tour!

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