Tactics to nice views

Tactics to nice views – when you are short and everybody in front of you gets the best place to have good views – then, place ONE arm on a minuscule space and show you’re there, too!

Have you already faced such a situation?

Wavy hait and I found a great liquid lipstick

Wavy hair and I found a great liquid lipstick last week! This take belongs to the next post on Thursday!

During the 3rd week of October I said I was going to travel; then I caught a virus I guess: it knocked me out! I felt so weak for the next 2 weeks, didn’t read friends’ posts, sorry! Now I think I’m OK. Back to the title: some years ago I worked for an international bank and it transferred me and some colleagues to another city and country. Since living and working in that city, that at first scared me, I go back there from time to time, to see friends from the time and relax – what for a remarkable city! I repeat tours like the first day and fall in love with it again and again!

But I have to fight for a place – it’s very touristic. I’m short, it’s difficult to find a place for nice views:

You can see my struggle: place part of the arm and state that you want a small place, at least!

You can see my struggle: place part of the arm and state that you want a small place, at least!

In the middle of that... there's a surprise!

In the middle of that… there’s a surprise!

As it was October, I was wearing pink clothes – top, Indian Beauty

As it was October, I was wearing pink clothes – top, Indian Beauty

And wearing pink shoes and a pink bag

And wearing pink shoes and a pink bag. Asos jeans, black vest my design

At the hotel roof top, ready to go out - with an umbrella - not so cool, but necessary at the moment

Hotel roof top, ready to go out and walk along the shore, with an umbrella – it was raining a bit! Tunic, Innocence; umbrella, Marc Jacobs

This is Jack! He's 12 years old, so sweet!

This is Jack! He’s 12 years old, so sweet! He belongs to friends. Top, Richard’s

A black cat - always around! I don't see them as bad luck!

A black cat – always one around! I don’t see them as bad luck!

I normally don't post photos of restaurants, but I haaave to show this new (for me) deli - simply amazing, do believe me!

I don’t post photos of restaurants, but I haaave to show this new (for me) deli – simply amazing, do believe me!

So, on Thursday there’s the secondpart of the trip“; not really about the trip, since everybody knows the place – I’d feel silly showing photos of what is all the time on the news or web. It’s about some views, yes, BUT the comfy dress I wore. A silly topic as well, but the dress is really nice :)

Hope everybody has a great week with smiles! THANK YOU so much for the sweet comments!

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61 thoughts on “Tactics to nice views

  1. Hi Denise! I like your one ARM tactic, sounds like a good way of getting to see.
    Where is it you went, I’m not sure I’m familiar with where it is, so I’d certainly enjoy seeing photos.
    I’m sorry you were unwell, that is horrid. Are you better now?x

    • Hello, thank you for your lovely comment! I am trying to leave a comment on your blog, but after 3 attempts all I got was Error 404 :( But I read about the perfect landscaping! Hope you have a very nice week!

  2. Oh my word, yes!!! I’m short and very shy, too, and even at the ripe ol’ age of 31 years old, I still have people completely ignore me, shove/push me, rudely cute right in front of me, etc out in public all the time. The transit system when we lived in Toronto was amongst the worst offenders there, but I’ve experienced it wherever I’ve lived throughout my life. I’m sorry that you run into this unpleasant situation, too, sweet Denise.

    Big hugs & happy second week of November wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Denise, you look beautiful in everything and pink … I think pink is your color <3 ! Lo siento que estuviste enfermita… espero te sientas mejor al 100% y prontito. Me encanto el detalle de tu brazo, el hacerte presente porque quieres tambien ser parte de ver lindas vistas, that was really cute, lovely and smart :) . Para mi los gatos negros no son de mala suerte tampoco. Y que rico deli! Si algun dia llego a visitarte por alla, me llevas ya que a mi me gusta comer y comer rico :) !
    Ya no veo la hora para ver tu proximo post!
    Besitos y que tengas una buena semana,

  4. Glad you feeling better, I do see the struggle with the arm but also see the outstanding view. I’m with you I do not believe black cats are bad luck.

    • Hello, Maitreni, thank you so much for your lovely comment and welcome here! The dog is not mine, it belongs to friends… I love dogs and cats and I always take photos with friend’s pets! So nice to know that you like them too! Hope you have a very beautiful week!

  5. Oh Denise, I didn’t know you had been ill!! So glad to hear you’re on the mend now. And welcome back. I’ve missed your posts! Speaking of this one. I am petite too and often find myself battling for space in busy places. I remember going to a gig as a small teen and not being able to see a thing. A very kind guy offered to lift me onto his shoulders. I jumped at the chance, lol! Had the best view of anyone then! Gosh that choux pastry cake (is it an eclair?) looks yum – and interesting. What’s the filling? It’s green – is it pistachio? Kisses sweetie, Tracey xx

  6. I’m glad you’re feeling better! You look amazing on your photos, with your charming smile and confident gesture. The arm trick is so good, I never thought about it before but it sounds brilliant! Touristic places tend to be so crowded and some people are so rude! I remember trying to catch a glimpse of the Mona Lisa in the middle of a huge struggle of tourists desperate to capture a selfie with the painting. Certainly, we all deserve to admire treasures.

