Sweet Words of Wisdom

Along two years I have put some weight on, for personal reasons. Although people say I’m not fat, I feel so. But… who cares?

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Who can resist chocolate? My two brothers, they’re always asking me to lead a healthier life! (They are very healthy and athletic! I admire them very much!)

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Do believe me: you are beautiful the way you are! Just let’s enjoy life! We have it now – live to the fullest, cause it’s not a rehearsal!

Hope you all have a sweet week with many sweet smiles!


20 thoughts on “Sweet Words of Wisdom

  1. Hi Denise, I loved these warm and wonderful words of inspiring this week, especially the last thought. We can’t be afraid to be who we are and we need to be proud of that, if people don’t accept us then thats too bad. The only person you need to change to make happy is yourself. Its completely okay about the reply, its been so busy here too. Happy September Doll!

  2. denise, that last quote is my fave. about a month ago, someone told me that an 80 year woman’s advice was not to listen to what other people told YOU to do with YOUR OWN life. it’s YOUR life, NOT theirs.

  3. Ay! chocolate!!! cómo nos hace perder la cabeza… jajaja.
    Me encanta y sé que el chocolate puede ser sano si el problema es que siempre tiene añadida mucha grasa y mucha azúcar, pero es eso lo que nos hace amarlo más no? Bueno, mi marido también es aficionado así que comemos los dos, pero mientras él come 2 cuadraditos, yo me como todo el resto de la barra 😉
    Muy cierto! la gente que nos quiere debe hacerlo por cómo somos de verdad y si nos gusta el chocolate es así no más… 😀

  4. Happy September, Denise, and what a delicious entry! Personally, I believe in being comfortable with your own skin and knowing that the one person that we have to answer to with all of our decisions is us. You keep being the awesome person you, and I’m glad to have bumped into this corner of the internet and have had conversations with you. (Also, your email is long overdue! I’ve been terribly busy. I apologise for that, and will get to it the soonest!)

  5. Loved these quotes especially the last one! It’s so true! Don’t need to change anything, and if you feel the need, do it only for yourself, and for health reasons. That’s the most important thing. To be healthy, and happy! :*

  6. Hi Denise! As always you\re right completely! We don’t nee to apologize for our body or nose shape, or loving chocolate burgers or coffee, we should not wear masks on our faces to be right for society and their views, life is TOO SHORT to force yourself or prohibit something taste or happy. The most important to live in harmony with mind and body

    Thank you for lovely comments on my blog

  7. Can it also be something like this, “All I want is peace, love, understanding and a chocolate bar bigger than ME.”?

    Hahahaha! I hope that’s possible. I’m a sucker for chocolates. I want them when I’m happy, sad, sick, suffering from monthly visitor – red days, busy, hungry, bored, etc… I basically need it all the time. Hahaha! It’s so addicting, especially the dark and mint ones.

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