Master or Disaster – with news!

thursday 1

I meant far from England :)

This will be a different Master or Disaster! I will show a pair that I do want an opinion – but will give news from where I am and will be for a while. People are asking me to do so!

Master or Disaster for today


Two years ago I never wore flats! Now I like them! What do you think? The one with the tiger head on the front? A Master or a Disaster? I’m thinking of getting it… The bag is also great!

This is part of my last Sunday at a Mall in the south of South America… I’ll prepare a post with information about this impressive place. About the countries I’ll get to know, their industries and more.  One of the countries I’m visiting is Brazil. That is the “gate” for the other countries that I’ll soon go. The shoe industry here is phenomenal! Leather industry in general. They produce for Kurt GeigerCarvella and other brands. They export shoes for many countries and ooohhh, I just went crazy at the Mall!  I know I have now more than 400 pairs, but I’m planning to get some more here :) On Sunday I bought just one pair :)

Hope you’re all fine and that you have a great day with tons of smiles!