A hectic month!

Dec 17th – I had a very busy November and December won’t be very different! So I have many new pictures to share, but I just want to have a day “really” off to organize everything! In the meantime, this post is still on :) – describing trips didn’t end yet! Hope you “forgive” me for the lack of posts now!


Bye busy October – welcome November, with the birthday of one of my lovely brothers:) A nice start with a nice interview – or so I think:) Hope you like it, too!

2nd Oct bad start with KLM airlines‘ huge delay to London, leading to lost luggage. KLM didn’t even offer water. They said they’d bring the bag to my door, which is right, but made me collect it. I told I’d fly to Dublin soon. Nearly missed the flight because of collecting the bag! Finally, after 8 days without going out (9 days with a thin top on), I got it. Lost “museums” time, all ruined. Solutions? The reply: “we won’t write in the usual 10 day-time”. I’m still waiting! I felt awful, even had to go to the doctor.

when things were still ok

Wonderful Rio de Janeiro! Among other things, I seek historical events. The World Cup (not my 1st one) triggered so uplifting emotions! I love pics from planes – that is Amsterdam. Me after 25 hours  flying and waiting. No makeup, tired, but things were still OKish, so why not a smiley selfie!

Things got better! I did have to buy makeup, face lotion, flats, something warm, even a hand luggage bag – they had mine with everything in. I got 2 ponchos – I wore ponchos as a child :) My granny gave me a green one, I loved it. I gave it another try! Reminds me of my sweet granny:)

Oct 10th, 2014 - Finally I could go out, to a museum, see some friends! The makeup I had to buy. I did buy the warm ponchos while KLM retained my bag - the choice was because that one, from Germany, was in the missing suitcase! Finally I could wear it!

Oct 10th, 2014 – Finally I could go out, to a museum, met some friends! The “urgent” makeup. I did buy warm ponchos while KLM retained my bag – the choice was because that purple one, from Germany, was in the missing suitcase! Finally I could wear it! So warm!

Some “October outfits“.The pink shirt honors Pink October, bringing awareness of how important the prevention of breast cancer is! Article on Stylishly Beautiful :)

Two outfits in October

1) Black jacket Les Lis Blanc, Russian hand painted brooch, pearl clutch (amazing!), dress I don’t remember and Gianvito Rossi grey shoes. 2) Pink shirt Brecho Chic, skirt from an Indian shop, laceup knee length boots Rocket Dog – very comfortable to walk!

More looks

1) Black kimono from Germany, Indian vest/waistcoat – don’t remember, jeans Asos and amazing Tsakiris Mallas shoes! 2) Vintage pleated dress, In Vitto phyton boots


Detaisl of shoes

Details: Tsakiris Mallas shoes from Greece, Pierre Cardin black bag, Gianvito Rossi grey shoes, Handmade pearl clutch and In Vitto python boots

I’m posting just once a month here (please go to Stylishly Beautiful for regular posts), but because many nice things happened, I’ll post again soon :) So this was the 1st part of the summary :)

And, as usual, I cooked :)


Avocado dish, my favorite food – that was with asparagus, cherry tomatoes and penne basil salad, my take on a Chilean dish called Palta Reina that I learned from a friend some years ago – it’s now on Vegetabible page. Then squash risotto, I love it!

 To finish the summary, I posted many quotes (some that I wrote) on facebook:



Wearing the beautiful ring my friend Markella (check her amazing blog out!) gave to me!

Finally, thanks for bearing with me! Today Stylishly Beautiful shows my interview for the site, with things that maybe people don’t know about me yet and so on. I’m so excited!

I hope November “gives” me some time for commenting on my favorite blogs! But as Monica, a lovely blogger-friend told me once “life is what happens when we are out of the web”! :)

Thank you so much for your visit and lovely comments! I love them!

Hope you have a brilliant week with many sweet smiles!

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P.S. – For my lovely Dutch readers, I have nothing personal against KLM. I have flown with them before – just that now what happened was a real pain! There’s much more than what I wrote here, believe me! It was really bad.

Half of the year is gone!

Hello! Please don’t be put off by the date on the left – today is July 28th, Monday! Because I have had kind of “different hectic weeks” it meant not enough time to post. Since I think this post is still VERY relevant to me, I’m recycling it again :) Hope you don’t mind and that you like it! I know we are in July, of course… But I’m still living in the first semester of the year… I confess – it was so good, I want to extend that feeling!

In June I only posted twice :( because of a trip and the World Cup. And in July only once :) Anyway, my sweet blogger-friends know exactly when I have a new post – when I comment on their blogs :) I don’t comment three times a week, but I’m a loyal reader. Despite that, I’m really interested in your posts! Do believe me!

The first half of the year is gone, the second has just started – I wanted to have track of what I have done so far and add the things I did in June, so to remember the time and the places. Here it goes!

1stsemester2014I bought many nice things, got nice presents, went to many museums – love history!, cooked quite a lot, bought new furniture, had birthday. Trips till June: England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Brazil. Continue reading

Food and shelter… and a bit more :)

 I was more pensive than usual last week… then I remembered a thing I either heard or read:

When your stomach speaks, you forget your mind;

When your mind speaks, you forget your heart;

And when your heart speaks, you forget about everything

Basic needs to any person are, in the first place, food, shelter, healthfamily love and education.

And yet we are so driven by the brainwashing that society play on us…

Now, to the pics! I try to gather all the week’s pics for Monday, so please bear with me and thanks!

Bewdley Museum. I love that cameo ring!

Bewdley Museum. I love that cameo ring!

Pink coat, Asos; Bag, Ugg Australia; Shoes, Gina

Pink coat, Asos; Bag, Ugg Australia; Shoes, Gina; Scarf, Missoni

They have such a nice texture! Plus, they are very comfortable!

They have such a nice texture! Plus, they are very comfortable!

This place is really lovely!

This place is really lovely!

Source here

Source here

Time for some food :)

Mash pumpkin, homemade mayonnaise, pasta, spinach and asparagus

Mashed pumpkin, homemade mayonnaise, pasta salad, spinach and asparagus

Source here

Source here

To make my week nicer, my sweet friend Kezzie made an amazing birthday card for me (check her great blog!) I simply loooved it!

Isn't it the cutest birthday wishes you can get? Thanks, Kezzie!

The cutest birthday wishes you can get! Thanks, Kezzie!

And now, to other culinary creations this week!  I watched a cooking show last week, and it said: “Before you feed your body

Source here

Source here

I wish everybody, sincerely, a beautiful week with many smiles and food for the soul!

Thank you so much for your sweet and lovely comments!