Nice selection of items

Today I am showing some amazing dresses, that I love so much – indeed, I have a similar one in red/burgundy, but shorter, so it’s a style I really endorse! I found so many dresses that I’d love to wear, plus many other clothes like coats and bags. I am going to show a bit of the things I browsed today! Have I already told about my passion for green and red?

Dresses for the wedding season

Summer is approaching in some places of the globe :) and so, the wedding season, no doubt! For such a special occasion, the bride is the star, of course, but the bridesmaids are, somehow, too. They need to make a nice entrance, in elegant dresses, so that they pave the way for the bride. It all looks so sweet and for the ones who love traditions, like that, please check out TopWedding bridesmaid dresses Here are some suggestions on what to wear on such a beautiful occasion! Dresses that will make a good entrance and also, that you, as a bridesmaid, can wear for the whole ceremony and party and still feel beautiful and above all, comfortable. And knowing that the price is excellent – psst! You don’t have to say that, cause these dresses will shine, as they were much more expensive – who doesn’t like good quality for nice, fair pricesYou can wear the dresses for a prom, too! They would be really beautiful on such a special occasion! And as a wedding guest dress, too! For any other important event, as well! Please take a look at my selection!
Green dress

Merrall – strapless A line satin Bridesmaid with pleating dress