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A post a month, but I take care of the blog: new page, Accessories! I may change my mind later. Reasons: 1) I post weekly on Stylishly Beautiful, an outfit too (check it out, you can be featured there!) 2) Here I show bad-quality pics, no need to often post them; 3) And “who cares about casual outfits on my blog?” I’m not Vogue. I post to remember my items, where-when I was/am. Bad-quality pics today anyway :) Enough once a month. Reason #4 is polemic – I’ll hold it :)

September summary, busy! I posted quotes on facebook (many written by myself), bought usual stuff – perfumes, shoes, clothes, etc – :) Back to England-Ireland, after 3 months in a place with winter. Call me crazy – when summer begins I need a cold place. Fall in Europe now, I’m back :)

still fascinated by NatGeo DNA results that shows that shape of my eyes!

Still fascinated by NatGeo DNA results – I see them in my face!

I had my hair cut... after 2 years an a half. Still very long. That's the way I like it. Since I didn't use any mobile for 3 months, I always carry that small camera with me!

I had my hair cut after more than 2 years. Still long, the way I like it. I always carry that camera!

A lot!

A lot was cut, got ready for my next venture – feeling fresh is essential!

Before, during and after!

Before, during and after! This was the pic I posted on facebook – sorry for the repetition! Can I live without my fringe? I don’t think so! As an experience, OK

I bought this amazing palette, perfumes, bracelets...

I bought this amazing palette, perfumes, bracelets… Unfortunately, this beautiful palette, bought to save space, is in my luggage that KLM retains – it’s the 5th day now

Detail Milan tunic

Details – tunic bought in Milan, Miu Miu shoes

Swarovski and Dolce & Gabbana

Swarovski pendant and Dolce & Gabbana bag

Dior, Tissot, nail polish Nomination

Skip vein and skin! Accessories: Dior bracelet, Tissot watch, Dior nail polish and Nomination ring

My favorite skirt at the momet!

My favorite skirt at the moment! Wearing it again! Celine top and Asos bag

From Hawaii adaso?

Adasa shoes

Favorite jacket

My favorite jacket and a dress I couldn’t resist! Aldo shoes and transparent bag with Thierry Mugler pouch

painted some pics

I painted Tenby… my favorite place!

Sept 28, 2014 at an art gallery. I liked this dress so much and the light was not so good... so that's why 4 pics. Black and brown - I like it!

Sept 28, 2014 at an art gallery. I liked this dress so much and the light was not good for pics… so that’s why 4 pics (below, too). An attempt to show the real colors…

The light was not so good and i wanted to show the dress, so the repetirion

Black jacket and brown shoes + Victor Hugo bag – why not? I like it!

the nice bracelet i boight - clear mind and Bijoux Heart from net-a-prter

The nice bracelet i bought last week and Bijoux Heart ring from net-a-porter

So that was “my” September! Hope you didn’t feel very bored! I’ll now look for undiscovered cities and museums and many new things in the next months! Crowned by another big trip in December!

By the way, till Oct 26th Stylishly Beautiful has a great giveaway – check it out, good luck!

At Stylishly Beautiful, Dior products, yay! I love Dior!

At Stylishly Beautiful, Dior products, yay! I love Dior!

Hope you have a great time everyday, with many smiles!

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P.S. - sorry, I normally smile in pictures - hope it wasn't so boring!