Sustainable Consumption

Sustainable Consumption, Production and Development – I have already talked about the 17 Goals for Transforming our World, as much as we can, till 2030 and beyond. This is not a preaching post – it’s about my thoughts for transforming my life!

I have started changing my behavior!

I have started changing my behavior! Bracelet from Slovenia

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Amazing looks

I am always looking for edgy and delicate clothes, at the same time, with beautiful fabrics like chiffon or velvet, for example,  and somehow I got to know StyleWe, designers at fingertips! Well, now I want to show some amazing pieces that I selected. We may have enough dresses, – do we, really? -, but we always want something more special for something really special :) The selection is the right choice for me now, with also very reasonable prices. I just couldn’t believe, the green coat is gorgeous, in my opinion, with the boho look I so adore! I’ve selected some dresses that can be worn on a special occasion, like being a wedding guest, or Christmas, or a drink after work. I am obsessed with these items, in particular the green coat below, as I mentioned, and the vintage blue lace dress. Why not give it a try?! Let’s see some of the shop’s beautiful clothes!

Coat Multicolor High Temperature Setting Long Sleeve Coat

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