  7. I’m 5ft 4in so i’m not very tall either and I know from places I’ve been to that it can be so annoying when someone who is taller than you blocks your view, you just have to kind of wait till they move. How lucky that you were able to travel with your previous job and were able to make friends that you can go back and visit. Anyway I’m glad you are feeling better, I bet it was those yummy deli treats ha ha. have a great week

  8. Ahahaahaha!!! Che forza che sei Denise!^^ La tattica del braccio è geniale, io non ci avrei mai pensato!
    In realtà io trovo sempre il modo di infilarmi tra la gente ed arrivare in prima fila o giù di lì (ma sono italiana, praticamente siamo abituati dalla nascita a trovare il sistema per cercare di evitare file e lottare per la prima fila), però il tuo sistema è senza dubbio efficace e più pacifico! :)
    Mi dispiace tanto che tu ti sia ammalata, proprio quando dovvesi partire per giunta, però sono felice che tu ti stia rimettendo!
    Sei deliziosa in queste foto, hai un viso così simpatico e bello ed un sorriso dolcissimo!

  9. I don’t know this place! But it looks beautiful…if a bit crowded.

    I love your idea of showing your arm in the shot! Ha ha!
    I really dislike touristy spots that are hard to truly appreciate with so many other people there.

    So happy you are feeling better. That took some time to get over. Can’t wait to see the other photos of this mystery spot.


  10. hey denise! sorry to hear you were sick! hope you are feeling better!
    and what a nice trip! looks like you had a good time, and i feel ya on the struggle to view sometimes, that happened a lot to me when i was in barcelona sight seeing! you look so pretty in pink and i love your hair in that first photo! looking great!
    hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and hope you are able to recover soon and fast! xo

  11. Denise, I am glad to hear that you are better! You getting me worried! Really hoping and praying that you are well! Loved all your pictures esp the one on the rooftop and the one with the doggie. I have three dogs and I love them. They are my best friends – they really are! Sending you much love and warm hugs!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  12. Personally I exactly know fighting for the good place, because I’m also short and life learnt me that sometimes I have to literally push myself to get better place and better views :) But on the other hand, when I think about my height, I don’t think that I’d like to change it, because you know what people says, short women are adorable 😉 What about your trip, Rio de Janeiro is really beautiful, can’t wait to see more of your photos:) Hope you’re feeling better now, Denise, I send to you a lot of good energy, my dear friend :)


  13. Liebste Denise, hoffentlich bist Du nun wieder vollständig wiederhergestellt! Ich mache mir Sorgen um Dich und schicke Dir gute Gedanken! Die Idee, sich Platz zu verschaffen, ist sehr gut und ich bin einmal mehr beeindruckt, wo Du in dieser Welt schon überall warst und sogar gearbeitet hast. Danke für die schönen Fotos, Du siehst sehr schön und außerordentlich gut gekleidet darauf aus. Ich wünsche Dir von ganzem Herzen gute Besserung, bitte pass auf Dich auf. Alles Liebe von Rena

  14. that last photo :O gosh how delicious! anyway, after reading your thoughts on travelling I discovered I miss it. we’ve talked about picking a next destination as a honeymoon but haven’t decided anything yet. it should be Europe but I don’t know what exactly! when it comes to getting a good view I have to say I can be pretty agressive sometimes. it depends on where I am and who’s getting in my way 😉 I’m not very short though, around 170 cm. not tall either but Estonians aren’t very tall anyway, at least those in my hometown.
    oh, that photo of you and the doggie is the sweetest! you know I adore dogs.
    take care and enjoy the weekend!

  15. I’m sorry for your sickness. Now it’s I who am sick but it isn’t a problem. Next Wednesday I’ll also travel. I’ll go to Gramado for the Christmas Light of there. Have you been in Rio in October? Only had space for your hand there? That’s very funny. I had given many laughts. Good week for you.

  16. Eu também sou pequena, e sei bem que às vezes é difícil se ficar em um bom lugar para se olhar melhor a vista em lugares com muitas pessoas, gostei da dica do braço para mostrar que se está ali :-) Eu adoro gato preto, e que fofo esse da sua foto, eles gostam de você, e isso é tão bom! Novamente o seu look está tão lindo Denise, eu adorei! Beijos pra você!

    • Hi, dear Laila! Thank you for the sweet comment! Yes, I worked for more than one international bank :) In fact, I wrote about it – even my CV, cause some people ask me “what do you do?” (or did) on my About me page :) Hope you are fine, dear Laila! XXX

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